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Recognition dinner for selected Aeroplan Diamond Members

Aeroplan hosted a recognition dinner for selected Diamond members on November 6, 2018 in Montreal. We were there!

An exceptional dinner at the Salon Richmond

Aeroplan is the main partner of the MTLàTABLE event. Last year, we had the opportunity to be invited for a private evening at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, followed by an upscale dinner.

This year, Aeroplan aimed even higher by inviting more than 100 selected members to Diamond status at the Richmond Lounge in Montreal.

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The chefs of the evening

For the occasion, Aeroplan had gathered 2 great chefs: Martin Juneau and Sven Chartier.

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The chefs of the evening

Martin Juneau is the chef and co-owner of Pastaga, as well as the wine bar Cul-Sec, Le Petit Coin and the boutique Monsieur Crémeux. He regularly appears on television cooking shows such as “Et que ca saute” and “Les Prix Juneau” as a judge. Chef Juneau is always looking for quality ingredients and is a great ambassador of Quebec cuisine.

Martin Juneau was accompanied by Sven Chartier:

Sven Chartier is a Parisian chef and co-owner of the upscale restaurant Saturn – which won a Michelin star in 2016 – and the wine bar “Le Clown Bar.” He is passionate about using natural, local and seasonal ingredients in his various dishes, showing great respect for ingredients and inventive preparation techniques.

The Richmond Room and the cocktail

Aeroplan gathered its members at the Salon Richmond, located in Little Burgundy in Montreal, which was originally a church, built in 1861. This makes it a very original place to hold an event like this!

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When we arrived, a bar – offering Champagne and various cocktails – was located at the feet of the imposing organ.

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Familiar faces:

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During the cocktail party, numerous petits-fours were served to the guests, and this moment allowed us to exchange with the Aeroplan management team as well as with other members…. a glass of champagne in hand:

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After a good time at the cocktail, we headed to the main floor to join our table.

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The dishes were all of high quality, each accompanied by a glass of wine to match.

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First service

Baked Massachusetts cod,
melting radishes & farm butter from Nantes
Martin Juneau

accompanied by a glass of
Weingut Brand, Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2016
Pfatz, Germany

Second service

Fried Quebec cauliflower with vadouvan yogurt,
winter spinach from Jacques and Diane
& Cajun cashew nuts
Martin Juneau

accompanied by a glass of
Domaine de Courbissac, L’Orange 2017

Third service

Confit of St-Canut piglet breast,
Jerusalem artichokes, smoked green walnut & coriander
Sven Chartier

accompanied by a glass of
Slobodne Zemianske Sady 2013
Partisan Cru, Slovakia

Fourth service

“Hot Chocolate” hay & buckwheat
Sven Chartier

And some pictures of the dishes:

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aeroplan dinner 2018 18
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aeroplan dinner 2018 16

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A nice discovery: an orange wine, a nice nod from the sommelier to Aeroplan! For those interested, it was a Domaine de Courbissac, L’Orange 2017 France. It is in fact a white wine with an intense orange color! Very special!

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Bottom Line

Aeroplan has held this type of dinner in Vancouver and Toronto and it is very much appreciated that Montreal is not forgotten, as is often the case with other programs or banks.

We would like to thank Aeroplan for inviting us – and especially the Montreal team – to share this event with our readers!

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