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New Policy on Aeroplan Miles Expiry

To the point Aeroplan has improved the rules for miles expiration, to keep or reinstate your Miles!

New Policy on Aeroplan Miles Expiry

More time to keep your account active

As of July 20, 2020, members will have 18 months (instead of 12) to keep their accounts active.

All members have to do to stay active is earn or redeem a single mile.

Here are some ways to keep an account active:

  • Shopping online with one of over 150 retail partners
  • Redeeming for gift cards and merchandise
  • Donating miles to a participating charity
  • Buying miles to get to your next reward
  • Converting your miles from another loyalty program
  • Transferring miles from one account to another

Aeroplan credit card

Aeroplan also states Aeroplan Miles never expire for those who hold any of Aeroplan credit cards (from American Express, CIBC, TD).

cibc aeroplan audrey

Air Canada Altitude member

If you’re an Air Canada Altitude member, don’t worry: your Aeroplan miles won’t expire.

air canada altitude – cartes
Air Canada Altitude - Crédit: Eric Daneau

More flexible options to reinstate your Aeroplan Miles

Previously, it was possible to reinstate Aeroplan miles in two ways:

  • for a fee
  • with a transaction not credited to the account in the last few months (a hotel stay, something you bought from a partner, etc.)

Now Aeroplan is adding 2 new options available for 6 months if your Aeroplan account became inactive:

air canada 787 signature feuille d’Érable

Special measures following COVID-19

For members who purchased a trip with Air Canada prior to July 20, 2020, with travel commencing anytime since January 2020 and had to cancel their travel plans, Aeroplan will reinstate all of their Aeroplan Miles which have expired since the beginning of this year.


Air Canada will soon unveil its new program (scheduled to launch in Q4 2020). The airline is, therefore, fine-tuning the Aeroplan program here and there, taking actions towards members.

The transition from 12 to 18 months miles is exciting, as are new options to reinstate expired miles for an additional six months!

Source: Aeroplan

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