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AIR MILES: Take advantage of Silver Mile redemption offers

The AIR MILES Loyalty Program is divided between two types of collectors: those who collect for “Dream” rewards and those who prefer “Cash” rewards. Let’s take a look at the latter, and more specifically at the AIR MILES one-time offers for them!

Optimizing AIR MILES Silver Miles

In the facebook group “Travel for free (or almost…!) with your points & miles – milesopedia”, not a day goes by without a member warning of a promotion to redeem their AIR MILES miles… or to collect more. First, let’s review what AIR MILES Silver Miles are.

A little reminder about Silver Miles

You have the option of choosing your accumulation percentage between Silver Miles or Dream Miles. Generally, we choose one OR the other at 100%.

100 air miles silver

Silver miles can be used directly at the cash register of AIR MILES Sponsor stores (Jean Coutu, Shell, IGA…).

air miles silver partners


  • At checkout, you show your AIR MILES card to the cashier and advise them that you wish to use Silver Miles for your purchase.
  • The purchase amount must be at least $10, before taxes, and you will receive $10 off your purchase for every 95 Silver Miles.
  • You can use miles in $10 increments up to a maximum of $750 per Collector Money account per day (or 7,125 AIR MILES miles per day)

AIR MILES offers to use Silver Miles

Recurring offers

So we know what silver miles are worth at any given time: 95 miles = $10 off your receipt (= 10.5 cents/mile). And this is where optimization is possible!

Regularly, it is possible to use fewer miles for the same $10 discount. Generally, it will be 85 miles = 10$ ( = 11.8 cents / mile) , or even – but it is rarer – 75 miles = 10$ ( = 13.3 cents / mile).

air miles jean coutu 85

Note that if you cannot buy Jean Coutu gift cards or Vanilla prepaid cards, you can buy other gift cards this way! On the Facebook group, Chantal explains that she is taking the opportunity to stock up on Disney gift cards!

This is a great opportunity to make better use of your AIR MILES miles at the checkout of your favourite store!

Less recurrent offers

But you should know that in addition to these regularly recurring offers, there are other interesting offers: those that give you AIR MILES back by using them!

These are generally offers composed of the following:

Redeem 95 miles for $10 off and get 50 AIR MILES miles back.

10 50 air miles

So, it’s like using 45 miles to get a $10 discount ( = 22.22 cents / mile)!

Generally, you won’t be able to get a better return on your AIR MILES “Silver” miles than this… unless you opt for the Dreams option in certain circumstances. This will be the subject of another article 😉

Bottom Line

You’ve (re)discovered 2 great ways to use your AIR MILES silver miles. Here are some great credit card offers to help you earn more! If you’re looking for AIR MILES credit cards with no annual fee and a small bonus, check out this page!

Come to discuss that topic in our Facebook Group!
Jean-Maximilien Voisine
Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.

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