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Hotel Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa
Country Portugal
City Lisbon
Room Type Executive 1 bedroom suite, queen bed
Loyalty Program Status Titanium
Points Per Night From 30,000 points
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Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa
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To the point Here is my feedback from my stay at the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa, a category 5 hotel of Marriott Bonvoy in Portugal.

Reservation at Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa

The city of Lisbon offers no less than eleven Marriott hotels ranging from categories 4 to 6 and spread over 75 kilometers.

I chose the category 5 Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa because of its stunning view of Lisbon (it is the tallest building in Lisbon, I’m told) and to maximize the use of two 35,000 point certificates.

The period of the trip chosen being standard, the regular price was 240 euros per night (before taxes).


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Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Fact Sheet

Paid parking 3 EUR per hour or 19 EUR per day
Breakfast included No
Swimming pool Yes, outdoor heated and Jacuzzi
Room with balcony No
Fitness room Yes
Room with kitchenette No
Restaurant Yes
Lounge Yes
USB sockets in the room No
Accepts animals No
Smart TV No
Mobile card Yes
Shower/Bath Yes, both
Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-35

Location of the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa
is located at the crossroads of Bairro Do Rego and Santa Cruz. A less touristy area, but still has its charm. It is lively during the day and becomes quiet again as soon as the sun goes down.

Located near the airport, this Sheraton is accessible through the Saldanha subway station, from the airport station (Aeroporto) on the red line. You will only have to walk 300 meters to get to this 5 star hotel. Otherwise, there is always the possibility of taking an Uber (cost of the operation 6,26 euros).

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-39

Small advice, if you have the idea to take the Uber, be advised, that the pick up place is at the parking P8.

To get there, you must follow the direction of the departures (Terminal 1), exit and head towards the parking lot. Don’t look for the P8, it’s not visible. You’ll know you’re in the right place, because it’s a real anthill.

The wifi is free inside the airport, but is lost as soon as you exit, so take note of the license plate number and model of your vehicle and be careful, as they are only allowed ten minutes to enter the parking lot for free.

If you have chosen to rent a car – there are several agencies at the airport – the Sheraton Lisboa is located at a distance of 6 km from the airport and has a parking lot that costs 19 euros per day.

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-41

Around the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa

The Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa is within easy reach of the sights, located towards the south of Lisbon, on the side of the Tejo River. It takes a good 30 to 45 minutes walk from the hotel to the Tejo.

Directly around the hotel, there are restaurants, bars and shops of all kinds.

Important information: if you prefer walking, Lisbon is made up of seven hills… otherwise, there is an excellent bus and metro service.

lissi exterior hor clsc Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa
lissi exterior hor clsc Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Reception

Prior to my arrival, I communicated with the Sheraton staff through the app chat. I asked them if the lounge was open.

The lounge is not open at the moment but they offer an alternative: lunch at the Lobby Bistro and a happy hour is offered to members with Platinum status and above at the Lobby Bar: alcoholic drinks and a tasting dish. I was also told that I was going to be upgraded.

I had registered through the application, but, I had not received my mobile key. So I went to the reception.

The reception of the Sheraton Lisboa is composed of three counters forming a cube at the entrance of the hotel. The friendly staff will explain in detail the services offered, the opening hours of the pool, the workout room – a different card will be required to use the gym and no time limit is set – and the spa among others.

It’s also at this point – for those who didn’t ask through chat – that they tell you that the lounge is closed, but that they’ve moved services to the Lobby Bar (for happy hour) and the Lobby Bistro for lunch.

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-42

The primary colors of the Sheraton Lisboa are in beige, brown and wood. The lobby bar and the lobby bistro are both located to the left of the reception area and the continuity of colors is noticeable throughout the rooms and common areas.

clublounge Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa
clublounge Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa

My executive suite

I had been notified of an upgrade and was in for a very nice surprise when I was offered a 1 bedroom executive suite with a queen bed. This suite, located on the top residential floor (25th), offers a breathtaking view of the Lisbon skyline.

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-20

The lounge

The suite 2502 (club level) is very spacious. As soon as you enter the suite, you notice that the primary colors of the hotel are present: brown and orange walls, wooden floor and some walls with an imitation leather – the same leather that is found on the doors.

In this huge room, we also find :

  • a large table at the entrance with a lamp,
  • the work desk which is in the same style as the entrance table,
  • the lounge (with its sofa and its two beige armchairs),
  • the television and a large chest of drawers.

And of course, a huge window with a view of Lisbon. This is also where they installed a Nespresso style coffee maker.

The bathroom

As we move towards the rest of the suite, we notice a door, which hides a simple, but charming bathroom (cabinet and sink on foot made of glass).

Just past this leather wall, we come to the main bathroom, which is made up of three sections:

  • cabinet and bidet,
  • a shower with huge mirrors
  • as well as the main section, consisting of two sinks on a large marble countertop and a bath.

We also notice that a large window separates the bedroom from the bathroom with an electric “blind” allowing for privacy. We find, of course, all the essential products for his personal hygiene.

The room

On the other side of this bathroom, passing through the corridor that runs alongside it, we arrive in the bedroom.

This room has a large chest of drawers, a television, two bedside tables with lamps, two brown leather armchairs and a side table. A leather headboard overhangs the queen size bed.

The color is more orange than the rest of the suite. Of course, the large windows allow us, once again, to admire the spectacular view that we have on the 25th of April bridge as well as on the chapel of Our Lady of Peace.

Moreover, opaque and motorized blinds (in the lounge as well as in the bedroom) ensure a deep sleep.

In the passage, between the bathroom and the bedroom, there are storage spaces, a safe and a mini fridge. There is also a sliding door to separate the bedroom – and the bathroom – from the rest of the suite.

As a guest, they offer us two large bottles of water per day, as well as a small bottle of port (I couldn’t confirm that they offer one every day, as I hadn’t touched the first one).

The disadvantages

Come on! After the flowers, the pot?
I can’t believe that in 2021 we won’t have smart TVs.

No Netflix or Amazon Prime-like apps on either TV. However, these televisions allow us to have access to our bill and other relevant information of the hotel.

Another very negative point: no electrical outlet on the bedside tables in the room (or elsewhere). The only place to plug in (fortunately) is on one of the two plugs attached to the desk but no USB plug either.

If you want to connect the cell phone in the room, you will have to use the plug of one of the bedside lamps.

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-37

Hotel services

5 to 7 at the Lobby Bar

For the happy hour at the Lobby Bar, you must arrive early to find a place of choice, because they are limited, especially if there are more than two of you.

You will be asked for your room number and will be brought a platter of various dishes in small portions (beef, fish, cake etc.) with the drink of your choice.

Personally I chose their Portuguese sparkling rosé.

lobby bar Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa
lobby bar Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa
Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-30
Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-48
Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-31
Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-29

Lunch at the Lobby Bistro

The same principle applies to lunch at the Lobby Bistro: according to your room number, you are assigned a table and the lunch is a buffet formula where you serve yourself.

There are smoked salmon, sausages, various cheeses, breads, rusks, many different jams, potatoes, omelets, cold throughand more.

A cook is on site to prepare you according to your taste, omelette, flat eggs. The staff is once again very attentive.

lobby bisrtro Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa
lobby bisrtro Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa


The twelve conference and reception rooms are located in the basement and on the top floor of the hotel, you can enjoy a meal at the Panorama Restaurant or a drink at the Panorama Bar. Both are located on the top floor of the hotel (26th), the view of Lisbon is sensational.

Swimming pool and fitness room

As mentioned, the Sheraton Lisboa has a fairly well-stocked gym (cardio, weights), as well as a heated outdoor pool, which does not have a spectacular view, but is very enchanting.

pool Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa
pool Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa
gym Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa
gym Credit Sheraton Lisboa Hotel Spa

My overall impression of the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa

In conclusion, I recommend the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa for its very friendly staff, the suite with the view of Lisbon, which is really incredible. In addition, despite its distance from the historic center Lisbon, it is very easy to get around.

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-36
Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa Marriott-34

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