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Review: Chase Sapphire Lounge LaGuardia New York (LGA)

Lounge Chase Sapphire lounge
Airport LaGuardia
Lounge Access Method Priority Pass
Terminal Terminal B
City New York
To the point After my wife's surprise birthday trip to New York, we headed for LaGuardia airport. Here's my review of the fabulous new Chase Sapphire lounge at the airport where we spent some time before our flight.

In the past, flying out of LaGuardia airport was a fairly mundane experience. All that has changed today, and it’s something to look forward to. Completed in 2022, Terminal B features spacious interiors, abundant floor-to-ceiling natural light and exceptional airport lounges. Some are managed by airlines, others by credit card companies. The brand-new Chase Sapphire lounge complements its American Express Centurion counterpart as a truly above-average lounge by American standards. It offers friendly service, comfortable seating, and food and drink worth arriving early at the airport.

Chase Sapphire Lounge LGA - Location

The Chase Sapphire lounge is located in LaGuardia’s Terminal B. To find it, head for the east hall (doors 40-59) after the security checkpoint. It’s right next door to the American Express Centurion lounge, which is also excellent.

Chase Sapphire Lounge - Location
Chase Sapphire Lounge - Location
Chase Sapphire Lounge - Location
Chase Sapphire Lounge - Location

Chase Sapphire Lounge LGA - Access and opening hours

The lounge is accessible to Priority Pass passengers, but with a few additional criteria:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve or Chase Ritz Carlton cardholders have unlimited access to the lounge and can bring two guests with them;
  • People who have a membership by other means (such as an American Express premium card) can access a lounge once per calendar year, at no extra charge. Note that this is the only lounge in the Chase lounge network. It is not possible to bring guests. However, further visits beyond the first are possible for a fee of $75;
  • Those who do not have access to these services purchase them for $100 per visit per person;
  • The lounges are accessible three hours before your departure flight, unless you have a connecting flight, in which case you can access them at any time inside the airport.

The lounge is open daily from 4:30 am to 9:30 pm.

Chase Sapphire Lounge LGA - Entrance and lounge seating

The entrance is on the same level as the terminal. Once through the entrance, take the elevator to the lounge. The reception desk is there to welcome you and check your boarding pass and membership details. Normally, in American lounges, the experience is rather sterile, but I got the impression that the many staff members we met were literally glad we were there. They were all very welcoming and friendly, so much so that I wondered if I’d mistakenly slept on an intercontinental flight and entered a lounge in Singapore rather than New York!

The overall style of the lounge makes you wonder if you’re still at LaGuardia airport. It is spread over two levels and features pleasant lighting, comfortable seating and even greenery throughout the lounge. There are spaces for socializing, eating and working. There’s even a phone booth for those who want to make a call in complete privacy.

Up the stairs you’ll find further seating and a self-service drinks station.

The only drawback of the lounge is that it offers no view of the outside. This means no natural light and no view of the asphalt. While this is regrettable, it doesn’t lead to the same depressing atmosphere as other lounges. I think the lighting inside is well designed enough to give the impression of being in full daylight, despite everything. And the open space is so spacious that I didn’t mind.

Chase Sapphire Lounge LGA - Food and Beverages

As pleasant as the atmosphere is, the food and drink are the real stars of the establishment. You’ll find everything you need here:

  • A buffet with individual portions so that people don’t have to share the same utensils when taking food from a large tray;
  • Self-service beverage and coffee stations, with fresh bottled drinks;
  • A full à la carte menu, accessible by QR code throughout the lounge, which you can use to order food to be delivered to your seat in minutes. The menu is created by the Joseph Leonard bistro in New York’s West Village;
  • The full-service bar offers original cocktails by Apotheke, wines selected by Parcelle and coffees prepared by Joe Coffee.

The bartenders and waiters are very friendly and always ask if you need anything else. All the food we ate, as well as the cocktails and wine that accompanied our dinner, were of a quality I’d never had in a lounge in the States. Even better than the Centurion lounge next door, which is already very good!

Chase Sapphire Lounge LGA - Spa and other facilities

To remind you that you can’t still be at LaGuardia, the lounge also features a wellness and spa area. Thanks to a partnership with Face Haus, you can sign up for a free 30-minute facial. It’s advisable to book as soon as you arrive, as places fill up quickly. My wife took advantage of this service and really appreciated it.

There are also two relaxation rooms, essentially semi-private rooms with a curtain, which you can reserve and which are equipped with comfortable armchairs and ottomans.

There’s also a children’s play area, ideal for families, and a fun games room that includes a pinball machine and jukebox.

Finally, reserve suites can be booked online up to 72 hours before departure. This is a very high-end service, costing between $2,000 and $3,000, with a reception desk on the second level.

It features a private room with a dedicated host, caviar service on arrival, an exclusive Jeffrey’s Grocery menu, Parcelle-selected wines, TV and speakers, and private bathrooms with spa showers.

Given that most travelers arrive at LaGuardia to board domestic flights, rather than connecting there for intercontinental travel, I’m not sure there’s much demand. If you’ve got that kind of money to spend, there are probably places in New York more interesting than the airport. But if you’d like to experience this at LaGuardia, it’s perfectly possible.

Bottom Line

Surprisingly, lounge quality has begun to improve in the U.S. over the past two years, including those run by credit cards in addition to the airlines themselves.

I think it’s safe to say that LaGuardia’s Chase Sapphire lounge is one of the best business lounges in the country, far surpassing its neighbor, the American Express Centurion lounge. Comfortable seating, an open layout, excellent food and beverages, friendly and hospitable staff, and even a complimentary spa treatment, make this lounge a great reason to show up early for your next flight out of LaGuardia.

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