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Nomamundi : Visas for digital nomads

To the point Want to combine long-term travel with remote work? Discover Nomamundi, a valuable resource for digital nomads and those who dream of becoming one.

What is Nomamundi?

Nomamundi was born out of Visamundi, a company that helps individuals obtain visas abroad.

Nomamundi offers a specialized support service for digitalnomads in their quest to get a remote work visa for a period of 6 months to one year.

It is a complete and supportive care throughout the process.

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Nomamundi also works with partners to provide full service to digital nomads who wish to settle abroad. We are talking about services such as support in finding accommodation abroad, or setting up a contract with your employer to make remote work abroad possible.

What is a remote work visa?

Remote work visas, also known as digital nomad visas, are emerging in several countries; about 30 have appeared since 2020 already!

They allow remote workers to stay in a country longer than the usual tourist visa period and contribute to the local economy by living there for a given period of time, without taking over the work of the country’s residents. We are talking about visas lasting from 6 months to one year, some of them renewable.

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Today, only a few countries offer a special remote work visa and the requirements differ from a regular visa. Documentation such as proof of income or employment, medical insurance, and the like is often required.

What are the services and prices?

Nomamundi has established a fixed fee of 90 euros to provide full assistance in obtaining your visa. Inclusions may vary depending on the destination chosen and the requirements of the visa in question, but normally they cover all steps including:

  • The official document from the authorities with secure payment and data protection
  • Receipt of visa and proactive follow-up by the dedicated team
  • Foreigners list registration
  • Compliance and legalized translation of documents
  • Return of the visa by email if lost
  • Refund if the visa application is refused by the authorities
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To which destinations?

As of January 2023, Nomamundi offers a visa support service for these seven countries:

  • Bahamas
  • Cape Verde
  • Colombia
  • Dubai
  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
  • Taiwan
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Obtaining a remote work visa for these destinations does not require a physical visit to the embassy; therefore, Nomamundi can completely take care of the administrative process, saving you the trip there.

Since each person and situation is different, the services offered by Nomamundi are personalized. If you wish to have information on another destination offering a remote work visa, Nomamundi will still be able to provide you with information and, if necessary, redirect you to the people who can help you.

A gem for digital nomads

Dreaming of becoming a digital nomad but don’t know where to start?

The Nomamundi blog offers a wealth of advice, real-life experiences and valuable information for those who are curious to learn more about this lifestyle. You’ll also find my interview with Nomamundi, where I share my best tips after two years of digital nomadism.

You’ll find tips on how to convince your boss to let you work and travel, or how to become a freelancer.

Personally, I like to check it out to find out which destinations are conducive to this lifestyle and to get tips on how to pursue this lifestyle. Several countries have announced new remote work visas recently, so this may inspire my upcoming trips.

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Where to start?

If you are curious to know more or have any questions, you can book a free call with Nomamundi to see how they can help you in your situation.

If you are not yet a digital nomad but want to become one, take the test to see if this lifestyle is for you.

Finally, subscribe to their newsletter to stay on top of news and recent changes in the world of digital nomads.

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