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To the point Find out about current promotional offers for your stay at Best Western Rewards member hotels.

Get a free night

On a regular basis, Best Western Rewards offers a reward for completing one or more stays.

Right now, by registering here, after 2 stays in Canada, the United States or the Caribbean between February 18 and April 20, 2020, you can get a free night.

This is Best Western Rewards’ most exciting promotion. But be careful: you must use your free night certificate within 70 days after it is issued.

Register here.

Earn AIR MILES miles at Best Western

Best Western and AIR MILES are partners.

Instead of earning Best Western Rewards points on your stays, you can set up your Best Western Rewards account to collect AIR MILES miles.

By doing so, you could participate in the various promotional offers launched by AIR MILES!

40 AIR MILES miles for the first stay

You could earn 40 AIR MILES miles on your first stay. Sign up here.

Get Aeroplan Miles at Best Western

Best Western and Aeroplan are partners.

Instead of getting Best Western Rewards points during your stays, you can set up your Best Western Rewards account to earn Aeroplan miles.

By doing so, you could participate in the many promotional offers launched by Aeroplan! Like this fall’s.

There are 2 ongoing promotions for which it is necessary to register:

A bonus of 500 Aeroplan miles for the first stay

You could get 500 Aeroplan miles on your first trip between April 11, 2019 and December 31, 2020. Sign up here.

500 Aeroplan miles per stay

You could get 500 Aeroplan miles per stay between January 6 and April 30, 2020. Register here.

Best Western points with the credit card

The credit cards each point & mile hoarders had already applied for is the Best Western Rewards® Mastercard card.

This one offers an interesting welcome bonus, unlocked from the first purchase on the card What to offer a hotel night in a hotel of the Best Western group.

Having Best Western points is particularly attractive to fill a night need for hotels, especially between 2 flights at a connecting airport, or arriving the day before a flight to Plattsburgh for example.

In addition, if you are travelling in Europe or Asia, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Best Western hotels… vs the price paid in points! As Mireille was during her stay at the Best Western Premier Agung Resort Ubud in Indonesia:

retour experience mireille best western

A nice welcome bonus for a credit card with no annual fee! And if you’re in a relationship, apply to a card each: you can earn the points in the same Best Western account, as Mireille did to afford her stay in Indonesia!

For more information or to subscribe to it, it’s here!

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