Business Class Review: Lufthansa LH989 & LH106 – Amsterdam – Frankfurt – Munich

Flight Carrier Lufthansa
Departing Airport Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Arrival Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport Munich
Flight Number LH989 / LH106
Duration 1:10
Aircraft Airbus A319
Cabin Class First Class
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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
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To the point See our photo report of our flights on Lufthansa in business class between Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Munich.

On my return trip to Montreal, I experienced the service offered by Lufthansa, a member of the Star Alliance, with an award ticket booked using Aeroplan miles.

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Being an aviation enthusiast, I had deliberately “complicated” the itinerary by making a flight with multiple stopovers: Amsterdam-Frankfurt-Munich-Montreal.

The first two flights, qualified as intra-European flights, offered an identical experience. That’s why I’m grouping them together in this article.

Business class flights: Lufthansa LH989 & LH106 – Amsterdam – Frankfurt – Munich

After a weekend spent in Amsterdam for a friend’s bachelor party, here I am on my way to the airport at 7:30 am.

ams fra muc lh 001
The canals of Amsterdam in the early morning

After a train ride of about 30 minutes, I arrived at the Amsterdam Airport around 8am. My flight to Frankfurt is scheduled for 11am, so I check at the Lufthansa “First Class” check-in desk to see if it’s possible to bring my flight forward.

ams fra muc lh 002
First Class Registration – Amsterdam

As usual, there is no wait to get to the counter… one of the advantages of traveling first class!

air france yul cdg business best 15
File First Class Amsterdam

Unfortunately, there are no seats available on other flights. So I head to security, still with a line reserved for First Class passengers: in fact it made me go in front of everyone, and the line was big!

ams fra muc lh 004
Security gates – Amsterdam

Everyone is required to go through body scanners. This has become the norm in many airports today.

After an overzealous security (my luggage will be re-scanned, as well as my shoes, my computer, my jacket…. and my belt!), I arrive at the heart of the terminal and go to the lounge.

ams fra muc lh 005
General view of the terminal – Amsterdam Airport

A lot of people on this Sunday morning at the Amsterdam Airport.

ams fra muc lh 006
General view of the terminal – Amsterdam Airport

On the upper walkway of the terminal, you can access the 2 lounges offered: the KLM lounge (longe 25) and the Aspire lounge (lounge 26).

By the way, the atmosphere is rather relaxing with trees and birds singing.

ams fra muc lh 007
Two lounges offered: Aspire and KLM

After a short walk, I arrived at the entrance of the Aspire show.

ams fra muc lh 008
Entrance to the Aspire show in Amsterdam

I show my business class ticket on Lufthansa, which automatically gives me access to the lounge. Otherwise I could have shown my Priority Pass card, obtained with my American Express Platinum card.

ams fra muc lh 009
Priority Pass is accepted at Aspire Amsterdam

I check the departure screens… my flight is not yet displayed. I have a lot of time on my hands.

ams fra muc lh 010
Screens of the departures of the Amsterdam Aspire Show

After dropping off my stuff, I head to the buffet to help myself to some lunch.

ams fra muc lh 011
Buffet of the Amsterdam Aspire Lounge

The juices are fresh, which is nice!

ams fra muc lh 012
Drinks at the Amsterdam Aspire Show

No beer for me this morning ….

ams fra muc lh 013
Drinks at the Amsterdam Aspire Show

Nor strong alcohol…

ams fra muc lh 014
Drinks at the Amsterdam Aspire Show

Some rolls and waffles.

ams fra muc lh 015
Buffet of the Amsterdam Aspire Lounge

And the traditional Dutch cheese.

ams fra muc lh 016
Buffet of the Amsterdam Aspire Lounge

The lounge is far from being full, the relaxation areas are rather pleasant.

ams fra muc lh 017
Lounge area of the Amsterdam Aspire Salon
ams fra muc lh 018
High table at Aspire Amsterdam

After an almost white night, I rush to the coffee machine which proposes various drinks.

ams fra muc lh 019
The efficient coffee machine of the Amsterdam Aspire show

This is what my lunch looked like. The croissant was definitely not good. Let’s just say that the lounge has the merit of offering a rest area, far from the hubbub of the terminal!

ams fra muc lh 020
A lunch at the Aspire Lounge in Amsterdam (the croissant tastes as good as it looks….)
ams fra muc lh 021
General view of the Aspire show in Amsterdam

After lunch, I sat down at a desk to work a bit on milesopedia, with the 4th coffee of the morning!

ams fra muc lh 022
Nice workspace to write my milesopedia articles

10:30 am, it’s time for me to leave the Aspire lounge to reach my door, the B35.

ams fra muc lh 023
View of the Terminal as you leave the lounge

There are very long corridors to reach the B doors. Fortunately, there are conveyor belts to speed up the pace.

ams fra muc lh 024
Very long corridors to reach my door, fortunately with carpets

In passing, I would like to congratulate Amsterdam Airport for the facilities they have made available to families. Almost all the airport’s restrooms have rooms reserved for families (changing tables, breastfeeding room…).

ams fra muc lh 025
The family toilet

Still very long corridors to reach gate B35… the second to last one of the terminal.

ams fra muc lh 026
The B-gates of Amsterdam Airport
ams fra muc lh 027
Gate B35, at the very end of the terminal

Finally, the Avgeek that I am is happy to be at the back of the terminal: the bay window offers a 180 degree view on the slopes! It’s a great way to spot planes that you don’t usually see in Montreal!

ams fra muc lh 028
Nice corner view at door B35

After a quarter of an hour, it is time to board, which will be a priority for me: I board first.

ams fra muc lh 029
Boarding gate – B35 – Amsterdam
ams fra muc lh 030
Boarding a Lufthansa A319

I am sitting in the first row of the Business Class. In fact, the difference between business and economy class: the middle row remains unoccupied.

However, the first row offers much more legroom.

ams fra muc lh 031
First Row – Lufthansa A319 Business Class

My carry-on fits perfectly.

ams fra muc lh 032
Cabin Baggage – Lufthansa A319 Business Class

4 rows in business class on this Lufthansa Airbus A319.

ams fra muc lh 033
Lufthansa Business Class A319

The legroom is very good, with the table integrated in front of me.

ams fra muc lh 034
First Row – Lufthansa A319 Business Class

A small glimpse of the outside: the control tower of Amsterdam Airport and an Air Malta plane, my next destination in July!

ams fra muc lh 035
Exterior view – Amsterdam Airport

Well placed advertising by ING: indeed, I’m flying to Frankfurt!

ams fra muc lh 036
ams fra muc lh 092
Nice sample of European aircraft
ams fra muc lh 093
A two-tone Transavia plane
ams fra muc lh 095
HOP – An Air France subsidiary
ams fra muc lh 096
A KLM B787… maybe soon in Montreal!
ams fra muc lh 097
KLM B747s
ams fra muc lh 098
A training aircraft for firefighters
ams fra muc lh 099
Croatia Airlines before us at takeoff

Here is a quick video of the takeoff to Frankfurt from Amsterdam.

Some views while flying over Amsterdam:

ams fra muc lh 100
ams fra muc lh 101
ams fra muc lh 102

The flight will be very short (35 minutes), small outside view just after takeoff. The weather is great!

ams fra muc lh 037
Exterior view – A319 Lufthansa

Despite a very short flight, a meal tray will be distributed to passengers in business class.

ams fra muc lh 038
Lunch – Lufthansa Business Class A319

Small tour to the toilet at the front of the cabin, door next to the cockpit.

ams fra muc lh 039
Toilets – Lufthansa A319 Business Class

The clouds are forming over Frankfurt Airport, it is already time to land.

ams fra muc lh 040
Beautiful clouds over Frankfurt
ams fra muc lh 103
The Rhine near Frankfurt

And there, nice surprise, traveling in First Class on my transatlantic flight, a driver is waiting for me at the bottom of the plane, in a very nice Porsche Cayenne.

ams fra muc lh 041
Porsche Cayenne Lufthansa – Frankfurt

A small view of my plane from my back seat in this Porsche Cayenne!

ams fra muc lh 042
A319 Lufthansa – Frankfurt

My “driver” enters the vehicle and asks me if I prefer to go to the First Class Lounge or directly to my boarding gate. I choose to go to my plane… my stopover is only 30 minutes.

ams fra muc lh 043
Porsche Cayenne Lufthansa

As I leave, I see the other passengers taking the shuttle to the terminal.

ams fra muc lh 044
View of the bus for other passengers

Small souvenir photo for milesopedia!

ams fra muc lh 045
milesopedia is there!

This is the first time I’ve been in a car on the tarmac. This offers good spotting opportunities. Here a Russian Aeroflot plane.

ams fra muc lh 046
Spotting…from the runway

And a brand new Boeing 747-800 from Lufthansa. Impressive!

ams fra muc lh 047
Lufthansa B747-800

And a little gift for you: here is the experience as if you were there!

A few minutes later, we arrive at our destination, just below my boarding gate.

ams fra muc lh 048
Porsche Cayenne Lufthansa

Here too, a small souvenir photo! Note the personalized license plate for Lufthansa (LH).

ams fra muc lh 049
Porsche Cayenne Lufthansa

1 minute later, here I am at my boarding gate. There too, I enter the plane first thanks to the priority boarding.

ams fra muc lh 050
Boarding for Munich

Small view on the Airbus A320 that will bring me to Munich today.

ams fra muc lh 051
A320 Lufthansa to Munich

This time, it will not be rank 1, but rank 2. Immediately, there is less legroom (but still very reasonable).

ams fra muc lh 052
A320 Row 2 legroom – Lufthansa

There is also storage space for magazines.

ams fra muc lh 053
Lufthansa A320 Storage


The flight will be as short as the previous one (30 minutes), but here again, a meal tray will be served right after takeoff. And it is different from the previous one.

ams fra muc lh 054
Lufthansa Meal Tray – Business Class

Shortly afterwards, we landed in Munich. It is time for me to join the last flight of my trip… Munich-Montreal on Lufthansa in First Class!

ams fra muc lh 056
Lufthansa First Class

The maps to make this trip

Here, I needed American Express Membership Rewards cards (transferable to Aeroplan miles), Aeroplan sign-up bonuses and my Scotiabank American Express Gold card (which allowed me to pay Aeroplan taxes with the Scotia bonus points).

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