Find the best prices at the grocery store with 100grammes.ca

To the point The 100grams.ca website is a new tool that lets you quickly compare 16,000 grocery prices to save money.

A website that compares the best prices at the grocery store is now at our fingertips: 100grams.ca .

Website to compare prices and the best specials of the week

Its name comes from the fact that it compares prices per 100 grams, to find out if the product at thegrocery store is really cheaper than the others!

Every Thursday, 100grams.ca analyzes the websites of 5 major supermarkets in the Greater Montreal area:

  • IGA
  • Maxi
  • Metro
  • Provigo
  • SuperC

Eventually, products from other major food markets will be added to the comparisons.

As a result, 100grams.ca subscribers can take advantage of a shortcut to covet the week’s best discounts, and save time by avoiding the hassle of going through all the local grocery store flyers.

  • You can create your shopping list directly on the platform, making it easy to track potential savings and low prices;
  • Thanks to the 100 grams search engine , it’s easy to find cheaper alternatives for each product, depending on the week’s planned meals.
liste alternative 100grammes

100 grams provides its subscribers with the information and tools they need to save up to 30% at the supermarket, without having to compromise on quality, variety or quantity.

How 100grams.ca works to compare supermarkets in Quebec

The 16,000 products listed per 100 grams are divided into 8 sections.

For example, if you want to find the best grocery store for cheap broccoli, everything is easily indicated. Top picks are illustrated to the left of the prize, with a ribbon icon for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

100grammes meilleur prix

Then an 💯 icon means it’s a must-have prize and definitely worth buying this week.

icone 100 100 grammes

Once the desired product has been selected, it is added to a list on the right-hand side of the screen.

Clicking on a product on the 100grams.ca list takes you automatically to the product page of the supermarket portal.

Banane lien

This means it can be ordered directly from the supermarket’s website.

Banane Super C

The list thus created in our 100grams profile is available on your cell phone, even when you’re at the grocery store!

What’s more, if you have a spontaneous trip to the supermarket, you can check the 100grams.ca website on your cell phone to see if the price on the shelf in front of you is really the best.

Subscribe to 100grams.ca

100grams.ca offers two plans, where you have access to different levels of detailed price analysis for each product listed.

  • 100 grams Plus Monthly: $9/month
  • 100 grams Plus Annual: $60/year

Tip: Use promotional code MILES20 for 20% off your 100grams.ca subscription. An annual subscription costs $0.92 per week. It’s worth it!

Once you’ve registered, you can access 100grams.ca’s entire list of 16,000 products to plan your next week of discount finds.

Triple your grocery savings

100grams.ca is part of our strategy for low-cost grocery shopping:

  1. Find what you need at the grocery store for less with the 100grams.ca comparison tool.
  2. Go to the grocery store and use its loyalty program to collect more points
  3. Pay with a credit card that earns the most rewards for grocery purchases, such as :

How to make a less expensive grocery list with this week's discounted products?

Thanks to the 100grams.ca search tool, you can find out which grocery item is the cheapest across the 5 most popular supermarkets. See how it works in the article above.

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