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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Credit Card in Canada

To the point Credit cards are great for many things. Here are the 10 best reasons to use your credit cards from welcome bonuses to travel insurance.

Finance experts warn against the use of irresponsible spending when using credit cards for a good reason. People who use their credit cards irresponsibly end up putting themselves under huge amounts of debt with bad credit score.

Using a credit card negligently can put you in a bad financial position for the future. However, there are 10 good reasons as to why you should use a credit card.

1- Welcome Bonus

When you’ve just gotten a new credit card, you get given an initial bonus amount of up to $150 and more! This is a great incentive to get you started on a path to financial freedom and financial stability.

Different companies offer different bonus incentives. Where one company may offer you money, another could provide you with a fantastic deal on other points.

Companies have been known to offer bonus points to their customers in the form of reward points. These reward points can be redeemed to give you things like merchandise, travel rewards, checks, and even statement checks.

While the bonus money and rewards should not be the sole reason you get a credit card, it sure does sweeten the deal!

The opportunity to earn a good reward for being financially responsible is an excellent way to form great financial habits.

2- Cash Back

Discover introduced the idea of earning back money with each cent that you spend.

The marketing idea and practice are simply genius. The idea was that by using your credit card, you would receive 1% of purchases rebates back to you in the form of cash. The cashback percentages have gone up to even 5% with some companies!

It is a rare opportunity for you to spend your money lucratively, and rest assured that you will be getting money back for every purchase you make.

3- Reward Points That Go The Distance

Credit cards allow you to earn one or more points for every dollar you spend on the card. These reward points can end up giving you amazing rewards in many different categories. These bonus points can get transferred into money spent on things you need, like groceries or gasoline, and even money to spend in restaurants.

Reward points work on different tiers. So once you have collected a certain amount of rewards points, you can then cash it in to get a bonus reward of your choosing.

These bonus points can even get spent on travel, merchandise, and even gift cards for different things. All you need to do to gain your points is to use your credit card responsibly, and you will reap the benefits!

The best way to earn a decent amount of reward points is to choose a credit card with a reward system that is highly beneficial to you and your spending patterns. So if you regularly spend your money at a certain outlet or restaurant, why not earn yourself free bonus points while you spend your hard-earned money.

4- Frequent Flyer Miles

Traveling in style has honestly never been easier. Earning travel miles started back in the 1980s!

The system works so that cardholders will earn their miles at a rate of one mile for every two dollars spent on a card with lower-end credit cards without an annual fee.

Frequent flyer miles were made even more invaluable with the addition of bonus rewards based on the number of frequent flyer miles a person has.

So why not use your credit card and travel to places you truly want to without the exorbitant travel prices.

5- Safety Precautions

By using a credit card, it is more likely for you to pick up any fraudulent payments or fraudulent activity. As payments can take a few days to be processed, it allows you to see any shifty and fraudulent behavior and reverse it before it can damage your credit score.

This allows you to ensure that your necessary payments will not be affected and that you will remain in a safe and stable financial position.

6- Ensuring Honesty In Vendors

Credit cards are a sure-fire way to ensure that you will always get what you paid for. The processing of funds can take some time to go through. During this time, you can determine whether or not you are satisfied with the service or product you have paid for.

Once you have paid, the money is gone with debit cards, and it can be a painstaking process to reverse payments. With a credit card, all you need to do is dispute the charge.

Your card issuer will withhold these funds, and you will get the opportunity to solve your dispute without the loss of any more money.

7- The Grace Period

Using a debit card means that once you have paid, your money is gone right away. However, when you pay with your credit card, your money stays in your account until you pay your actual credit card bill.

Holding your money for a longer period can help you develop a stronger sense of financial responsibility, and you will be less likely to make reckless purchases.

8- Insurance

Credit cards come with a multitude of insurances that help to protect in unforeseen circumstances. Credit cards cover things like rental car insurance and even travel insurance.

9- Universal Acceptance

Most institutions accept credit cards. Using a credit card ensures that you will access your money no matter where you travel to. This ensures that renting a room or a car in a foreign place will be easy for you to do.

10- Build Your Credit

Your credit card will enable you to build your credit score. Now you’ll have an even better chance of getting a good rating thanks to the responsible spending you have done by using your credit card.

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