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Beat inflation: Save on internet and phone plans

To the point With the rising cost of living, many Canadians are struggling to pay all their bills. Fortunately, telecommunications services are not following this trend. To help you stay on top of the game, we’ve put together a list of ways in which you can save on phone plans and internet plans.

Evaluate your telecommunications needs

Before you start comparing cell phone plans, it’s important to understand what you need. Do you need unlimited calls? Unlimited data? How much will your monthly consumption be? How far do you travel?

As for your internet needs, we encourage you to take a look at “Internet speed: what are my needs?” to find an estimate of your internet needs, as many don’t know what they are.

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to look at the coverage area of the different providers and their terms and conditions.

Search for the different subscription offers

Most providers offer promotions throughout the year and some of these enrollment offers can be very attractive. Some cell phone providers offer free headsets when you sign up and others offer discounts on your first month. Internet service providers offer similar deals and discounts on installation fees.

These offers can often be found on the provider’s homepage or on their “Promotions” page. However, when you search for a package on, you will be able to immediately see the active promotions of each provider.

Take advantage of free trials

Free trials are great for getting to know a service before committing. They are usually offered by the service provider and allow you to test the service without commitment. You can find out what best suits your needs and see if it will work for you in the long run.

However, free trials are not always available; some companies only offer them on certain days or weeks of the year (or even month-long periods). Some services require users to pay upfront before using their trial period, so make sure this doesn’t conflict with your budget before signing up!

You can save money by choosing your plans carefully and keeping up to date on offers.

For example, if you are looking for a new internet package, ask yourself what you are going to do with your package. If you plan to do a lot of streaming or downloading, it’s a good idea to choose an unlimited high-speed plan. However, if you only plan to send e-mails and use the Internet for small research, a normal package could be sufficient.

Once you’ve chosen the best package for your needs (and made sure it’s compatible with all devices), search online for the different subscription offers available from providers.

Cash-back credit cards

Cash-back credit cards are also a popular way to save money on purchases, as they offer some type of reward for every dollar spent. In general, cashback rewards take the form of points that can be redeemed for gift cards, travel miles or balance credits. Some credit cards even offer other types of rewards, such as free Amazon Prime membership and discounts on gas at certain service stations!

Some credit cards can even help you save money on your mobile package. For example, the Rogers Mastercard offers 2% cash back on all purchases to customers with a Rogers or Fido mobile plan. And if you decide to use your cash back to pay for your package or a Rogers product, you’ll get a 30% bonus!

Find the best credit card offering cash back here !

Learn more about PlanHub

PlanHub is a Montreal-based company that offers a completely free and unbiased price comparison tool for telecom packages. Their tool is very easy and quick to use. If you are looking for a mobile plan, all you have to do is enter the following information: desired call minutes, desired data and if you need to purchase a device. The results will show you all the packages available in your province. You can also add additional criteria if you need features like international calls and others.

Planhub Site web

eSim card comparison with Simbud

Simbud is a free, impartial eSim card package comparison service developed by Planhb to help you find the best deal on the market.

Powered by SimBud

For the Internet package, you will need to answer a few questions to allow PlanHub to evaluate the recommended speed you need. Finally, you will need to enter your postal code to see the plans available for your home.

PlanHub Price Alert

Among several interesting features, PlanHub also offers a price alert. This tool will allow you to always be aware of the latest offers that correspond to your needs and desires. Simply fill out a quick form to help us better understand your Internet needs (technical, speed, etc.) as well as your budget. You will then receive the internet offers that match your criteria.

This feature is great, because it allows you to keep looking for the best deals while you sleep! PlanHub does all the work for you! With PlanHub‘sprice alert, you can also keep up with other prices on the market and assess whether you are paying a fair price.

Internet speed and quality test

When choosing a new Internet service provider, we recommend that you take a look at PlanHub to evaluate the quality of the Internet in your area. This tool can give you an idea of the quality of the connections in this area. While connectivity in Canada is improving, many areas still have poor quality Internet connections, which can limit your ability to work from home, stream video and get affordable packages.

If you already have a provider, we recommend that you perform an Internet speed test. This will ensure that you get the internet speed you pay for. If there is a significant difference between the result of your speed test and the speed indicated in your contract, we recommend that you contact your suppliers. Many factors can affect the speed you receive. However, if your provider can’t offer you a solution, we recommend that you take a look at the offers that the speed test will present to you.


Reviews of PlanHub providers

Finally, to make the whole process easier, PlanHub also offers reviews on most vendors. This greatly simplifies your selection process. All reviews are genuine and will hopefully help you choose the right provider!

Bottom Line

Here are a few ways to avoid the rising prices of telecom packages and save your money! We hope our list has given you some ideas on how to keep up with inflation and stay on top of your finances.

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