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Montreal-Trudeau Airport: How YUL EXPRESS works

To the point This is how YUL EXPRESS works, allowing you to quickly pass through security at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport.

What is YUL Express?

YUL EXPRESS allows you to easily book a specific time to access the security checkpoints for free. This service is very convenient during peak hours.

It is reserved for people who:

People in transit do not need to use this service.

Then, just arrive at the checkpoint in time and take advantage of the priority line, in order to go through faster.

YUL Express

Plus, for cross-border travel to the U.S., there’s another trick to making it easier to get through the airport, thanks to the Mobile Passport Control app.

After the security check, the traveler will be able to pass through U.S. Customs more quickly before the flight from YUL.

Before you leave for the airport, make sure you have your passport … and your Scotiabank Visa Infinite* Passport® card.

This card saves you from paying 2.5%on foreign currency transactions and in addition, offers 6 free access to airport VIP lounges!

How to use YUL EXPRESS before departure

First of all, you can make an appointment up to 72 hours before the scheduled flight time. It is possible to make reservations before arriving at the airport, but there is a good chance that appointment times will be limited or that there will be no more space available.

Go to yul.whyline.com.

Choose the date, destination, airline and flight number. If your flight is not there, it is because :

  • It is too early to make an appointment
  • Flight is not eligible
  • All time slots are already booked

Then click on Next.

YUL Express trouvez voyage

Then enter the total number of people. The maximum number of people is 10.

This is also where you will have the choice of time in the Select Appointment Time drop-down menu. Only available time slots are displayed.

Then click on Next.

YUL Express etape

In the third tab, simply enter your email address. This will be used to send the QR code, which you will need to enter the priority line.

Then click on Next.

YUL express info passager

To make sure that all the information is correct, look at the top right hand side and at point number 4.

If everything is ok, click on Create an appointment.

YUL express verifier

It’s done ! Your passage is now reserved. The page creates a QR code with the given information.

You will also get the same message and QR code in your email box.

YUL Express RV

This reserved time allows you to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time and 15 minutes later at the latest. If you are too early or miss your time slot, you will unfortunately have to wait in line on the regular line.

If there is a change or cancellation to be made, this can be done by clicking on the link in the confirmation email. Please note that YUL EXPRESS will not automatically change the appointment time if your scheduled flight time is changed. You have to do it yourself.

Courriel confirmation YUL Express

How to make a reservation with YUL EXPRESS for a quick passing at the airport

At the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport:

  • Have your QR code in hand (on cell phone or in paper format)
  • Report to the security checkpoint at the YUL EXPRESS priority line (see sign below)
  • Show your QR code to the agents on site

Afterwards, you’ll have plenty of time to lounge in one of the six airport lounges at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport!

YUL Express aeroport

Where to use the EXPRESS line at other airports

Montreal isn’t the only city with YUL Express!

The same booking platform is also available at the following airports:

Please check your airport’s website for available destinations and terminal.

How does YUL Express work?

This is a service offered at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport. It allows you to make a free appointment for security checks, in order to pass through more quickly.

How to book with YUL Express?

The site to make an appointment is YUL Express.

Then, you have to enter the information about the flight, the destination, the airline, the number of passengers and the email address. A QR code is sent for you to show it at the security checkpoint.

What happens if I arrive earlier or later than the scheduled time with YUL Express?

The time allowed is 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the scheduled time. Outside this period, you must go to the regular line.

How do I change or cancel an appointment with YUL Express?

By clicking on the link in the YUL Express appointment confirmation email.

Is a hard copy acceptable to show the QR code with YUL Express?

Yes Make sure the QR code is clearly visible and printed. Showing it on your mobile phone is also an option.

Why do Canadian airports begin with Y? Why is YUL called YUL?

The letter “Y” is reserved for all airports in Canada. It is the first Canadian airport with a weather service.

Next, the letters “UL” come from the name of a radio beacon transmitted for Morse code in Kirkland, near Dorval, in the 1930s.

Where to take the 747 bus from Montreal airport?

From the airport towards downtown (eastbound) :

  • At gate 28, the stop for line 747 is just a few meters from the doors.

From downtown Montreal, at the Montreal Bus Terminal to YUL-Montreal-Trudeau Airport (westbound):

  • Come aboard at Quai 15.

Lionel-Groulx metro station to YUL-Montréal-Trudeau Airport (westbound) :

  • The stop is located opposite the main entrance to Lionel-Groulx station.
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