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Review: EasyJet – Nice (NCE) – Paris (CDG) – COVID-19

Flight Carrier EasyJet
Departing Airport Nice Côte d'Azur
Arrival Airport Paris Charles De Gaulle
Flight Number EJU3992
Duration 1:20
Aircraft Airbus A320
Cabin Class Economy
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Nice Côte d'Azur
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To the point Here is my review on an EasyJet flight between Nice Côte d'Azur (NCE) and Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG), during the period of COVID-19.

Review: EasyJet - Nice (NCE) - Paris (CDG) - COVID-19

After a week-long stay in Nice for family reasons, here I am back to Montreal via Paris Charles De Gaulle. As on outbound,I chose to travel with EasyJet, due to the flight costs:

Flight Ticket Speedy Boarding, Seat Total
Paris (ORY) – Nice (NCE) €33.90 €16.99 €50.89
Nice (NCE) – Paris (CDG) €40.05 €16.99 €57.04
Total €73.95 €33.98 €107.93

I chose to pay for the seat choice option (between rows 2 and 6), to get:

  • 2 carry-on bags (instead of one), which is convenient because I’m only travelling with my Away set
  • Priority boarding (speedy boarding)
  • To be ahead of the plane to disembark faster

And of course, since the transaction is made in Euros, I used my HSBC World Elite® Mastercard®:

  • no transaction fees for foreign currency transactions
  • 6 points per dollar for the purchase of my flight
  • to be able to redeem my points on the cost of the flight or to use my $100 Annual Travel Enhancement Credit

And I’ve decided to use my $100 Travel Enhancement Credit for that ticket!

Hsbc Easyjet Annual Credit

If you don’t have this card yet, I highly recommend it, especially with this limited offer!

Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (NCE)

After a 30-minute tram ride from downtown Nice, I am at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE) – Terminal 2.

aeroport nice nce – covid-01
aeroport nice nce – covid-02

At the entrance to the terminal, no temperature checkpoint. However, a reminder of the current health rules:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory
  • One metre social distancing
  • Hand sanitizers
aeroport nice nce – covid-03
aeroport nice nce – covid-05
aeroport nice nce – covid-04

It is possible to check-in through automatic kiosks. Having already done so on my phone, and no luggage to check-in, I go directly to the security check.

aeroport nice nce – covid-06
aeroport nice nce – covid-07

To reach security, it is necessary to scan your boarding card

aeroport nice nce – covid-08

Signage is present throughout the terminal.

aeroport nice nce – covid-09

Before heading to the gates, you must go through the Duty-Free, naturally open, like most stores.

aeroport nice nce – covid-10
aeroport nice nce – covid-11
aeroport nice nce – covid-12
aeroport nice nce – covid-13

Terminal 2 looks empty at the beginning of the day. Here I am near my boarding gate, bathed in natural light, which is nice!

aeroport nice nce – covid-15

All dining options are open but not crowded.

aeroport nice nce – covid-16
nce-cdg – easyjet covid-02

EasyJet Flight: Nice (NCE) - Paris (CDG)

The boarding procedure is a bit chaotic with, as usual, a crowd of people who do not understand the concept of social distancing.

Although only Speedy Boarding passengers have been called, approximately 50 people show up simultaneously.

nce-cdg – easyjet covid-01

As on the outbound flight, EasyJet makes us wait in front of the windows. Actually, the aircraft has just arrived from Paris.

nce-cdg – easyjet covid-03

In less than 10 minutes, it is emptied of its passengers, and we are invited to board. Suffice to say that there is no aircraft’s disinfection between two rotations …

nce-cdg – easyjet covid-04

Fortunately, the aircraft is less full than on the outbound flight, and I have a seat between the other passenger and me.

nce-cdg – easyjet covid-05

If you would like more photos and comments on EasyJet’s cabin, please see the article on my outbound flight:

In less than 10 minutes, the boarding is complete, and we take off on time.

nce-cdg – easyjet covid-06
nce-cdg – easyjet covid-07

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is surely one of the airports with the most stunning scenery around the world! Whether you land or take off, don’t miss the show!

Generally, a tip: for a landing in Nice, choose a seat on the left side(as I did on the outbound flight). You will have beautiful views of the entire French Riviera (Var, Cannes, Antibes).

easyjet – ory-nce – covid-26

And at the right side for take-off, if you’re heading to an airport in France, the plane making a quick right turn, giving you the views below.

Of course, it depends on the winds, but usually, it’s like that!

nce-cdg – easyjet covid-08
nce-cdg – easyjet covid-10
nce-cdg – easyjet covid-11


A classic flight between Nice and Paris aboard Easyjet, except that we are in a pandemic.

As on the way-in, it seems to me that Easyjet has not set any special sanitary procedures. At least, they are not visible from a passenger point of view.

Let’s say we get what we’ve paid for; this flight cost me less than 60 euros.

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