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What is Flood Insurance in Canada?

Some comprehensive policies will cover flood damages that are caused by a burst pipe. However, it is rare to find any home insurances that offer additional coverage from overland flooding and sewage flooding.

However, recently some companies have been offering endorsements, so you’re able to cover your home from this situation. These endorsements include coverages from sewage backup damage or overland flooding caused by freshwater rivers and storms. Flooding caused by saltwater currently isn’t a coverage that is available in Canada.

From an insurance perspective, flood damage is considered the below events.

  • Flooding caused by a natural dam failure
  • Snow melting floods caused in spring
  • Storm rainfall
  • Other structure failures that are related to water engineering

Just so you’re aware, if you experience flood damage which is caused by a burst pipe, flood insurance may not cover it. However, most comprehensive home insurances will.

Which Insurance Providers Offer Flood Insurance?

In Canada, there isn’t a lot of insurance providers that offer flood insurance. However, over the recent year’s insurance companies have started adding on this coverage.

Aviva Canada

Aviva Canada has three parts to their water coverage and is automatically added to any comprehensive insurance plan purchased through them.

First is their base water coverage; this is automatically added to any comprehensive home insurance that is purchased through them and protects you from damages caused by burst water pipes.

The second and third parts of their water protection insurance are add-ons. Here you’ll be able to add both sewer backup coverage and overland flood protection.

The Co-operators

The Co-operators insurance doesn’t offer the same amount of protection from the above. Nevertheless, a lot better than most providers based in Canada. Here the Co-operators will be able to provide you with the following:

  • Extended water – This is an available extra for all residents in Canada and will protect them from sewage-related floods, such as an overflow of an outside drain.
  • Comprehensive water – Again, another optional add-on. But this time, it’s only available to people living in Alberta and Ontario. Here you’ll be able to get coverage on such events as heavy rain.

Intact Insurance

Like most providers, this one also offers protection against burst pipes in their comprehensive home insurances. However, they also present enhanced water damage coverage depending on your requirements. These packages include:

  • Sewer backup – Like the above, any water damage caused by a sewage-related flood will be covered as well as septic system failures, blockages and backups.
  • Water and sewer lines – Cover yourself with up to $10,000 coverage to repair exterior water or sewer lines that have resulted in damages caused by a break, tear, or rupture.

Since flood insurance is relativity new to Canadians, there aren’t many providers that offer great coverage. However, in recent years there’s been a steady increase of insurance companies hopping on board with this, and, I’m sure many more in the future.

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