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Austrian Business & Senator
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Salon Austrian Vienne - The different areas of the Business Lounge

Following a flight from Montreal to Vienna, I had the opportunity to visit the Austrian lounge at Vienna airport, located in Terminal 3 near Gates F.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—

This lounge is located in the Schengen zone, before passport control for the international zone.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—

Next to the Austrian Lounge is the SKY Lounge, accessible to holders of certain credit cards.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—

On entering the Austrian Lounge, you will be directed to the Business Lounge (right) or the Senator Lounge (left), depending on your Star Alliance status. The two lounges are similar.

Here are a few photos from the Business Lounge.

There are high wooden tables and chairs for a drink.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—

There are also tables equipped with more comfortable red leather armchairs, as used by Austrian Airlines.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—

You can also settle into one of the grey leather armchairs, all equipped with an ottoman for stretching out your legs.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—

Or you can choose to relax on a sofa in a quieter area separated by fine blackout curtains.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—

It is also possible to observe the activity on the tarmac of Vienna Airport from certain parts of the Austrian Lounge.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—

Austrian Vienna Lounge - Food and beverage options at Austrian Business Lounge

Depending on the time of day, Austrian Airlines offers a variety of Austrian and international dishes in a self-service buffet.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—
Austrian Lounge VIE F—
Austrian Lounge VIE F—
Austrian Lounge VIE F—

We also appreciate fresh fruit arranged in crates.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—

Drinks include fruit juices, mineral waters and alcoholic beverages.

Austrian Lounge VIE F—
Austrian Lounge VIE F—
Austrian Lounge VIE F—
Austrian Lounge VIE F—
Austrian Lounge VIE F—

Austrian Vienna Lounge - Austrian Senator Lounge

With Star Alliance Gold status via Air Canada’s Aeroplan, I also had access to the Austrian Senator lounge, of which here are a few photos of the living areas.

Austrian Business Lounge VIE-06
Austrian Business Lounge VIE-07
Austrian Business Lounge VIE-16

This Austrian Senator lounge is rather similar to the Austrian Business lounge. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any more photos of the Austrian Senator lounge, which was particularly busy (most of the green and red seats were occupied and very close together).

Here are some photos of the buffet:

Austrian Business Lounge VIE-10
Austrian Business Lounge VIE-08
Austrian Business Lounge VIE-12
Austrian Business Lounge VIE-13
Austrian Business Lounge VIE-14
Austrian Business Lounge VIE-15

Bottom Line

The Austrian Business lounge and the Austrian Senator lounge have their merits. But they are not exceptional, as the layout of the spaces is not really optimal.

They’re especially useful for a Viennese coffee (or a shower – but only one shower is available in the Senator lounge). But the promiscuity of the space won’t encourage you to stay for several hours.

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