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International Women’s Day: meet the women of Milesopedia

To the point On this International Women's Day, spotlight on the women of Milesopedia, their perspectives on travel, their place in the world and those who inspire them.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we celebrate all the women of the world. Get to know the people who are part of the Milesopedia team. A special mention to all the other women who contribute to Milesopedia and with whom we work regularly.

Women of Milesopedia - Aline

Aline – Tibet

Role at Milesopedia: Content creator and consultant

Traveling has confirmed to me that I am an independent and go-getter woman. Indeed, all the experiences I have gained have made me the person I am today (it’s cliché, but it’s true). I have traveled extensively on my own with my backpack; I have visited over 60 destinations solo. When you have a lot of time with yourself, you have no choice but to learn to cope and rely on yourself.

If I were different, I think I might not be in a relationship with my current partner and I might not have the family I have; I was the one who made the first move by inviting him for coffee! Would I have had the same kind of courage and self-esteem if I hadn’t asserted myself so much as a person through travel? Who knows? So I am very grateful for my adventures that have shaped me as a woman, a friend, a partner and a mother.

Your favorite destinations as a woman?

I find it wise to be careful no matter where you are, so there is no destination that I have loved just because I am a woman. However, I particularly like places where I don’t have to be on my guard as much or where I can be myself.

For example, Japan is one of my favorites, if you haven’t already noticed, since it’s ultra safe in addition to matching my culinary preferences. In fact, it was the first country I visited solo and this enjoyable experience gave me the confidence to continue exploring every corner of the planet, from Tibet to Antarctica to equally remote places like Easter Island.

Aline – Maldives
Aline – Japon

A woman who inspires you:

My friend Judith who persevered to complete her training to become a pilot, a typically male dominated profession. The journey seems very arduous to me, but it’s super inspiring to see the ambition in her eyes. Plus, she decided to do this at the height of the pandemic when she was laid off and had no income.

Even though I love flying and traveling, I don’t think I have enough determination to go all the way since it can take a really long time to get a stable job and a predictable schedule.

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Women of Milesopedia - Alexandrine


Role at Milesopedia : Content creator

For me, travel means freedom and resourcefulness. Traveling has allowed me to grow, to feel good about myself and to have the confidence that I can get out of any situation. In one trip, I had a motorcycle accident, caught COVID-19 and missed three flights. After all these adventures, I’m not afraid of anything anymore!

Your favorite destinations as a woman?

Being a woman doesn’t influence my choice of destinations. However, some destinations are easier for women who are reluctant to travel solo. Japan is a place where I’ve always felt safe. But you still need to be vigilant and adopt strategies to avoid problems.

My favorite places: the Faroe Islands, Japan,Easter Island, Cape Town, Vietnam and Singapore.


A woman who inspires you:

My maternal grandmother. She studied computer science in the 60s and was the only woman in her cohort.

Her message on this International Women’s Day: Don’t wait for anyone else to travel. Don’t put off trips because you are alone and no one wants to go with you. I know the first experience can be scary, but be independent and jump at the opportunity if it comes your way.

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Women of Milesopedia - Audrey

Audrey-Abu Dhabi

Your role at Milesopedia : Vice President Marketing and Communication

Travelling allows me to put many aspects of life into perspective, to appreciate every little joy in life even more and to gain in self-confidence. I like to take solo breaks to find myself, to feel the moment, but also to think about myself and my future goals and projects.

Whether with family, children or friends, the dynamic changes and we immediately pay less attention to ourselves and more to others. It’s all the same good times of course, but not the same type of trip.

The language of a country is sometimes a hindrance for me, but I always manage to get by, and traveling remains the best learning experience.

We’ve all had our share of misadventures when traveling as a couple or a family (a hold-up, a skiing accident, a disagreement with a local). These events taught me about my limits, strengths and weaknesses. I learned to look for solutions and to put my stress aside. But sometimes you learn to let go. We can’t control everything, despite all the precautions we take. The key is to ensure that the situation is managed in the best possible way.

Each experience is an opportunity to gain self-confidence and get to know yourself better. I love to be amazed by new cultures and the children of the world. All this motivates me to keep on traveling.

Your favorite destinations as a woman?

I loved almost every destination I went to. I was seduced by the scale of New York City and its skyscrapers or Dubai and its desert, but also the long stretches of beaches of Pensacola Beach or the Maldives, or the delights of the Asian countries (the fact that I have two Chinese sisters-in-law surely contributes to this).

One thing is for sure, the warm temperatures and dry weather attract me more than anything else, and I want to go everywhere! I have so much to discover.

I’m grateful to have been able to realize an old dream of mine in 2023, to travel to Japan – a trip abandoned in 2020 because of COVID-19. This year, Jordan, Morocco and South America are still on my list!

Audrey-Australie côte Est

A woman who inspires you:

I could name some great names. But in concrete terms, every woman I have known from childhood to now, whether in my personal circle or in my professional career, has inspired me.

All these women helped me at a certain point in my life to open my eyes and understand that everything is possible when you give yourself the means, even in the hardest moments. You just have to believe in yourself.

Her message on this International Women’s Day: One step at a time, determination, perseverance and courage you will see that nothing is inaccessible.

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Women of Milesopedia - Caroline

Caroline Paris

Your role at Milesopedia : Director, Human Resources and Operations, and Content Creator

For me, traveling as a woman means being open-minded. Getting out of your comfort zone. Welcome with wonder the new smells, the new habits, the landscapes and the new people you meet. And on the way home, start planning the next trip!

Your favorite destinations as a woman?

Wherever I will feel safe and continue to fulfill my need to learn.

Caroline – Brésil

A woman who inspires you:

My grandmother, who will be 101 this year, is an example of determination. I still remember when she told me to look straight ahead, shoulders straight, put my head up and go after what I want, when I was very young.

Her message on this International Women’s Day: Look straight ahead, shoulders straight, head up and go after what you want!

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Women of Milesopedia - Emmanuelle

Your role at Milesopedia: journalist and web editor

I love discovery trips with excursions as much as those that invite you to relax when the need arises. With a soft spot for the immersion trip (the big leap) – I was born in the Paris region of France – where you decide to go and live somewhere else. In my case, Montreal and Saint-Martin, in the West Indies.

I’m often asked why you came back to Montreal – you were in heaven! I often answer jokingly: I love the cold and the snow. Joking aside, your daily life is the same as everyone else’s, even on an island. And in Montreal, I feel free, independent and at home.

Your favorite destinations as a woman?

There are lots of them! Greece, Mexico and Thailand have made a particularly strong impression on me, as I moved around a lot in these countries.

I’ve always followed my desires at the time, and I can really go off on a whim even today.


A woman who inspires you:

My grandmother, who would have been 97 this year, started travelling very late. That’s when she really enjoyed life. She finally became independent, freeing herself from the social pressures of her time.

Her message on International Women’s Day:

Nothing is impossible in life, you just have to believe in it, follow your intuition and chase the negative (even if it’s easy to say).

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Women of Milesopedia - Evelyne

Evelyne 01
Evelyne 01

Your role at Milesopedia : Graphic designer

Juggling work deadlines, intense training sessions, cuddling my two beloved cats and not forgetting to give attention to my husband…Travelling or not, being a woman means freedom for me. The freedom to choose my path or climb mountains (or do squats, as the case may be).

What makes me proud to be a woman is the strength and resilience we demonstrate every day. We juggle, we fight, we smile, and we keep going, no matter what. A few months ago, I joined the great team at Milesopedia, where I thrive among a group of talented and inspiring women.

Your favorite destinations as a woman?

Ah, the fateful question! To be honest, my passport is still free of exotic stamps. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams!

My ultimate dream is a trip where I can combine my love of animals and my passion for fitness. I imagine a country where I could cuddle koalas in the rainforest, pet cats in a café by a sandy beach at sunrise, and work out in an outdoor gym overlooking the ocean. In the meantime, I continue to explore the world through the stories of Milesopedia’s inspiring women.

Evelyne 02
Evelyne 03

A woman who inspires you:

It’s hard to pick just one woman. I don’t need to go far. At Milesopedia I’m surrounded by talented women! I admire each of them for their thirst for adventure, their courage and their ability to share their experiences with the world. Not forgetting my little mom, who even though she’s small in size, is the one I admire the most.

Being a woman at Milesopedia means being surrounded by strong women who push me to give my best and boldly explore the world.

You can find Evelyne’s design talents all over the Milesopedia website, in our Facebook community and on social networks!

Women of Milesopedia - Marie-Claude


Your role at Milesopedia : Director, Customer Relations and Compliance

Although it’s a cliché, for me, travel is about discovering the Other, that is to say, the human being, the culture & architecture, the landscapes and the arts of the table. My first trips were mostly related to my initial training in art history and museology. I also really enjoyed my experiences as a couchsurfer and in hostels, where I met very friendly and “colorful” people.

Now a mother, travel is a way to share with my children the richness of our planet and the people who inhabit it. This allows me to make them aware of the importance of being a good global citizen. Before the trips, we try to teach them words of use, customs, gestures of politeness of the places we will visit. It is also important for us that they “develop their taste” (as the younger one puts it) by letting them try new dishes and foods. Now that they are older, we can also explain to them how lucky they are, and that not everyone is lucky. So I take great pride in seeing them question social, environmental and geographic differences.

Your favorite destinations as a woman?

Except for a trip to Paris with a girlfriend, I never had the chance to travel alone.

However, I like destinations that make me see the world differently. I like the possibility of mixing stays in hotels, hostels, AirBnb and camper vans. Moreover, every trip includes a visit to local markets and/or vineyards, as these are great places to talk to people.

I have fond memories of

  • the Yucatan Peninsula by backpack and its breathtaking temples,
  • landscapes during a road trip of +2000 km in South Africa,
  • an unexpected concert by the Royal Hawaiian Band in Honolulu,
  • of the visit to Jerusalem and the emotion I felt when I put my hand on the Western Wall,
  • of the beauty and great cultural wealth of Japan, or again,
  • of my encounter with kangaroos/wallabies, wombat and koalas in a camping in Australia (unfortunately, I didn’t see my favorite animal, the platypus).

A woman who inspires you:

I have been fortunate enough to meet many inspiring women and it is difficult to identify just one.

I often think of…

  • Monique, my first grade teacher who believed in me and knew how to feed my great curiosity.
  • Julie, my “guru” who has taken on many challenges and works every day to promote the great contribution of neuroatypical people to society.
  • Aude, my friend who uses her great talent to propel ambition in women, to give them the courage to surpass themselves and to take concrete actions for them.
  • This student from Polytechnique of Montreal, born in South America and having grown up in an underprivileged area of Montreal, for whom I participated in obtaining a scholarship and who, from now on, works for the right to drinking water in underprivileged countries.
  • Patricia, Maryse, Sophie and the many other women who have been confronted with breast cancer (from near or far) and who have forced me to rethink my concept of what is important in life.

Her message on International Women’s Day: Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself, because life is far from being a smooth ride. We all have the capacity to be an agent of positive change in our world, no matter how big or small.

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Women of Milesopedia - Marie-Ève

Marie-Eve Guatapé

Your role at Milesopedia : Editor in chief

As a woman, traveling has allowed me to develop my independence, my self-confidence, my resilience and my ability to adapt. I also learned to follow my instinct, to trust my inner voice.

Traveling has given way to extraordinary encounters for me, and has forged my own opinion of the places I visit. Sometimes traveling as a woman requires you to develop strength of character, but I choose to see this as a way to assert myself as a woman. Through my travels, I continue to learn more about the place of women in the world and I always feel this deep connection that unites us, no matter where we come from.

Above all, traveling allows me to witness the goodness of people everywhere, and the beauty of the world we live in.

Your favorite destinations as a woman?

I don’t limit myself in my choice of destinations as a woman, but I do make sure to pay attention and educate myself on the precautions to take at the places I visit.

Greece will forever be one of my favorite destinations, as I spent my first big trip there, studying in a small village on the island of Lesvos, where the locals welcomed us as if we were part of their family; I can’t wait to go back this year! India is a country that has had a huge impact on the way I see the world and one that I look forward to visiting again. My favorite country is still Brazil; I lived there for three months in 2022, and I’m currently spending the winter there. I fell in love with the open-mindedness of the people and the way they know how to celebrate and appreciate life, not to mention the heavenly beaches offering perfect waves to surf on!

Marie-Eve Ericeira
Marie-Eve Chefchaouen

A woman who inspires you:

My grandmother Rita who will be 101 (!) next week; she traveled with a friend in her youth independently in her twenties… This was very uncommon for women in the 1940s! I have always admired her determination, independence and progressive thinking. Today, her vitality inspires me and it is a great privilege to still witness the sparkle in her eyes.

Her message on this International Women’s Day: Follow your internal compass, it will always lead you to the right place. Be proud of the woman you are.

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Women of Milesopedia - Maxime

CostaRica2016 Maxime
CostaRica2016 Maxime

Your role at Milesopedia : Strategic advisor, social media

Your favorite destinations as a woman?

As a passionate traveler, Vancouver holds a special place in my heart with its family ties and childhood memories. It’s like Montreal, only better! With its vast parks, Asian restaurants on every corner and miles of hiking trails, it’s a hiker’s paradise, but beware of bears in the Whistler area – they’re not mean, but the first time is a surprise!

Another place dear to my heart is Costa Rica. It’s my safe place, especially the Hotel Mariposa with its breathtaking view of Quepos at sunset and the monkeys and parrots that fill this breathtaking landscape. My intrepid spirit drives me to explore on my own, reinforcing my personal confidence. Egypt and the Emirates are my next dream destinations, and I’m even learning the language for total immersion. And of course, I always bring back shells from the beach and a tattoo from my destination.

CostaRica 2022 1 Maxime
CostaRica 2022 1 Maxime
CostaRica 2022 Maxime
CostaRica 2022 Maxime

A woman who inspires you:

Many women inspire me, but my sister is a particular source of inspiration. Her resilience in the face of hardship and her ability to find solutions are admirable. Her strength seems to be a characteristic of our family, and it’s comforting to have a positive role model who helps us see the bright side of things, like a reflection in a mirror.

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Travelling is a way of life for Marie-Ève, who spends almost six months a year abroad. She's always looking for waves to surf, great coffee and the best strategies to travel longer. You'll probably find her in a coworking space with other digital nomads, or by the sea watching the sunsets.

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