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Hotel W Kuala Lumpur
Country Malaysia
City Kuala Lumpur
Room Type Suite Marvelous
Loyalty Program Status Titanium
Points Per Night 35 000

W Kuala Lumpur
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To the point Here is my review about our family stay in a suite at the W Hotel Kuala Lumpur, accessible with the Marriott Bonvoy points!

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An affordable hotel with Marriott Bonvoy points

The hotel W Kuala Lumpur is category 5.

This means it costs between 30,000 and 40,000 Marriott Bonvoy points to do a night.

Depending on the period (and the public price), this hotel is a “good candidate” to use the free annual one-night certificate (worth up of 35,000 points) offered at the renewal of:

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Our opinion on Hotel W Kuala Lumpur

On the occasion of our 5 month world tour with our family, we stayed 3 nights in Kuala Lumpur:

These are the most beautiful Marriott Bonvoy Hotels in Kuala Lumpur. During a previous stay in the city, we had the opportunity to test the excellent the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Autograph Collection.


We chose to stay at the W Kuala Lumpur car:

  • It is ideally situated for exploring Kuala Lumpur, at the foot of the Petronas Towers.
  • It costs 35,000 points per night, which is high for Kuala Lumpur, but we were able to take advantage of a $180 fee for the first night and used a certificate for a free night from one of our card s Marriott Bonvoy for the second night, which was much more expensive!
  • We like the design of W Hotels

His address: No. 121, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur 50450 Malaysia

bonvoy card american express> offers a free one-night annual certificate at renewal and a great welcome bonus! If you don’t have it yet, it’s a span class=”term” data-original-term=”Y2FydGU=”card that’s part of our strategy to get free hotel nights!


The day before our arrival, Jean-Maximilien negotiated – as usual – in order to get an upgrade in a row. This was granted quickly, as in nearly 100% of his requests since we left on our round-the-world trip!

He always reserves one night in the hotels we visit. In addition to the flexibility this gives us, it makes it easier to negotiate: it is easier to get an upgrade for a single night than for a longer stay. And once in the suite the first night, the hotel usually arranges for us not to have to change rooms if we decide to extend our pleasant stay in the establishment 😉

The Lobby is located on the 8th floor and as in all hotels, the Marriott Bonvoy logo is present!

The Lobby is spacious and stylish, in the colours of the W brand!

Welcome drinks will be offered and others are also available near the elevators.

During check-in, children will have fun on the outdoor balcony where beautiful sofas are laid out.

We will then go to the elevators to get to our suite. As in every W, the carpets are changed 3 times a day (Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening)!

We love the cosy atmosphere in the corridors leading to the rooms!

The Suite

When we walk into our suite, we are impressed by its design. It is composed of a bedroom and a large lounge.

The living room

The entrance to our suite is through the lounge. There is also a very colourful atmosphere and the mirrors placed everywhere add a feeling of space.

W Kuala Lumpur
W Kuala Lumpur

In the middle of the lounge, there is a high table with a welcome gift that our children will devour!

Cleverly concealed, the Nespresso coffee machine as well as the mini-bar and dishes.

From the lounge, a breathtaking view of the Petronas Towers!

The bedroom

Let’s move on to the room which is on the corner of the building overlooking both the Petronas Towers and the hotel’s swimming pool.

W Kuala Lumpur
W Kuala Lumpur

A beautiful, colourful sofa is arranged along the windows.

I spent long minutes observing every detail because there were so many of them.

As in most of the Marriott Bonvoy hotels we visited, a JBL station was present, allowing us to connect our devices by bluetooth to play music.

And what a comfortable bed: probably the most comfortable of all the hotels tested so far! A real cloud!

Here is the view of the pool from our suite:

The bathroom

If the pan class=”term” data-original-term=”c2Fsb24=”salon and the bedroom blew our minds, the bathroom is not to be outdone!

With a bathtub (with a view!), a double shower, a double washbasin and a dressing room separating it from the bedroom, it is simply perfect in my eyes!

There was a screen hidden on the wall, I almost didn’t see it. Its location is not the most ideal in my opinion.

The only negative point finally in this bathroom is the toilet which is behind a glass door. But there are more available at the entrance to the suite.

And some views of the dressing room separating the bathroom from the bedroom:

Hotel amenities


The hotel has a well-equipped gym.

More pictures in detail:

The pool

The Wet area of the W Kuala Lumpur is composed of a superb outdoor swimming pool, facing the Petronas Towers.

w kuala lumpur—-
w kuala lumpur—-

We will have a great time during our stay, especially since there was no one there!

w kuala lumpur—-

A very nice bar is adjacent to this pool, which turns into a nightclub at night.

w kuala lumpur—-
w kuala lumpur—-
w kuala lumpur—-

Impressive pool, isn’t it?

Kul W Children


Breakfast is at the hotel restaurant: Flock. A very beautiful interior room, however if you wish to have a view of the towers, it is possible to settle down on the terrace!

How about breakfast? Exceptional. And that word is weak! Both quantity and quality were present. An incredible variety of dishes to satisfy all customers.

Fortunately, Jean-Maximilien’s Titanium status allowed us to enjoy it for free every morning and our children could eat there for free.

Here is a gallery of 26 photos to show you the variety of dishes on offer!

After a gargantuan buffet like this one, we could go on until the evening!

W Kuala Lumpur
W Kuala Lumpur

A word about the concierge service

During our stay, after a good month spent with our children 24 hours a day, we needed to blow one evening with Jean-Maximilien.

So he checked with the hotel concierge to find out why:

  • find a trusted nanny service
  • get good addresses for romantic getaways

And let’s just say that the Sirine Concierge – a trainee in the hotel – went beyond all our requests! Within an hour, she had answered all these requests, but she also had a surprise for us when we returned to our room!

She had lots of pictures of our favorite city – New York – with quotes and dates that mattered to us! And chocolates (not to be left to the children this time!).

Surprise W Kul
W Kuala Lumpur - Surprise

Bravo and thank you Sirine!


The hotel W Kuala Lumpur is certainly one of the most beautiful hotels of our family world tour. Its exceptional location as well as the quality of its services justifies its category 5 status.

With the children, we appreciated its location, especially since in the Petronas Towers Park, 5 minutes walk from the W Kuala Lumpur there are huge playgrounds for all ages!

The only negative point: from our room located on the pool side, we could hear the nightclub. Sleeping in traffic jams didn’t bother us, but I should warn you!

Depending on seasons and rates, the W Kuala Lumpur a good address to exchange a annual certificate obtained with one of the card s Marriott Bonvoy!


Did you know that? You can support milesopedia by using our Marriott Bonvoy affiliate link to book your hotel nights! You won’t pay more, you’ll get all the benefits of your status and you’ll contribute to the future of the site and its community!

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This post is also available in: FR

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