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Air France KLM: new Director General for Canada and more frequencies

To the point Air France KLM Canada has appointed a new Director General and announced an update on its summer flight schedule.

Air France-KLM is a particularly active airline in Canada at the moment with several news:

  • the appointment of a new Director General
  • an increase in its flight schedule between North America and Europe
  • a reminder of the various health measures
Air France

New DG for Air France-KLM Canada

Catherine Guillemart-Dias will be appointed Vice President and Director General in Canada for the Air France-KLM Group as of August 1st, 2020. She succeeds Vincent Etchebehere, who is taking over as head of Sustainable Development and New Mobilities at Air France in Paris.

Catherine Guillemart-Dias has been with the Air France KLM group for 13 years:

  • Economic analyst contributing to the development of the French and Northern European markets
  • Member of the Digital team for customer experience
  • Corporate sales management in France
  • Air France KLM management in Angola
  • Chief of Staff to the Director General, France Division
  • And since 2018, she had been working on the Delta Air Lines teams in Atlanta to develop the Transatlantic partnership in the Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEAI) markets
Catherine Guillemart Dias Photo
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I am delighted to be taking over the management of the Air France KLM Group in Canada. I have full confidence in the teams to continue to offer our Canadian customers the best travel experience in compliance with the strictest health regulations and, at the same time, to pursue our commitment to social and environmental issues. Together, we will continue to work with Delta Air Lines on the integrated offering of our Transatlantic Alliance and continue to strengthen our partnership with WestJet.

Catherine Guillemart-Dias - Future Directrice Générale d'Air France KLM au Canada

More frequencies between North America and Europe

Air France and KLM have been the only European airlines to maintain links to Canada since March:

  • Between Paris and Montreal for Air France
  • Between Amsterdam and Toronto for KLM

This has enabled economic relations to be maintained, but also and above all repatriation operations.

Between March and the end of June, the maintenance of our routes allowed our Group to offer support to companies through our cargo services while providing travellers – meeting the health and documentary requirements of each country – with options to return home, travel for an emergency or to carry out a professional or humanitarian mission.

With the recent lifting of European Union restrictions, the addition of new flights offers more opportunities for Canadian residents to travel safely to France, the Netherlands and many European countries.

Vicent Etchebehere - Directeur Général d'Air France KLM au Canada
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Air France is gradually increasing its capacity between Montreal and Paris.

Period Frequency
June 10 to August 31 One daily flight (AF 347)
July 8 to August 31 Addition of a second flight on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays (AF 349)

And Air France will resume its service between Toronto and Paris.

Period Frequency
July 8 to August 30 One flight on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays (AF 351)
Air France - Boeing 777

As for KLM, it already has a daily flight between Toronto and Amsterdam since June 13 and plans to have several weekly services for:

  • Montreal (as of July 15)
  • Calgary (as of July 9)
  • Vancouver (as of July 7)

Sanitary measures and wearing a mask

Air France KLM mentions that it has implemented the highest standards of hygiene at all stages of the journey:

  • complete cleaning of the aircraft including all contact surfaces – tray table, seat, armrests, screen, remote control, window, baggage compartment, toilet;
  • panels and markers for distancing;
  • protective screens at service counters; non-contact temperature taking;
  • sequenced boarding from the back to the front; sanitary equipment on board;
  • adapting in-flight service to reduce crew/customer interactions.

Here is a video clip showing the health measures taken by Air France:

The cabins are equipped with HEPA filters that capture 99.99% of viruses and bacteria and are also sprayed with an approved virucide. Masks must be worn at airports and on board the group’s flights.

Here is a video about air recycling in Air France planes:

On board Air France, the ‘surgical’ mask is now required (decree of 31 May). Passengers traveling with KLM can wear a universal mask.

It is recommended to carry a minimum of 3 masks for a transatlantic crossing; hand sanitizing gel (less than 100 ml) and single-use tissues.


We appreciate the great transparency of Air France KLM, and particularly of the team in Canada.

The new and outgoing management took the time to answer questions from various media outlets in a virtual press conference lasting over 90 minutes. Some measures to “travel even more confidently” will be announced in the next few weeks, particularly on the subject of insurance.

And perhaps the arrival of Catherine Guillemart-Dias as head of Air France KLM in Canada will allow for the arrival of a Flying Blue credit card in Canada? Or even adding a program like RBC Rewards, HSBC Rewards or American Express Membership Rewards as a transfer partner?

We have been asking for it – as have many members of the milesopedia community – for several years! The message has been sent. 🙂

Come to discuss that topic in our Facebook Group!
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