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Hotel Monville Hotel
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Monville Hotel
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To the point We stayed in the only hotel with a floor service robot in Canada: here is our review of the Monville Hotel in Montreal (downtown).
A robot that brings breakfast to your room? The Monville Hotel has one! Located in the Quartier des spectacles in Montreal, the hotel is also certified Ecocert.

Hotel Monville - Booking and Check-in

Hotel Monville - Rates & Aeroplan offer

According to the Tourism Montreal website, the price range for a double occupancy room at the Hotel Monville is $169 to $449 (suite) in the low season and $199 to $999 in the high season.

You can book your room directly on the Hotel Monville website or on the I Prefer Rewards Program, a rewards program that includes more than 650 independent hotels and resorts in 85 countries.

There’s a great offer to earn Aeroplan points by staying there: until December 31, 2022, by booking the flexible rate + bar drink offer, you’ll earn 2,000 Aeroplan points per stay.

Hotel Monville Montreal - façade avenue De Bleury
Hotel Monville Montreal - façade avenue De Bleury

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Hotel Monville - Location

The Monville Hotel is ideally located in Montreal’s heart of the Quartier des spectacles, making it close to everything downtown. Mainly intended for business people passing through the city, it is also very close to the Palais des Congrès (3 minutes on foot).

The establishment also targets the leisure clientele, particularly couples, who are fond of cultural outings and visits to the city. The Place d’Armes metro station is a 4-minute walk away.

The hotel also offers valet parking, bicycle parking and charging stations for electric cars.

Hotel Monville Montreal sur l'avenue De Bleury
Hotel Monville Montreal sur l'avenue De Bleury

Monville Hotel - Registration

Avoid the irritation of a long wait at the reception desk when several clients arrive at the same time. This is one of the arguments of the Monville Hotel to opt for an independent check-in/check-out on kiosks, as the airports have very well adopted.

Just like for a flight, the customer can even check-in online. On the morning of his arrival, he receives a notification by text or email to do so. You can register in a few minutes from your computer or cell phone. When you arrive at the hotel, all you have to do is pick up your card at the terminal, which acts as a key.

If you have not registered before your stay in Monville, you can do all these steps at one of the four kiosks available at the reception.

If you arrive earlier than your check-in time, you will receive a text message to let you know when the room is ready.

I really liked the independent check-in! It only takes a few minutes to check in on your cell phone or at the kiosk, no matter how many customers arrive at the same time.

And if something ever goes wrong, a responsive employee is always nearby to help you if you need assistance, which I really appreciated. Whether it’s because you’re less comfortable with technology or because machines mean potential bugs, we always like to get support quickly.

According to Naomi Dupont, marketing manager at the Monville Hotel, this procedure allows employees to focus on their “advisory role” at the front desk, such as suggestions for activities or restaurants, rather than on administration.

Hotel Monville - The rooms

Monville Hotel - Monville Suite

I was invited to stay in the Monville Suite (the most luxurious in the hotel) on the 16th floor. Out of 269 rooms, the hotel offers 54 suites.

Candied fruit chocolates from the Montreal bakery De Froment et de sève and a postcard typed with my name were waiting for me as a welcome gift. (For trying the standard room, you will also receive the postcard).

Spacious, the suite is built on the corner of the building. This allows for two large windows with a view of the Quartier des spectacles in Montreal. This panorama, beautiful at night, is particularly bright and impressive during the day, making it an inspiring haven for remote work, for example.

The design is sleek and modern on gray tones to promote tranquility and soothing, I found.

Hotel Monville Montréal-30
Hotel Monville Montreal

All rooms (even the standard ones) have a king bed. Plus for the suites: 2 x 55″ TVs to which you can connect your phone to use streaming platforms such as Netflix, Spotify or Youtube, as well as 2 soft cotton bathrobes.

We like the “rain effect” shower, the Nespresso coffee machine including two capsules (refill on request), as well as the Oneka products from Quebec, made from organic plants, which are the cosmetics offered in the bathroom.

This is one of the mantras of the Monville Hotel: to offer a Montreal experience to visitors in the majority of the products used. A big bonus, which in my opinion, allows business clients to have a taste of Quebec even when they are in a hurry.

Hotel Monville - Standard room

On my second consecutive night at the Monville Hotel, I stayed in the standard room.

Smaller, it still has many assets: king bed, Nespresso coffee maker and kettle, 50-inch high-definition television, a desk, free Wi-Fi access and a beautiful view of the Quartier des spectacles (Monville’s mantra in all rooms).

The shower and toilet are in a separate room from the sink.

For a short stay, I found the room very clean, modern and comfortable. The view is, once again, a charming asset.

Hotel Monville Montréal-36

Hotel Monville - Dining

Hotel Monville - Breakfast

For breakfast, it is there that you meet the H2M2 robot. The Monville Hotel is the only hotel to have a robot to provide floor service in Canada… like bringing you breakfast in your room!

Needless to say, this is one of the entertainments of your stay. From your TV or phone, you can order your first meal of the day from one of four choices: American, Benedictine, Healthy or A la Carte. You then choose the time of delivery by the robot (maximum 11 am).

Hotel Monville Montréal-26
Hotel Monville Montreal - Robot

That morning, when the moment I had been waiting for came, I was obviously wondering how the robot would show up at my door… Surprise, I get an automated call on my room phone to inform me of its arrival!

Unique meeting with H2M2! As soon as it senses your presence in front of it, a compartment containing your breakfast bag and coffee opens and you can help yourself. A screen on the robot also allows you to follow the steps. The instructions are only in English (the robot having been developed by a firm in the United States), but the procedure remains simple to follow and very intuitive.

After collecting your breakfast, the robot makes sure you have everything you need (if not, it invites you to call the reception) and that your stay is going well before heading back to the elevator.

What an endearing moment. It is the star of the hotel and I couldn’t resist calling it back for breakfast on my second day, although there is no shortage of options in the area.

For the budget, breakfast is $26 + tax + $5 room service charge, which I think is reasonable for the quality of the food and service offered.

For my part, I chose (both times!) the Benedictine breakfast, whose hot dish was excellent:

French toast style brioche with green pesto, Perfect egg cooked at 61 degrees, oyster mushrooms (you also have the choice with shredded beef or salmon), parmesan and arugula, baby potatoes.

It is accompanied by a bowl of fresh fruit, orange juice and regular coffee.

Monville Hotel - Restaurant

The Moneme restaurant & bar, near the reception, serves French-inspired cuisine made with Quebec products.

I went there for dinner alone in the evening, sitting at the bar to watch the action, mixology being one of its attractions.

Hotel Monville Montréal-12

I ordered the Roubidou’s Rum: Dark rum, Amaretto Avril, Lemon juice, pineapple juice, spicy Mole bitter. A delicious and original cocktail. For the connoisseurs, you will notice that the Italian almond liqueur is a Quebec product. Moneme’s menu also favours local spirits (gins, maple whiskey…) which are increasingly easy to find in Quebec.

I ate the Fettucini with wild mushrooms, very creamy and tasty, it was delicious and filling. I regret not being hungry enough to try an appetizer and/or dessert that looked just as delectable.

The decor is, once again, very neat, elegant and in the image of Montreal’s contemporary establishments.

Moneme welcomes guests for evening service Tuesday through Saturday and for brunch on weekends. It is also the restaurant that prepares the breakfast served by H2M2 the robot.

Don’t forget to use your American Express Cobalt® Card at restaurants and bars to earn 5 points per dollar.

Hotel Monville - Roof terrace

When I said that the hotel relies heavily on the view: the 360′ roof terrace is a great asset! Located on the 20th floor, it overlooks the Quartier des spectacles in a festive and relaxing setting.

In November, although sunny, the weather was already chilly. It definitely makes you want to come back in the summer to bask in the sun for a while longer!

Hotel Monville Montréal-40
Hotel Monville Montreal

The establishment also organizes thematic evenings (comedy, DJs) to invite Montrealers and clients alike to join in. It is also possible to reserve this space for private or corporate events. A room on the same floor allows to shelter the world, in case of bad weather.

Hotel Monville - Fitness room

The Monville Hotel has a 24/7 accessible gym, again with a view.

The hotel has partnered with two spas. There is the Scandinave Spa (Old Montreal, 12 minutes on foot) which offers a 15% discount to its clients when they make a reservation at the concierge. Then there is the Strom Nordic spa on Nuns’ Island (15 minutes by car) which offers a $100 gift card at a special rate.

The Bota Bota (spa-sur-l’eau) is a 15-minute walk away for a relaxing time nearby.

Monville Hotel - Corporate

The Monville Hotel offers four rental spaces (including the terrace) for private events, meetings or conferences in styles that suit everyone.

They all benefit from natural light thanks to the large windows around us.

Hotel Monville - Around the hotel

There is no lack of activities. You are in the heart of the action!

Visit Old Montreal, the Quartier des spectacles or the Old Port of Montreal; everything is quickly done on foot or by metro. The location is also ideal if you want to enjoy festivals or a show at Place des Arts without getting lost.

Grande Roue de Montreal de jour
Grande Roue de Montreal de jour

Hotel Monville - My general impression

For an independent hotel that opened in 2017, it needed to stand out in an area already immensely occupied by large chains around it.

The Monville Hotel meets the challenge head on by offering an enhanced stay: all rooms with a view, the addition of efficient technologies to make the customer’s stay more independent, a Montreal experience and an ecological education by reducing waste (the establishment is Ecocert certified).

Staying at the Monville Hotel is a great place to stay in downtown Montreal. Whether you’re there for a business trip or a getaway, I loved the comfort, aesthetics, and independence the facility offers.

Along with the technology (which I personally appreciated), the employees are always present and available to help you when needed. The robot is the hotel’s mascot!

Don’t hesitate to book your stay there!

The Monville Hotel invited Milesopedia to stay at the Monville Suite. We tested the standard room thanks to a preferential rate. No remuneration was received for the production of this report: the opinions remain those of the author and have not been influenced in any way.

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