Where Can I Travel Right Now?

To the point The Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable created an Interactive Map to provide key travel information for destinations across Canada and beyond.

The Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable

The Canadian Travel and Tourism Roundtable brings together leaders from the tourism and travel industry- with representatives from airlines, airports, hotels and chambers of commerce from across Canada. Its mission is to promote responsible recovery of this sector by prioritizing safety and complying with new regulations.

It’s time to re-open our country for air travel in a safe, smart and measured way.

The Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable

Acting as a Lobby, the Roundtable wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada and all Premiers.

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Where Can I Travel Right Now?

Today, the Roundtable is launching a handy tool to inform you about destinations that are accessible from your home province, whether in Canada or around the world.

For example, here are the destinations across Canada as of June 25, 2020:

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And destinations elsewhere in the world as of June 25, 2020:

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It is up to everyone to analyze the situation according to their situation, including:

  • Insurance: Are you covered for your travels by your group or private insurance, whether in connection with COVID-19 or for any other medical emergency? Check with your insurer.
  • Entry requirements: each country has its own regulations. Some will only let in nationals or bi-nationals, others will require a negative COVID-19 test.
  • Requirements upon return to the country: only permanent residents and Canadian citizens can return to Canada at this time. If you are in Canada on a Visa, it is not advisable to leave the country.
  • A possible quarantine on your return: at this time, if you return to Canada from abroad, you will have to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Changes: as the situation is still unstable, some borders may close and flight options may become more restricted.

So take all this into consideration before moving forward.

milesopedia stands with the players of the Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable, calling to re-open our country for travel “in a safe, smart and measured way.” #TIMETOTRAVEL

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