Flight Hong Kong – Hanoi on Cathay Dragon in economy class

Departing Airport Hong Kong International Airport
Arrival Airport Hanoi International Airport
Flight Carrier Cathay Pacific
Flight Number KA295
Duration 2:05
Aircraft Airbus A321
Cabin Class Economy
Cost 4,500 air miles
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Hong Kong International Airport
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To the point Report of a flight on Cathay Dragon in economy class from Hong Kong airport. Obtained with only 4,500 Avios miles or 4,500 American Express Membership Rewards points!

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Back to economy class for this 2-hour flight from Hong Kong to Hanoi on Cathay Dragon.

Flight booking with British Airways Executive Club

As we explain in this article, Hong Kong is one of the places where you can easily use your British Airways Executive Club Avios miles. In particular, thanks to the many flights offered by Cathay Pacific / Cathay Dragon (ex-Dragonair).

I had to use only 4,500 avios miles per person and $50 in taxes for this flight which would have cost us over $300.

hkg han baby
Adult, child and infant fares on British Airways Executive Club

These air miles were easily obtained through a transfer of American Express Membership Rewards points for a period of time promotional ! A card like American Express Gold Rewards Card allows you to obtain between 25 and 30,000 Membership Rewards points, depending on the promotion, or between 5 and 8 airline tickets at 4,500 Avios miles!

Hong Kong Airport

The shuttle from our hotel, the Marriott SkyCity Hong Kong, dropped us off in front of the terminal 1 corresponding to our flight with Cathay Dragon. Alexandra loves running in airports:

cathay dragon hkg han 01 cathay dragon hkg han 02

Large screens indicate the different registration counters. For our flight to Hanoi, it will be the H.

cathay dragon hkg han 03

And one realizes the gigantism of this airport:

cathay dragon hkg han 04

Checking in

Throughout the terminal, advertisements promoting the American Express Platinum Card, the key to many lounges around the world, including the American Express Centurion Lounge at Hong Kong Airport.

cathay dragon hkg han 05

Cathay Dragon allows families to use specific lines at its check-in counters. Not really necessary given the small number of people.

cathay dragon hkg han 06 cathay dragon hkg han 07

On the way to the American Express Centurion

After a quick check-in and a quick trip to security, we were on our way to the American Express Centurion lounge.

cathay dragon hkg han 10 cathay dragon hkg han 11


After our passage to the American Express Centurion lounge, a very long walk in the terminal awaits us. This allows you to do some “Gate Spotting”… and to dream about far away destinations!cathay dragon hkg han 12 cathay dragon hkg han 13

Here we are in front of our boarding “bus”.

cathay dragon hkg han 15

Indeed, a bus will take us to another boarding room after passport and ticket control. This allows us to see other aircraft up close like this British Airways Airbus A380.

cathay dragon hkg han 16 cathay dragon hkg han 17

Here is our plane for this evening to Hanoi.

cathay dragon hkg han 18

We are now in the “detached” terminal.

cathay dragon hkg han 20 cathay dragon hkg han 21

We were able to use the business class/elite member line, being accompanied by small children.

cathay dragon hkg han 23 cathay dragon hkg han 24

cathay dragon hkg han 25

The cabin

We pass in front of the rows of the business class.

cathay dragon hkg han 26 cathay dragon hkg han 27

Before reaching our seats in economy class.

cathay dragon hkg han 28

Cathay Dragon (ex-Dragonair) would be Cathay Pacific’s low-cost airline. Yet, the legroom is particularly reasonable.

cathay dragon hkg han 29 cathay dragon hkg han 30

cathay dragon hkg han 31

No personal television, but Wi-Fi access on board to broadcast multimedia content offered by the company to your personal devices. A notch on the tablet allows you to position your electronic devices.

cathay dragon hkg han 32

We will take off on time.

cathay dragon hkg han 33 cathay dragon hkg han 34 cathay dragon hkg han 35


For this short flight, a hot meal will be offered to us… and surprisingly good! Here are the two meal options:

cathay dragon hkg han 37

And a view of a beautiful sunset!

cathay dragon hkg han 36

Bottom line

A very good flight in economy class on Cathay Dragon thanks to British Airways Executive Club avios miles. I highly recommend this company if you travel on short/medium haul flights from Hong Kong.

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This post is also available in: FR

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