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Discover the Aeroplan eStore enhancements

To the point Air Canada's online shopping portal, the Aeroplan eStore, has undergone several improvements in recent weeks.

At a glance

For Aeroplan points enthusiasts, the Aeroplan eStore is a must for earning points quickly (aside from welcome bonuses or spending with your Aeroplan credit cards).

Actually, when using the Aeroplan eStore, you can earn thousands of Aeroplan points with a simple purchase. Especially during promotional events where you can earn up to 10X the Aeroplan points.

Although the Aeroplan eStore had some glitches when it was first launched, the product has evolved rapidly and is becoming easier to use over the past year. Let’s take a quick tour of the latest improvements.

List of retailers

Since a few days, the list of retailers available through the Aeroplan eStore has been much more streamlined and, therefore, easier to read. You can have more retailers on the screen, which allows you to do the tour quickly.

For each retailer, its multiplier is clearly indicated, and those on promotion are easily identifiable. Navigation is also improved as a pagination system is now available.

Retailers E Boutique

Retailer's page

At the launch, the use of overly generic terms or mistranslations could imply that the purchase of this or that product could earn Aeroplan points.


Aeroplan has worked hard to make the site fully bilingual. Indeed, the first version of the site had several shortcomings in terms of the quality of French.

Today, the uniformity of the interface has made it possible to remove all ambiguities regarding the products and categories that will be credited.

For example, it’s now easier to identify the list of eligible categories when shopping on Amazon with a new table.

Categories eligible to accumulate

The list of eligible categories often changes, so it’s important to take a screenshot when you shop to make sure your Aeroplan points are credited.

Credit process

After the hiccups surrounding its launch and the Black Friday 2020 Aeroplan points credits, the Aeroplan eStore started with a huge handicap.

Since that episode, things have improved a lot: Aeroplan has identified and corrected several issues, and from my experience, non-credit purchases are happening less and less often.

In case you are missing points, you can use the missing points application form.

Request EBoutique Credit points

Be sure to check that the purchased products are eligible for points earning on the Aeroplan eStore. To understand in detail how credits work, you can read this article.


It’s not perfect yet, but it’s an evolving product that’s moving in the right direction.

With the latest enhancements and new partners joining the Aeroplan eStore in the coming months, there’s no doubt that it will be a must for earning a lot of Aeroplan points during the holiday shopping season.

We are looking forward to the next promotions like the ones coming up on Black Friday.

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