Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-03

Review: Emirates A380 Business Class | Dubai – Singapore

Departing Airport Dubai International Airport
Arrival Airport Singapore Changi Airport
Flight Carrier Emirates
Flight Number EK352
Duration 6:54
Aircraft Airbus A380
Cabin Class Business Class
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Dubai International Airport
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To the point Here is my review of Emirates' business class on board the Airbus A380. A flight booked with Aeroplan points.

Emirates A380 Business Class - Boarding

You can theoretically access your gate directly from the lounge when you are in the Emirates lounges in Dubai. In this case, my flight to Singapore was scheduled to leave from gate A4.

However, a problem with the door elevator at boarding time prevented passengers from getting off the lounge. So we had to return to the reception and then go to gate A4 to board with the economy class passengers.

Emirates Business Lounge-35

For those unfamiliar with Dubai Airport, it is a “short” walk of about 15 minutes! The lounge is huge and spread out over the entire length of the terminal.

Emirates Business Lounge-11

However, after this walk, check-in was immediate, and business class passengers could board on the first level, allowing them to go up the A380’s staircase, passing through First Class.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-05
dxb-cdg- emirates f—-

Emirates A380 Business Class - Cabin

The Emirates A380’s business-class cabin is vast, with 76 seats. It covers the second part of the second floor of the A380 (the First Class occupies the first part).

dxb-cdg- emirates f—-

The business class is divided into 2 sections:

  • the main cabin with 15 rows
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-09
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-11
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
  • a mini-cabin with 4 rows
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-12
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-15
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

And at the end of the aircraft, you will find the bar open to First and Business Class passengers:

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-42

The choice of seat will depend greatly on your needs.

  • If you want to be close to the bar, choose the mini-cabin. However, expect a lot of traffic (both from passengers accessing the lavatories or the bar and flight attendants during the service). And the noise of the reactors is more present as far as I could notice.
  • If you are travelling alone, choose seats A or K. These are the seats that offer the most privacy with the console on the aisle side (while individual seats B and J have their console on the window side)
  • If you want to be served first, choose a seat between rows 9 and 16 because Emirates service is done in 2 times (the first time for rows 9 to 16, the second time for rows 17 to 26)
  • If you are traveling as a couple, choose the E and F seats, commonly called “Honeymoon” seats. They are in the center of the cabin and placed against each other (you can even get a Polaroid picture)
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-44
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-16
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
  • If you want a bad seat: choose options D and G. You’ll be exposed to the aisle and won’t have any windows to yourself!
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-15

For this flight, I chose the 9K seat:

  • At the front of the cabin
  • Served first
  • Isolated and close to the windows
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-06
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

Emirates A380 Business Class - Seat

Unlike the Boeing 777, Emirates’ business class seat on the Airbus A380 provides a comfortable living space.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-20
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

The great advantage of the window seats is the large storage compartments: up to 3 compartments per seat!

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-24
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

And each of these storages is huge: as proof, I could place my Macbook Pro 16 inches, an external screen Asus ZenScreen, a pocket of accessories, and there was still room for the comforter!

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-22
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-23
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

If you need additional storage, a pocket is also available under the screen.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-46

The console in Emirates’ business class seat on board the Airbus A380 includes a mini-bar, a detachable screen, a wired remote control and all the usual connections (USB, HDMI, 110V). The only thing missing is a USB-C port (available on the Boeing 777).

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-25
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-26
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-27
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

The power controls on Emirates’ business class seat on the Airbus A380 are located along the center console. Not only can you recline your seat in different positions (including a 180-degree bed position), but you can also move it forward and backward. This can be convenient for meals or when working on your computer.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-28
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

The table tray is gigantic. However, it unfolds in one piece, which means that once in position, you will be stuck in your seat.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-31
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

You can place your shoes under the footrest. As you can see, there is no lack of space! And that’s what we like about the Airbus A380.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-43
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

In the bed position, the armrests fold down to provide more elbow room. I did not feel any particular constraint when I moved my feet, once I was lying down: the space is big enough.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-30
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-29
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

If you wish to rest during the flight, the flight attendant will place a mattress topper as well as a comforter and pillows on your seat:

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-56

The windows are closed in two stages by an electric control:

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-55

If you want to be entertained during the flight, the multimedia device is not lacking in films and series in all languages!

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-48

And if you’re #AVgeek like me, you’ll be able to have access to external cameras (which aren’t of the same high quality as those found on the A350).

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-51
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-50

But it’s still better to have a nice view from the window (hence the interest of having a seat in front of the cabin: from row 15, the view is clearly obstructed by the gigantic wings of the A380).

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-49

Emirates A380 Business Class - Bar

You don’t have to be in Emirates First Class to have access to the bar! This bar is open to all passengers on the second floor of the Airbus A380: Business Class and First Class.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-65
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

It is a particularly pleasant space to relax, have a drink, chat with other premium passengers or even watch a sports competition!

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-70
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-78
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

You can ask for any type of cocktail you like.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-75
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

One of my favorites: Espresso Martini. And of course, leave with YOUR picture behind the bar.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-69
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-66
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

During the flight, you can go to the bar to get various snacks including an excellent cake.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-76
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

On this flight, there were very few passengers in business class (about 1/4 of the seats were filled). This allows you to walk around in the mini-cabin without disturbing anyone.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-71
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

Emirates A380 Business Class - Service

Right after take-off, the service is performed. At this point, I ask for an aperitif: Espresso Martini (for a change).

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-59
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

As for the wine that will accompany my meal, I choose a red: Château Montviel – Pomerol 2011. We are not at the level of the bottles served in First Class, but it is quite correct.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-57
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-58
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

For those interested in full alcohol and food menus, here they are:

For this meal, since the day before I had chosen the traditional Arabic Mezze, I opted this time for :

  • Cream of sweet corn soup with smoked paprika
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-60
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
  • Vietnamese coconut chicken served with steamed rice and mangetouts.
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-61
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires
  • Lemon pie with berries
Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-62
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

And just before arriving in Singapore, I chose to go light with a small fruit plate (and a cappuccino).

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-79
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

The food was good as was the rather quick service (helped by a small booth).

To make sure that we stay on top of our service, Emirates conducts a fairly comprehensive survey at taxi time on the arrival tarmac. This shows that the airline is committed to continuous improvement.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-80
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

And for those who wonder what the Emirates business class lavatories look like in the Airbus A380, here they are (with a window). Unfortunately, Emirates does not provide pajamas.

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-74
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

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Bottom Line

A smooth flight with Emirates: left on time, arrived on time. 7 hours which passed very quickly thanks to the exceptional comfort of the A380 that I recommend you if you have to choose against the Boeing 777.

The living space at the seat, the bar and the soundproofing of the cabin are simply remarkable. Like Emirates service.

The cabin design will evolve over the coming months as part of a major upgrade of the Emirates fleet. Here are some images of the cabin that I was able to capture during the 2021 Dubai Airshow.

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