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Couponing in Quebec: how does it work?

To the point How does couponing work in Quebec? Here are our explanations and tips to help you start saving today.

Couponing in Quebec: how does it work?

It’s no secret that the cost of living has risen dramatically. For this reason, ways to save on our purchases are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to loyalty programs and cash-back applications, we talk here about not-to-be-missed specials and couponing!

And what will couponing be like in Quebec in 2023? How do you make the most of it? Which coupon applications should I download? In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about this accessible practice: its definition and the tools of choice.

What is couponing?

A priori, the definition of couponing is “the use of discount coupons on a product to obtain the best possible price.” However, couponing can also be defined as actions such as:

  • Read the grocery flyers for the week’s biggest specials
  • Waiting for a product to be returned on special before purchasing it
  • Take advantage of discounts at local shops and restaurants (e.g. McDonald’s coupons or Subway coupons).
  • Obtain deferred vouchers when a special item is no longer available in a store (so you can obtain it at a reduced price by presenting your voucher, even if the special in question has expired).
  • Apply a discount to a product already on special to buy it at the lowest possible price.

And is couponing in Quebec a promise of worthwhile savings? We think so! According to one coupon expert, an individual Quebecer can expect annual savings of $2,000. Not too shabby. Discounts and promotions are everywhere; you need to have a good eye and invest time and energy to achieve this result.

The goal: browse coupons and discounts, use your points card, apply it all at checkout, and shop your coupon apps: these are the steps to follow consistently to benefit. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to make things easier!

Beginner: How to coupon in 4 easy steps

Would you like to start profiting from couponing now? Here are a few steps to get you off on the right foot.

Step 1: Get the best deals in Quebec with couponing sites

First, you’ll need the quickest and most efficient ways to view, save and apply attractive discounts.

If you’d like to save money when it’s time to pay for groceries, you can always browse through flyers (SuperC flyer, Maxi flyer, Métro flyer, etc.) and store flyers. However, we strongly suggest that you get to grips with digital couponing tools.

In general, these are websites giving access to current and future discounts. We’re talking about discounts on food products and in-store products of all kinds. Enrolling in reward programs is generally recommended to obtain qualified offers that meet your expectations and consumption habits. Depending on your expenses, you’ll receive coupons that meet your needs. It saves you time in your research. This applies to grocery stores and many other types of stores.

Here are some of the platforms and applications that caught our attention:


Reebee is an application that lets you consult all flyers online. Grocery stores, drugstores, home improvement centers, boutiques with Zehrs, Costco, Lowblos, Maxi, IGA, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc.: you’ll find everything in a classified manner! What’s more, it’s very easy to use. Enter your postal code to see discount flyers near you.

Reebee outil de couponing au québec


This site for Canadians allows you to receive the latest flyers online. Via their app, you’ll find coupons for fashion (The Bay), computer products, games (Toys’r’us), wellness (Jean-Coutu), groceries (Maxi, Costco, Provigo, Walmart, IGA, Métro) and much more to save money.

Reebee outil de couponing au québec

Paypal Honey

First, you need to know that Paypal Honey is a couponing tool for your online purchases (on over 30,000 online sales sites). More precisely, it’s a Chrome extension that lets you apply all possible discount codes at the time of the transaction. You know, the famous VIP20%, MONDAY15%, etc.? Well, there’s no longer any need to search for them in the nooks and crannies of your favourite brand sites. Paypal Honey takes care of it for you, and it’s free!



Flipp gets it: we like to save as long as it’s simple. Here, the platform offers us an ultra-intuitive dashboard allowing us to consult flyers and coupons according to our location. Store by category, see the favourites of people who use Flipp near you, save your rewards cards (like Metro&moi, for example) and much more. Completely free of charge, here’s a tool you can install on your smartphone to save big.


What we love about is the ability to search for specials by item. For example, if you’re a fan of Gain detergent, type this keyword into the tool’s search engine to find out if it’s special near you.

Like others, offers online flyer viewing. The banner’s blog also offers practical tips for its users.

Some will tell you that Gocoupons is a bit like the Mecca of couponing platforms. Highly popular, it now offers a complete application for finding, collecting and benefiting from savings in no time at all. His reputation is well-established. It has been one of the best couponing tools in Quebec for several years.

There are several solutions available. Digital discounts, codes, printable coupons: there’s something for everyone!

Go coupons

You’ve probably heard of Groupon, the American group-buying site that a few years ago was renowned for its tempting coupon offers. As the company has ceased operations in Quebec, we recommend that you do not make any purchases on the platform. So keep an eye on the platforms and their reliability.

Go coupons

Assess your real needs

This week’s special: ground beef at $0.98 per pound. The problem? You’re a vegetarian. Okay, although the example is slightly dramatic, you get the point. Just because it’s on special doesn’t mean you have to buy it. As Pierre-Yves McSween, our author and business columnist, points out, the question is: “Do you need it?

Indeed, taking the bait of unnecessary special products isn’t very economical! Be careful when it comes to taking advantage of discounts. In other words: assess your current needs before opening your couponing tools.

Step 2: Sort discount promotions

Once you’ve selected the coupons in your flyers, you’ll need to sort them and check their expiry dates and conditions of use. Coupons can usually be used only once. Set up alerts or sign up for notifications to keep up to date with the latest coupon releases. For example, adds new coupons every Thursday and lets you be notified via the mobile application.

Step 3: Year-round couponing

Those who benefit from couponing will tell you: to save money with couponing, you need to be consistent and have clear spending targets. The idea is not to spend on products you don’t need.

The truth is, not only do you have to use them regularly, you also have to be patient. Over the long term, you’ll be able to assess the positive impact on your portfolio. It’s also a good idea to remember that some weeks will pay off better than others!

Step 4: Decide if it's really worth it

Saving about $10 a week on your grocery bill, after a year, can make a difference. And that’s without mentioning the savings to be made in other stores! But as mentioned above, it doesn’t happen by magic. You need to invest your time, analyze store flyers and use them regularly. As with reward program points, we practice “Earn & Burn”. There’s no point in accumulating coupons if you don’t use them, especially as they expire.

Paying with the right credit card

Don’t forget, using your coupons can save you money on your bill. But it’s still essential to use the right credit card, depending on where you spend, to optimize your points accumulation simultaneously. You can redeem your points or rebates later when you make your next purchase. That’s a significant saving.

Bottom Line

As you can see, you’ll need to invest some time to save money with coupons. Finally, remember that coupons enable brands to collect data and thus better target consumers’ digital profiles and journeys. You’ll receive qualified offers better adapted to your consumption habits so that you’re satisfied.

Is it worth it? There’s only one way to find out: to adopt it and evaluate the potential savings. And will you be part of the couponing movement in Quebec in 2023? Happy saving, everyone!

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