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American Express: 30% conversion bonus to British Airways Executive Club

American Express Canada will launch a promotion today to convert Membership Rewards points into British Airways Executive Club Avios miles. Details.

30% bonus airline miles

From September 25 to November 25, 2018, you can transfer your American Express Membership Rewards points into British Airways Executive Club avios miles, and get a 30% bonus on that conversion in the process.

So, for 10,000 membership rewards points transferred, you’ll get 13,000 avios miles!

Membership Rewards air miles Bonus Total in air miles
1,000 Membership Rewards 1,000 miles 300 miles 1,300 miles
5,000 Membership Rewards points 5,000 miles 1,500 miles 6,500 miles
10,000 Membership Rewards points 10,000 miles 3,000 miles 13,000 miles
30,000 Membership Rewards points 30,000 miles 9,000 miles 39,000 miles
50,000 membership rewards 50,000 miles 15,000 miles 65,000 miles
  • Transfer Minimum is 1,000 membership rewards points
  • After that, the transfer can be done in increments of 100 membership rewards (1,100, 1,200…)

british airways club

The terms and conditions are currently only posted in English on the American Express website:

modality 30 avios

We advise you to wait until the rate is 1000:1300 before making your transfer!

Example of use with the new Aer Lingus flight

Aer Lingus will open a direct flight between Montreal and Dublin starting in August 2019. This flight can be booked with your Avios miles (by calling British Airways Executive Club). The one-way rate is :

Zone Economy Business
Off-peak Peak Off-peak Peak
Zone 4 10 000 12 500 31 250 37 500

And the taxes are not high (around 100 CA$).

So with this American Express conversion promotion, a one-way ticket in the off-season would cost only 7,700 Membership Rewards points… never before seen!

You may also be able to use your frequent flyer miles in other destinations such as Asia, South America, Europe or Australia. In these destinations, short-haul flights cost as little as… 4,500 one-way airline miles!

For example, here is a flight from Hong Kong to Taipei:

avios hkg tpe

Or between Hong Kong and Tokyo for only 10,000 air miles and $19:

avios hkg nrt

Bottom Line

A great promotion that lasts for 2 months and allows you to “see it coming”. This could be your chance to book the new Aer Lingus flight from Montreal to Dublin with your Avios miles!

It is also an opportunity to diversify your points & miles portfolio. But as always, don’t jump at a conversion bonus if you have no travel plans with a Oneworld company in the next 6-12 months!

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