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Exceptional: 75 Cash Miles = $10 at Jean Coutu

To the point On September 11, 12 and 13, 2020, you can redeem 75 Cash Miles for a $10 rebate at Jean Coutu drugstores.

Cash Miles and Jean Coutu

It is sporadic for a promotion like this to happen! And this is what many members of the facebook group, especially Disney fans, have been waiting for!

For 3 days, from September 11 to 13, 2020, you can redeem 75 Cash Miles for a $10 rebate at Jean Coutu drugstores (or 13.33 cents/mile).

Jean Coutu 2020 Air Miles

This is a great opportunity to stock gift cards, especially for Disney! Usually, it takes 95 Cash Miles to get a $10 rebate (or 10.5 cents/mile).

Check out our travel hacking game plan on how you could save a lot of money for all your Disney-related purchases (park tickets, park purchases, etc.) with AIR MILES CASH rewards

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L'échange de milles ARGENT pour des cartes-cadeaux Disney

In our ultimate travel hacking guide on AIR MILES,you’ll find out why it’s interesting to use your CASH rewards in this way!

Circular terms:

  • Use only 75 Cash Miles for every $10 purchase. In effect only September 11, 12 and 13, 2020. Promotion and payment with Cash AIR MILES not valid on purchases made online.
  • Cash Miles can be used to get $10 increments towards eligible purchases, up to a daily maximum of $750 across all Partners.
  • AIR MILES Cash transactions exclude gift cards and near-cash products (i.e., prepaid credit cards)


It’s a VERY rare promotion! Usually, during promotional periods,it is possible to exchange 85 miles for $10 of purchases. Being able to redeem 75 miles for $10 greatly increases the value of your AIR MILES Cash Miles.

It’s quite simple: there is no better redemption for this type of miles!

If you’re missing AIR MILES miles for your projects, here are 3 credit cards that will allow you to earn thousands of AIR MILES miles quickly:

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