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Spécimen de chèque Desjardins

How to obtain a Desjardins Cheque Specimen on Accès-D

To the point Find out how to request a Desjardins void cheque online on the Desjardins AccesD portal.

Here is the information you need to get a void cheque from the Desjardins AccèsD portal.

What's a specimen cheque?

A Desjardins void cheque is used mainly when signing up for a direct deposit and/or withdrawal service. It’s a way to share our banking information with a third party and authorize them to deposit or withdraw agreed-upon amounts into or from our bank account.

Our employer, the institution that finances our car, and our insurers are among those with whom we usually share a specimen cheque.

How do I find my specimen desjardins cheque?


  • Once logged into your accoutn, on the right side of your computer or at the bottom of your cell phone, click on “More Options”.
  • A window will open and the first item in PDF format at the top of the list will be: “Void Cheque”.

You can then send it directly by email or direct message to the applicant or download it. No more need for a paper copy.

Easy as pie, isn’t it?

Spécimen de chèque Desjardins
Spécimen de chèque Desjardins

The information contained on a cheque

In addition to your address and the address of the Desjardins branch with which you do business, your cheque contains a series of numbers. This is the sensitive information you share with the third party.

  • The first 5 form the transit number that identifies your branch .
  • The next three are the same on all Desjardins members’ cheques. It’s like the digital signature. It is 815.
  • The last seven digits are the ones that identify your account.

Bottom line

The Desjardins AccèsD portal offers options that people don’t always think to explore. However, they do facilitate transactions. For example, you can check your credit score.

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