Cyber Monday offers not to be missed

After the Black Friday sales, it’s time for Cyber Monday on November 26, 2018, those sales that usually only take place online. Let’s take a quick look at what loyalty programs and credit cards offer.

Loyalty programs and Cyber Monday

Several offers have been announced.

Amazon and the American Express Cobalt Card

Today only – Monday, November 26, 2018 – you can earn 5 points per dollar using the American Express Cobalt® Card at Amazon.ca (up to $500 in purchases).

Cyber Monday Cobalt

You can earn up to 2,500 select Membership Rewards points with this offer!

And it’s a great opportunity to combine this offer with the Aeroplan netShop or AIR MILES airmilesshops.ca offer (you could even “unlock” an AIR MILES Neighbourhood Spin offer at the same time)

Those who purchase gift cards at Couche-Tard or Metro with the American Express Cobalt® Card know this well: they get 5 points per dollar for all their purchases on Amazon.ca… all year long! For more information, read this article!

The Aeroplan eStore

For Aeroplan, you’ll have to go tothe Aeroplan online store! In fact, on Cyber Monday (and even through December 2), you can get up to 10 times the miles.

cyber Monday aeroplan

Amazon.ca for example is 5 miles / dollar which is excellent (unlike ebates, this applies to absolutely everything on Amazon).

netboutique amazon 5

Example of a winning accumulation

By using the American Express Cobalt® Card today for a $500 purchase on Amazon.ca via the Aeroplan netShop you could get:

Partner Points and miles Total
American Express Cobalt™ Card 5 points / dollar 2,500 points
Aeroplan 5 miles / dollar 2,500 miles
if Silver / Black status 1 mile / dollar 500 miles
if Diamond Status 2 thousand / dollar 1,000 miles

I store regularly on Amazon via the Aeroplan eBoutique, and being a Diamond status, it pays off especially well! Take a look at what it looks like for a $250 purchase:

example amazon status aeroplan

  • Purchase on Amazon.ca via the netBoutique: 250 miles (1 mile / dollar)
  • 5 miles / dollar promotion: 1,000 miles (4 additional miles / dollar)
  • Aeroplan Diamond Status: 500 miles (2 additional miles / dollar)

That’s 1,750 miles for a $250 purchase. Not to mention the 1,250 points I have accumulated on my American Express Cobaltᵐᶜ Card (5 points per dollar when buying Amazon gift cards at Couche Tard or Metro).

Costco.ca and Aeroplan

On the Costco website, costco.ca, you can earn 4 Aeroplan miles / dollar:

costco cyber monday

The AIR MILES airmilesshops.ca portal

For AIR MILES, as with Aeroplan, you will need to visit the airmilesshops.ca shopping portal. The offer is 15x AIR MILES miles + exclusive offers.

cyber Monday airmiles 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of 2 interesting offers concerning AIR MILES credit cards from BMO:

RBC Rewards and gift cards

This Cyber Monday, RBC Rewards is selling its gift cards at 30% off.

rbc cyber Monday 2018

For example, it’s an opportunity to use RBC Rewards points to purchase Hotels.com gift cards

rbc hotels cyber monday

Or Air Canada:

rbc ac cyber monday

Be careful with Air Canada gift cards: if you use a gift card you will not be covered by your credit card travel insurance! Only certain cards, such as the BMO World Elite Mastercard, allow you to pay only a portion of the ticket to be covered!

Bottom Line

So there are some great deals to be had this Cyber Monday. Come and discuss in the facebook group “Travel for free (or almost…!) with your points & miles – milesopedia” the ones you have found!

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Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.

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