Reviews: Turkish Airlines International CIP Lounge – Istanbul IST

Lounge International CIP Lounge
Airport Atatürk Airport
Lounge Access Method Business Class Passengers
Terminal International
Country Turkey
City Istanbul
To the point Are you a business class passenger with a stopover in Istanbul? Visit one of the largest lounges in the world, the Turkish Airlines International CIP lounge.

After a few hours flight from Nice to Istanbul, we are now in the flagship lounge of Turkish Airlines: International CIP Lounge of Atatürk Airport.

Turkish Airlines International CIP Lounge

Istanbul’s geographical position makes Atatürk Airport a hub for flights between the Americas and Asia as well as Europe to Africa and the Middle East.

turkish airlines cip lounge 09

Most of the passengers who are in transit here are there for several hours. When it is more than 6-7 hours, it is better to leave the airport to enjoy the city.

Turkish Airlines offers
a free city tour
for passengers with long connecting flights (between 6 hours and 24 hours).

For the others, the CIP Lounge is a very interesting option to explore… as Alexandra did!

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Conditions of access to the CIP Lounge

This lounge is known in the world of frequent travelers as one of the largest in the world.

turkish airlines cip lounge 14

All passengers traveling in business class on Turkish Airlines – or any Star Alliance airline – have access to the CIP Lounge.

Access is also possible with Star Alliance Gold status. No Priority Pass here.

If you have a Priority Pass, you will have to turn to the other lounges.

Location of the CIP Lounge

Atarturk Airport has only one – huge – terminal. The lounge occupies a large space within it, almost in the center of the terminal (L5 on the map).

istanbul airport map

CIP Lounge Tour

To access the lounge, simply scan your boarding pass. If you have any requests regarding your next flight, you can ask at the lounge reception desk (e.g. seat changes).

turkish airlines cip lounge 22

The Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge is composed of 2 floors and is divided into many different areas. Even though this one is particularly busy, we never felt like we were running out of room.

turkish airlines cip lounge 13

Secure storage

At the entrance, on the right, there is a space to store your cabin luggage in secure compartments. Very practical if you don’t need all your stuff.

turkish airlines cip lounge 27

Internet access

To access the lounge’s WiFi, simply scan your boarding pass to obtain an individual code.

Rest areas

The individual rooms of the CIP Lounge

If your connection lasts between 4 and 7 hours, you are entitled to a private room – subject to availability. I recommend that you go to the concierge as soon as you arrive at the salon. It is located on the entrance level (2nd floor) opposite the computers provided.

turkish airlines cip lounge 12

This is what we did and we were able to take possession of one of the rooms. This allows you to store your belongings if you are traveling together and one of you wants to rest.

You can enter/exit the single room as you wish: it will be your room until you leave the lounge for your boarding!

The room has a bed, television, plenty of water bottles and a closet.

turkish airlines cip lounge 33

Showers and toilets in the CIP Lounge

If you wish to take a shower, I also advise you to ask the concierge when you arrive because there is a lot of waiting. As for me, I waited too long: the waiting list was 2 hours long at the time of my registration and therefore I can’t “show you the showers”.

However, for your pleasure, here is a picture of the men’s room:

turkish airlines cip lounge 37

The different exhibitions

The CIP Lounge has numerous lounges with sofas and armchairs.

turkish airlines cip lounge 17

turkish airlines cip lounge 04 turkish airlines cip lounge 05 turkish airlines cip lounge 01

turkish airlines cip lounge 19 turkish airlines cip lounge 25

The catering areas

Savory buffets

There is something for everyone: Asian, Western and of course Oriental.

turkish airlines cip lounge 06 turkish airlines cip lounge 07 turkish airlines cip lounge 11

turkish airlines cip lounge 16

Sweet buffets

In various spaces that recreate “brasseries”, you will find particularly succulent dessert buffets.

turkish airlines cip lounge 23

turkish airlines cip lounge 31 turkish airlines cip lounge 34 turkish airlines cip lounge 35

The drinks

On both sides of the lounge are drinks of all kinds, alcoholic or not.

turkish airlines cip lounge 10

Next to the dessert stands are tea and coffee (particularly good).

turkish airlines cip lounge 30

Entertainment areas

The children’s lounge

Go to the children’s area: television, slide, and other games to pass the time for your children. Alexandra loved it and spent much of our correspondence time there.

turkish airlines cip lounge 02 turkish airlines cip lounge 03

The library

Across from the entrance is “the library” with a pool table (first time I’ve seen this in a living room… like many other things that will follow).

turkish airlines cip lounge 29

The cinema

Next to the entrance is a movie theater with a popcorn stand.

turkish airlines cip lounge 26

This room is in the dark and has particularly comfortable armchairs. This can be a good fallback solution if you can’t get a single room and want to rest.

Video games

In several places in the living room there are game consoles. Team games are emphasized in order to play with others: basketball and soccer in particular.

turkish airlines cip lounge 32

The remote control car circuit

On the lower level of the show, you will find… a remote control car circuit.

turkish airlines cip lounge 18

The golf instructor

If you want to learn golf or improve your swing, a golf instructor is at your disposal!

turkish airlines cip lounge 20


Although we did not take advantage of it, you should know that a masseur comes into the salon to massage your back and shoulders. To reserve it, contact the salon concierge.

Bottom line

We spent almost 5 hours in this lounge….without finding time to get bored. It is simply gigantic. If you are in Istanbul, don’t hesitate to visit it… the experience is unique!

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