Introduction to points and miles

To the point Not sure where to start with credit card applications? How to compare offers and which ones to choose? Here is THE complete beginner's guide to points and miles by milesopedia.


Many of you are just starting out in the field of points and miles earning. That being said, points and miles, how are they different? Why shouldn’t your current credit card be enough?

This 6-part guide is a real course to learn how to travel – almost – for free. All these parts are essential to get started. Go at your own pace.

Prefer the video version?

Here’s everything you need to know about the credit score and report in 5 minutes:

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Ask yourself the questions:

  1. Is the card I have suitable for me?
  2. Am I interested in saving with points and miles.
Overview of the best credit cards
  • Do you like flight deals?
  • Do you keep tabs on grocery coupons and promotions?
  • Does it make you feel good to get free movie screenings?

Credit card points allow you to save on most major travel expenses:

Or they allow you to get cash back to lighten your monthly budget!

Why not you!

In a short time, you will discover that you can also earn many points with the right credit cards to reach your goal one day. A dream trip?

Everyone goes at their own pace and according to their means. No need to rush. We don’t want to burn our wings.

Point optimization work is a marathon, not a speed race!

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Beginner's fears

Whether you’re new to a sport or a new job, for example, it’s not uncommon to experience feelings of fear or fog. This condition sets in for different reasons.

The Unknown

The work environment, the difficulty of the exercise, the scope of the tasks to accomplish…

The fear of alteration of the credit score.

We will learn it along the way, but on the contrary, we develop a much more informed eye, and our score is all the better for it. Good point hunters will tell you: their score is usually very good even when holding several cards!


That’s right; it will require some organization. But once adequately structured, card management doesn’t require so much effort and time! Always pay off your bills on time and make a personalized strategy.

Lack of time

With work, children, home, sports… Where can we find the time to manage additional credit cards? As previously mentioned, it’s all about organization but the gains are non-negligible. Think about it.

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Like everything else, you don’t become an expert in a field in a flash, it takes patience and hard work. But this hobby will bear fruit… and will be very lucrative.

Goal-setting: The essential starting point

Set goals!

Wondering if our credit card is the right one is the first question to ask. Before we want to change and earn points regardless of the loyalty program, we define our objective:

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Once you have defined your goals, establish your strategy.

To do this, learn about the loyalty programs relevant to your plan. We will present them to you in other articles. Then compare credit cards that fit your profile.

The objective should therefore be to YOUR strategy ! You can see in the testimonial section that all those who have shared their successes with points & miles … started with a specific objective! You know, there’s no point in collecting AIR MILES Reward Miles if you want to fly to Europe.

If there is one thing you need to remember in this first article, it is the order in which to proceed: OBJECTIVE then PROGRAMS then CARDS! Not the other way around!


Hunting for points and miles is an exciting and lucrative hobby when it is well managed. As with any new activity, it takes time, organization and practice.

This beginner’s guide will introduce you to the types of cards on the market and the different loyalty programs. Then we will go deeper. Ready to go?

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