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Review of Air Transat flight TS546 from Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau to Bordeaux Merignac

Flight Carrier Air Transat
Departing Airport Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
Arrival Airport Bordeaux Airport
Flight Number AT546
Duration 6:50
Aircraft Airbus A330
Cabin Class Economy
Cost Paid in cash
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Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
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To the point Discover our photo report of the Air Transat flight from Montreal to Bordeaux in economy class and a glimpse of the National Bank Mastercard Lounge!

This is a flight for a short stay in France, I had explained in a previous post how I arrived at this quite simple trip. Here is the first segment.

After Washington last month, it is for family reasons that I am returning to France for a long weekend. This flight report will have nothing glamorous, for that we will have to wait for next week with Jean-Maximilien’s trip in First Class. But we want to share all our travel experiences, the exceptional ones as well as the more ordinary ones 🙂

As I had explained in my post about finding this flight, I turned to Air Transat for the flexibility of the cities served directly. Bordeaux and Toulouse being close to my destination, direct flights to these two cities were very attractive for a 4 days stay.

I arrived at the airport with the 747 shuttle. This one takes longer to reach Pierre Elliott Trudeau with all the work in this part of the island. It took me a good hour from the Mile-Ex district to get there.

shuttle 747
The 747 Shuttle
image 12
registration counters
image 13
my flight is on time

I didn’t have any luggage to check, so I went straight to the security checkpoint where the wait was 20 minutes. Thanks to the TD VISA Infinite Privilege card, I was able to use the ticket cutter and 5 minutes later I was “airside”.

I then went to explore the terminal. This one has known a big change with the opening of 6 new doors in the international part on May 10th. There are also new dining areas at Gates 52 and 53. I had my reservations when I saw the virtual renderings on the internet, but in person the new part is nice: very bright and you can see the planes! The avgeek in me was satisfied.

image 14
The new restaurants around doors 52-53
image 15
The new restaurants around doors 52-53
image 16
The new restaurants around doors 52-53
image 17
The new restaurants around doors 52-53
image 19
The entrance to the new doors
image 20
A bar in the new international part
image 21
The new waiting area

image 22

It was time to do some spotting.

image 18
A340 Air France
image 23
777-300ER Swiss
image 28
the plane of my flight, an A330-200

My Priority Pass membership attached to my American Express Platinum card gives me access to the National Bank Mastercard Lounge. Not the most elegant, it is however well supplied with alcohol and a decent offer of food. On the other hand it is very busy.

image 24
The National Bank Lounge
image 26
The food offer
image 27
We stayed reasonable 🙂

It was time to leave for gate 63 where my flight was leaving from. Priorities were scrupulously respected (Club Class, people who bought an Option Plus Pass). The boarding ended on time, the captain indicating us a flight time of 6h50, relatively long. It’s true that during the flight, the displayed speeds were not stellar.

image 29
Flight display
image 30
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My plane at departure – Photo: Jean-Claude Trudeau from the 55th Avenue Facebook group

The cabin is relatively new, but the lack of separation really gives it a hangar feel.

image 31
The cabin of the Airbus A330-200 Air Transat
image 32
The seat in the Airbus A330-200 of Air Transat
image 33
IFE , of good quality
img 0905
Air Transat comfort kit

The seat is comfortable. I bought a comfort kit that contains a blanket, an inflatable neck pillow and a mask for 10$ (7euros). It is also possible to purchase an “Options Plus” pass when making a reservation:

  • Seat selection
  • Priority Airport Check-In
  • Additional baggage allowance
  • Priority boarding and baggage delivery
  • Priority access to the security point
  • A comfort kit
  • A pair of headphones
  • A bottle of sparkling wine (200ml)
  • A beer or a bottle of wine (200ml) during the meal
  • A snack
  • An alcoholic drink at the in-flight bar

This option costs between $100 and $200 round trip depending on the destination and the seat chosen.

The meal is served 1h30 after take-off after an aperitif (paying for alcoholic drinks). The food is really the weak point of Air Transat. All this does not give very much desire. It is quickly digested: a sandwich and a cookie!

image 3
image 4
The menu (the lighting does not do justice, though …)
image 5
Economy meal on Air Transat

The staff was really nice: present, making appropriate announcements at the right times.

The cabin has modern lighting, which is less painful for the eyes than the old neon lights in the dental office.

image 2
Lighting in the Air Transat A330-200 cabin

One hour before arrival a snack is served. Here again, we are far from a complete lunch…

image 6
Breakfast on Air Transat
image 7
with a coffee
image 8
The flight ends

We arrived on time at Bordeaux-Mérignac. From there I took the bus that connects the airport to the train station for 1.5 euros. It’s cheaper than the shuttle that used to exist but much longer.

Bottom line

Yes the direct flight is really very convenient, the cabin is quite modern with an IFE that holds the road. But the food is really the weak point of Air Transat. It’s a shame because the staff was very pleasant.

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