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Up to $400 Bonus with TD Banking Plans!

To the point For a limited time, get up to $400 with select TD banking plans!

TD's best bank account offers

TD All-Inclusive Banking Plan

Discover the TD All-Inclusive Banking Plan, ideal for those looking for an account with premium benefits.

Enjoy unlimited transactions and no ATM fees anywhere in Canada and abroad. Benefit from an annual rebate on selected TD credit cards and free Interac e-Transfers. Plus, get a small safety deposit box and receive free TD Fraud Alerts. Maintain a balance of $5,000 to avoid the monthly fee of $29.95.

TD Unlimited Chequing Account

Discover the TD Unlimited Chequing Account, ideal for hassle-free financial management.

Enjoy unlimited transactions and no TD ABM fees in Canada. Save on monthly fees of $16.95 by maintaining a balance of $4,000. Seniors benefit from a $5 discount on monthly fees.

Benefit from free Interac e-Transfers, annual fee discounts on selected TD credit cards, and free TD Fraud Alerts. Get 50% more Stars at Starbucks.

TD Every Day Savings Account

With the TD Every Day Chequing Account, you can easily and efficiently manage your finances with TD Online:

  • 25 monthly banking transactions included, and $1.25 for each additional transaction
  • Free Interac e-Transfer transactions.
  • There is a monthly fee of $10.95, which is waived if you maintain a minimum balance of $3,000 or more and perform eligible transactions.

TD Minimum Chequing Account

With the TD Minimum Chequing Account, you can easily and efficiently manage your finances with TD online:

  • 12 monthly banking transactions included (including 2 service transactions) and $1.25 per additional transaction.
  • A monthly fee of $3.95 or waived if you are a senior, youth or student who meets the eligibility criteria (see terms and conditions).

TD Student Chequing Account

The TD Student Chequing Account Online is for students:

  • 25 free transactions including Interac e-Transfer transactions, then $1.25 per additional transaction
  • No monthly fees

For a limited time, get up to $100 when you open a TD Student Chequing Account.

Our review of TD Online

In Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, TD Online Banking offers a wide range of banking services for its customers. With a TD Debit Card, you can access a wide range of TD banking services.

TD offers a number of online services:

  • Consult your personal accounts with the TD Spend app to track your monthly expenses
  • Make payments and transfer funds from your TD Canada Trust account online using Interac e-Transfer
  • Use the TD or EasyWeb app to view your latest bill statements using Canada Post’s epost service.
  • Deposit a cheque with TD Mobile Deposit
  • TD offers tutorials to help you learn more about how to carry out all kinds of banking operations and for all types of profiles.

TD’s online banking offer is complete, especially in Quebec, where many branches are located. More than 2,300 branches and 4,000 vending machines in North America are available.

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Online services offered by TD

As an online TD customer (TD Personal Banking Online), you can take advantage of a number of benefits:

  • 24/7 access to TD Banking services
  • Shop, pay bills and transfer funds online with your TD Access Card andInterac e-Transfer.
  • Access your accounts online with the TD app or EasyWeb
  • Send funds to the other side of the world with TD International Transfer
  • Download the free TD Spend app to manage your spending by linking it to your TD accounts.
  • Upload a cheque specimen to your EasyWeb account with the Direct Deposit Form
  • Take advice on with the TD Skills app from TD Skills for Amazon Alexa, voice assistance offered in English

Frequently asked questions about TD online

How do I log on to TD EasyWeb?

To open an online session in BanquetNet, you’ll need to go to the TD home page.

Register if you haven’t already, or enter the information provided by the branch or a Telephone Banking specialist.

  • username or using your Access Card number.
  • temporary password

Log in with these details and personalize your password. (A security system will ask for your phone number and e-mail address to receive verification codes).


From your mobile:

  • Download the TD Mobile Banking Application
  • Select Incritpion from the side navigation menu
  • Enter your card number and expiry date, then select Continue.
  • Select the mode you prefer to receive the verification code, then send.
  • Enter the code you received, then Next.
  • Create your password then Continue.
  • Accept the electronic access agreement.
  • Click on Login then Ok.

From your computer:

  • Visit
  • Enter your card number and expiry date, then select Continue.
  • Select the mode you prefer to receive the verification code, then send.
  • Enter the code you received, then Next.
  • Create your password then Continue.
  • Accept the electronic access agreement.
  • Click on Login then Ok.

How to transfer funds to another TD customer

You can transfer funds to another TD customer by Interac e-Transfer, which will be received within a minute.

Through EasyWeb online services or the TD app, you can also send or request funds at any time to anyone with an e-mail address or cell phone number and a bank account linked to a participating Canadian financial institution.

The recipient will receive an e-mail or text message notifying them of the transfer or request.

How do I make a payment using my cell phone?

TD Bank is offering its customers the chance to pay for their purchases using their smartphone, by placing it over the merchant’s point-of-sale terminal for several seconds.

To benefit from this service, you will need to

  • be registered for the EasyWeb service,
  • have a compatible TD credit card
  • use the TD app by selecting TD Mobile Payment
  • Finally, link one or more TD credit card accounts to the TD Mobile Payment service.

You will have to select the credit card before any purchase or choose the default one.

TD Mobile Payment works with Android 4.4 or higher smartphones equipped with contactless technology.

What do I do if my TD credit card is lost, stolen or damaged?

To lock in purchases made with a TD credit card that is lost, stolen, damaged or no longer working:

  • log on to the TD app
  • select the credit card, then click on Gestion

Canadian dollar credit card ATM transactions and pre-authorized payments will continue to be processed. Credit card payments will still be accepted, as will bank transfers. Only purchases or payments using your digital wallet will be locked.

Then quickly call the TD Credit Cards Centre

  • at 1 800 983-8472 or
  • at 1 800 895-4463 or
  • 416-307-7722 (+charges outside Canada) or
  • Visit your nearest TD Canada Trust branch.

What are the eligibility criteria for TD Bank credit cards?

To qualify for a TD credit card, you must:

  • be a Canadian resident;
  • be of the age of majority in your province of residence, i.e. 19 years old in Canada (except Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Prince Edward Island where the age of majority is 18 years old).
  • meet the usual criteria required by TD Bank

TD offers many credit cards, some of which may require a minimum income. Visit our page dedicated to CIBC’s best credit card offers.

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