Review of American AA4195 – Montreal-New York JFK – Eco Class

Departing Airport Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
Arrival Airport John F. Kennedy International Airport
Flight Carrier American Airlines
Flight Number AA4195
Duration 1:30
Aircraft Embraer ERJ 145
Cabin Class Economy
Cost 7,500 air miles
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Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
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To the point Check out our photo report from American Airlines flight AA4195, on the Montreal-New York portion in economy class with Avios miles!

First step of my transatlantic round trip in first class, here is a presentation of the flight taking me from Montreal to New-York on American Airlines.

American Flight AA4195 – Montreal-New-York JFK – Eco Class

This flight cost 7,500 avios miles and $59. Thanks to him, I was able to access the First Class flight offered by British Airways to New-York JFK. Indeed, in Montreal, British Airways offers “only” economy or business class (which is already very good!).

In the middle of a sunny day in Montreal, I join the 747 bus that will quickly take me to the Montreal-Trudeau Airport.

20160601 yul jfk 01
Departure with a 747… the first of the day!

Once you arrive at the airport, head to the transborder terminal where flights to the United States depart.

20160601 yul jfk 03
Terminal for flights to the United States

We go along the corridors, rather empty at this hour (14h30).

20160601 yul jfk 04
Shift to check-in counters

All American companies have their own check-in counters.

20160601 yul jfk 07
Registration terminals

Since I had already checked in for my flight and had the ticket in electronic format in my iPhone, I went directly to the security lines. These are not very busy. I quickly realized that I had better get in the general line because the one reserved for holders of certain credit cards or status in the airline programs was full and didn’t seem to be moving!

20160601 yul jfk 10
More people in the fast lane…!

The passage through security will take less than 5 minutes, towards the customs! Again, this will be a very fast passage (less than 10 minutes).

20160601 yul jfk 11
US Customs

Once through customs, it is the traditional passage – obligatory – in the corridor of Duty Free. Remember: it is not necessarily interesting to buy products there!

20160601 yul jfk 13
Duty Free stores

A quick look at the flight screen… my flight is well displayed on time, so I just have to find a seat to work on milesopedia.

20160601 yul jfk 15
The flight screen

But before, we go along the various restaurants proposed in the terminal.

20160601 yul jfk 20
The Bagel Bar
20160601 yul jfk 17
The Houston
20160601 yul jfk 19
Various choices at door 79
20160601 yul jfk 23
…and the traditional Starbucks

Let’s move on to the rest areas. In this regard, I would like to congratulate the Montreal Airport for having well thought out rest areas: electrical outlets, play areas for young children, deck chairs. It’s nice!

20160601 yul jfk 25
Loungers facing the tarmac
20160601 yul jfk 27
I promise Alexandra… it will still be there when we come back!

I settle down to observe the passage of some planes while enjoying the sun. However, there are no electrical outlets here: it is intended for relaxation!

20160601 yul jfk 28
Relaxing in the sun at Montreal-Trudeau Airport

A plane… special that is not really to my taste.

20160601 yul jfk 26
Air Canada

During my moment of relaxation, the YULi application made by the Montreal Airport, which I just downloaded, keeps sending me gate changes and promotions. I decide to disable all notifications because it’s really annoying. I hope the Airport will correct this!

20160601 yul jfk 29 e1464897546458
Too many notifications… kills an application.

Let’s get down to business: boarding. Having a single seat with no one beside me, I don’t rush to get on board. Anyway, my carry-on bag will go in the hold, as the luggage compartments are not big enough. Tonight’s aircraft is an ERJ 145.

20160601 yul jfk 30

I took a seat on board. The single-aisle aircraft is configured as a 2-seater – 1-seater.

20160601 yul jfk 38
An almost complete aircraft

The seat is old, but still comfortable with decent legroom for a plane of this size.

20160601 yul jfk 35
Leather seat
20160601 yul jfk 37
Place for the legs

We get ready to take off, we have a beautiful sight of the Control Tower and the Marriott Hotel.

20160601 yul jfk 36
Control Tower and Marriott Hotel

Let’s go!

20160601 yul jfk 45
We are helped out of the door

We cross the path of some very different aircraft before going to the runway.

20160601 yul jfk 50
Qatar Airways – Special Barcelona livery
20160601 yul jfk 51
Air Canada Red
20160601 yul jfk 53
20160601 yul jfk 54
Air Canada Jazz – Green
20160601 yul jfk 56
Air Canada Hangar
20160601 yul jfk 58
Air Canada takes off just before us
20160601 yul jfk 59
Positioning on track 06 Right

A fast takeoff, we fly over the Island of Montreal before quickly crossing the border. In a few minutes we pass by the Burlington Airport, which competes with Montreal with its low cost flights!

20160601 yul jfk 61
General view shortly after takeoff
20160601 yul jfk 62
St. Lawrence River
20160601 yul jfk 66
Olympic Stadium
20160601 yul jfk 69
Burlington Airport

A quick trip to the bathroom to see what it looks like on a small plane like this. Really amazed at the space given! As big as a Boeing 747!

20160601 yul jfk 71
The toilets
20160601 yul jfk 72
Spacious toilets
20160601 yul jfk 73
General view of the cabin

The service begins. It will be limited to non-alcoholic drinks and the traditional bag of peanuts. This is normal for a flight of this duration.

20160601 yul jfk 74
In-flight service

We arrive rather quickly on New York with a sight of Central Park. Unfortunately, sitting on the left side, I can only see Manhattan for a few seconds before landing, the plane having made a big loop to wait because of the traffic.

20160601 yul jfk 76
Central Park

20160601 yul jfk 78

20160601 yul jfk 79

The landing is smooth and we pass in front of the Terminal 7 or “British Airways Terminal”. A flight leaves every hour to London, and each one is operated by a Boeing 747. The one I’m about to take is among them.

20160601 yul jfk 90
Boeing 747 – British Airways
20160601 yul jfk 89
Boeing 747 – British Airways
20160601 yul jfk 92
Boeing 747 – British Airways

We also see other aircraft, unknown in Montreal.

20160601 yul jfk 94
Iberia A340
20160601 yul jfk 96
Qatar airways
20160601 yul jfk 97
TAM (Brazil)
20160601 yul jfk 98
American Airlines Terminal

Here we are at the door. Let’s go to the second step of my trip, the flight in First Class on a British Airways Boeing 747!

20160601 yul jfk 100
Arrival gate at New-York JFK

The maps used for this trip

To complete this portion of the transatlantic trip, I needed British Airways Executive Club air miles (obtained with American Express Membership Rewards cards) and Scotia bonus points (this allowed me to pay the taxes!)

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