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Review: Delta A350 | Delta One Suite | SYD-LAX

Departing Airport Sydney International Airport
Arrival Airport Los Angeles International Airport
Flight Carrier Delta Air Lines
Flight Number DL42
Duration 13 hours and 30 minutes
Aircraft Airbus A350
Cabin Class Business Class
Cost 95,000 Delta SkyMiles + 182 AUD
To the point Discover my journey on board Delta One Suites from Sydney to Los Angeles in our review, where we explore the distinctive comforts and standout features of this transpacific flight aboard the A350.

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Booking Process

Booking Delta One suites can be tough due to high demand and limited availability, leading to expensive mileage costs with programs like Delta SkyMiles. However, a smart way to avoid high mileage fees is to book flights through the Delta SkyMiles program that don’t start or end in the United States or Canada.

In my experience, I successfully used this strategy by booking a Delta One suite for a trip from Sydney to Mexico City with a layover in Los Angeles. Choosing an international-to-international route (avoiding US & Canada) made the cost more reasonable, totaling 95,000 points and $180 AUD. This can be a savvy solution for those looking for a more budget-friendly way to enjoy premium air travel.

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Since I made my reservation in Spring 2023, there has been an increase in partner award prices for flights from Mexico and South America to Asia and Europe. Business class flights are now 30-40% more expensive, and economy flights have seen a 15-20% rise. Interestingly, flights between Europe and Asia don’t seem to be impacted by these changes.

I utilized the American Express Membership Rewards (MR) points I had earned through my American Express Cobalt® Card and American Express Business Edge™ Card.

Opting to transfer these points to Delta SkyMiles , with a conversion ratio of 1:0.75, I completed a transfer of 127,000 MR points to get 95,000 Delta SkyMiles

Skyteam Lounge at Syndey International

Delta, along with other SkyTeam partner airlines, makes use of the SkyTeam lounge located near gate 24 at Sydney Airport. 

This shared lounge space offers passengers a seamless and consistent experience, reflecting the collaborative nature of the SkyTeam alliance.

The SkyTeam Lounge provides a versatile and comfortable environment with a variety of seating options, including chairs and sofas. Passengers can indulge in a complimentary buffet that includes a selection of hot and cold beverages at the bar. For those needing to freshen up or relax, the lounge is equipped with restroom and shower facilities.

In addition to leisure amenities, the lounge caters to business travelers with private workstations featuring isolation for focused work. This allows passengers to catch up on work tasks in a quiet and dedicated space.

One of the standout features is the lounge’s strategic location, offering fantastic views of the tarmac—making it an ideal spot for plane spotting enthusiasts. 

The Sydney SkyTeam Lounge can be accessed using the Business Platinum Card® from American Express; this card offers complimentary lounge access, enhancing the travel experience for cardholders

The Lounge can be accessed as well via DragonPass provided by cards like the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite* Card and CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite* Card.

Delta One Suites A350-900 Cabin

Passengers aboard Delta’s A350-900 aircraft are treated to an exclusive business class experience with 32 meticulously designed suites. These premium accommodations follow a spacious 1-2-1 layout within a dedicated cabin spanning nine rows.

a350 wallpaper

Rows 1 and 9 stand out due to the absence of window seats, a unique design choice aimed at optimizing space near lavatories and galleys. This intentional arrangement ensures efficient use of space while preserving a comfortable and private atmosphere for passengers.

Adding a touch of sophistication, Delta utilizes a customized version of the Vantage XL seats for these business class suites. This modification introduces a clever seating arrangement strategy where seats in each row alternate. This alternating pattern allows passengers to enjoy the luxury of placing their feet beside the seat in front of them, enhancing overall comfort and ergonomics.


Delta One Suites A350-900 Seat

The arrangement of seats in Delta One alternates in each row.

For even-numbered rows, the window seats are closer to the aisle. Therefore, if you are traveling solo, opt for the odd-numbered seats to ensure greater isolation from the aisle.

The seats in the central section also alternate, and they feature a privacy partition that can be lowered, making them the optimal choice if traveling with a companion.


Seat zoomed
Screen and footrest

My seat was the 5A for this ride to Los Angeles. As you can see the Delta One suite is very private with a footwell very deep.

Console and slippers
Console and storage and door closed

The seat has its console on the aisle side featuring the seat controls and also the storage area on the top. I found the storage area to be relatively small. Each Delta Suite offers full privacy with a door that closes fully , and it instantly gives a feeling of being in a cocoon of your own.

Amenity kit

The seat reclines into a fully-flat bed that is 195cm long or roughy 6’5”. Delta One passengers now enjoy eco-luxury with amenity kits from “Someone Somewhere,” crafted by Mexican artisans using natural and recycled materials. Delta bids farewell to the more luxurious TUMI kits, embracing sustainability and community collaboration.

Pillow and balnket

Furthermore, every Delta One traveler receives a set of cozy Delta-branded headphones, adding a touch of comfort and sophistication to their journey. Following a similar eco-friendly approach, Delta provides each Delta One passenger with bedding and pillows crafted from recycled materials, ensuring a sustainable and comfortable travel experience.


The menu is right in your suite. The awesome cabin crew swings by to get your lunch and breakfast preferences. They serve it up before landing, making it a double-menu experience for this flight!

Delta One - Inflight Experience

Right after we got on the plane, the cabin crew stopped by to ask what welcome drink we wanted. The options were water, champagne, and orange or apple juice. I went with a cool glass of orange juice.

Welcome drink
nuts and drinks

Not long after take-off, they offered another round of drinks along with some nuts. I went for a refreshing Ginger Ale. The starter was the same for everyone, featuring Potato & Parsnip Soup, Mixed Greens, and a Dinner Roll. For my main course and dessert, I opted for Roasted Chicken Breast with cacciatore sauce, polenta, and broccoli, followed by an Ice Cream Sundae.

Starters soup and salade
Main meal puree wnd chicken breast

The meal fell short of expectations for a major airline, especially after just experiencing the Qatar Qsuites. My standards were pretty high. On the bright side, the crew’s service during the meal was fantastic. They were friendly and accommodating, quickly correcting a mix-up that occurred with my order.

IMG 1749

Following the meal service, the lights dimmed, and I decided to catch some shut-eye for this 12-hour journey over the Pacific. The bedding and pillow turned out to be incredibly comfortable, making the sleep experience quite enjoyable.


Breakfast rolled in 90 minutes before landing, and my choice was the Spinach Omelet featuring cherry tomato ragu, chicken sausage, and a potato rosti. To wash it down, I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a refreshing glass of orange juice.


In my overall assessment, my feelings about the Delta One Suites are a bit of a mixed bag. I commend Delta for introducing a highly private suite with doors in business class – a laudable feature. The seat, particularly in bed mode, impressed me with its comfort and remarkable spaciousness. However, my deceptions lie with the soft product, especially the catering, which I find lacking and quite basic, especially considering Delta’s legacy airline status.

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