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Review: Etihad Airways Arrivals Lounge – Abu Dhabi (AUH)

Lounge Salon Etihad Airways Arrivals Lounge
Airport Aéroport international d'Abou Dabi
Lounge Access Method Première Classe, Classe Affaires, ainsi que nos membres Etihad Guest éligibles
Terminal 1 et 3
Country United Arab Emirates
City Abu Dhabi
To the point Discover our review on the lounge Etihad Airways Arrivals Lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport: buffet, rest areas, showers... everything is there!

Following our excellent flight onboard Etihad Airways, first class, between Paris and Abu Dhabi, we visited the lounge Etihad Airways Arrivals Lounge before leaving to discover Abu Dhabi.

The lounge Etihad Airways Arrivals Lounge in Abu Dhabi (AUH)

It’s 6:30 in the morning when we arrive in Abu Dhabi. The airport is beginning to fill up with the various flights arriving there, often with many passengers in transit.

When your final destination is Abu Dhabi, you are only entitled to access the lounge “Arrivals”: the lounge Etihad Airways First Class is only accessible if you are departing from Abu Dhabi (or connecting).

So we go directly to the lounge Arrivals:

etihad arrivals lounge auh 1

Fortunately, the the lounge Arrivals is empty, as you can see on these pictures!

etihad arrivals lounge auh 6
etihad arrivals lounge auh 6

Etihad Airways has standardised its different aircraft throughout the world: the colours and furnishings are identical to the one we visited the day before in Paris Charles de Gaulle.

etihad arrivals lounge auh 11

Although modest in size, this lounge has different spaces that can accommodate 8-10 people.

etihad arrivals lounge auh 12

A buffet is available with cold/hot drinks and various snacks.

etihad arrivals lounge auh 7

etihad arrivals lounge auh 10

etihad arrivals lounge auh 9

etihad arrivals lounge auh 8

After a night on the plane, it’s always nice to be able to take a shower before exploring a city!

As our B777 was not equipped with a shower (unlike the A380 we will have on our return flight 😆 ), we will use the one available in the lounge !

Audrey and I won’t have to wait to take possession of two bathrooms. In case of a rush in the lounge, you will have to register on a waiting list. It is even possible to donate your clothes (shirts) for a quick dry-cleaning!

Everything is perfectly clean and well arranged. There are even toiletries at your disposal (hairspray, deodorants and hygienic accessories) as well as a bottle of water.


A lounge Arrivals without a single wrong note! You’ll find everything you need to get off the plane!

After an hour spent at the lounge, it’s time to pick up our rental car and discover what Abu Dhabi has to offer!

etihad arrivals lounge auh 13


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