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Aeroplan introduces two new features

To the point Aeroplan introduces two new features: upgrading with Aeroplan Miles and purchasing or donating Aeroplan Miles at any time.

Two new features of the Aeroplan program

As the COVID-19 pandemic hits the world, Air Canada continues to launch features for the Aeroplan program.

Two new features are now available to Aeroplan members:

  • The AC Bid Upgrade with Aeroplan Points
  • Purchase or donation of miles

The AC upgrade wager with Aeroplan Miles

The AC Upgrade is an option that has been available on Air Canada for a few years now. Air Canada has partnered with the Montreal-based company “Plusgrade” to offer this feature.

Under this service, when you purchase an economy or premium economy class ticket for an eligible flight operated by Air Canada or Air Canada Rouge, or under the Air Canada Express brand, you can make an offer for a chance to upgrade to a superior cabin.

Aeroplan Miles can now be wagered on the AC Bid Upgrade up to 56 hours before flight departure.

We don’t have any current reservations so it’s impossible to know what options are available. Please feel free to write in the comments of the article about your experience with the AC upgrade!

Frequently asked questions about the AC Upgrade can be found here.


Purchase and donation of Aeroplan Miles

Another feature of the Aeroplan program is the ability to purchase or donate Aeroplan Miles at any time.

This option is offered by, a Toronto-based company (which manages the purchase of points and miles for many loyalty programs around the world).

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Previously, Aeroplan Miles could only be purchased when booking air awards with Aeroplan Miles (to top up an existing balance).

From now on, it is possible to buy them – or give them to a loved one – at any time for $0.03 / mile.

A transaction can range from 1,000 Aeroplan Miles ($30) to 250,000 Aeroplan Miles ($7,500).

We do not recommend purchasing or donating Aeroplan Miles, except in very specific cases.

Let’s just say that this feature now has the merit to exist: it is very likely that Aeroplan Miles purchase promotions will take place in the future (as is the case with other programs like Alaska Mileage Plan).

Bottom Line

It is interesting to see Air Canada continue to add touches to the Aeroplan program to further integrate it into its ecosystem.

We would like to see the addition of more features (such as booking complex itineraries or more flexible air award management – such as online itinerary modification, with cancellation now possible).

Let’s wait and see how the new program turns out, which is still scheduled to be unveiled in the third quarter of 2020. But no doubt, at this time, Air Canada has more important problems to solve.

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