U.S. Customs in Canada: Closing times and flight delays

To the point New guidelines for communicating flight delays and U.S. customs closing times at Canadian airports.

Travelers using Canadian airports to reach the U.S. should be aware of U.S. customs closing times for flight delays.

To get to the U.S., you’ll need to pass through two sections at the airport: security and cross-border customs. Once you have cleared U.S. customs at a Canadian airport, you are considered to be on U.S. soil, and your flight will be treated as a U.S. domestic flight.

U.S. Customs and Flight Delays in Canada

Importance of U.S. customs clearance before closing

Cross-border customs services play a crucial role for travellers to the United States from Canada. However, these services are not available at all times. US customs, in particular, have evening closing times, which can pose challenges for passengers with late flights or flight delays.

The importance of planning

It is essential for travellers to plan ahead for their passage through U.S. customs. Even if a flight is delayed until 11 p.m., it must be cleared well before this time. Otherwise, travellers risk missing their flight, which can lead to additional costs and inconvenience.

To remedy the inconvenience, why not enjoy more time in an airport lounge instead? In the transborder zone of Canadian airports, Air Canada’s Maple Leaf lounges are usually available after clearing U.S. customs. This is the case at Montreal airport, where the cross-border Feuille d’Érable lounge is the only one accessible.

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Customs closing hours at major Canadian airports

This is the closing time for U.S. customs at major Canadian airports. It is important to validate this information before you leave, as they may change.

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Bottom Line

It’s important to plan your passage and be familiar with U.S. customs schedules. Travelers are encouraged to check customs closing times at all times, and to plan accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

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