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Aeroplan statutes disappear in 2021

To the point Air Canada has announced that The Diamond, Black and Silver Status of the Aeroplan program will no longer be available from 2021.

End of Aeroplan statutes

Mark Nasr, Air Canada’s Vice President, Loyalty and E-Commerce – and responsible for revamping the Aeroplan program – emailed Aeroplan members to the demise of Aeroplan status by 2021.

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Air Canada

This is not really a surprise: in fact, the Aeroplan statutes were confusing with the other statutes offered by Air Canada: Altitude.

This binary system is set to disappear with the birth of Air Canada’s new loyalty program. It will happen in 3 periods.

Qualification for 2020

There is just over a month left in 2019: this means that it is still possible to qualify for one of the 3 Aeroplan statutes before 31 December 2019.

Here are the main ways to qualify for a status:

  • through travel with Air Canada or Star Alliance airlines
  • through purchases on credit cards affiliated with the program (American Express, CIBC, TD)
  • through purchases made through the Aeroplan eStore
  • through travel bookings with the Aeroplan portal

However, do not count for obtaining status:

  • Aeroplan miles earned through credit card welcome bonuses
  • Aeroplan miles earned with Membership rewards points or hotel points conversion
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Air Canada Signature Class

Benefits of statutes in 2020

Members who have been granted Aeroplan status in 2019 will retain it until the new Aeroplan program is implemented in 2020.

They will benefit from advantages such as:

  • preferential fares on Market fare flight rewards
  • preferential fares on flight rewards fees
  • enhanced accumulation of miles for purchases through eStore
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Aeroplan status

The disappearance of statutes in 2021

Whatever happens, from January 1, 2020, it will no longer be possible to QUALIFY for Aeroplan status by 2021.

This means Aeroplan’s status will disappear in 2021 with the new Aeroplan program.

It does not change the qualification for Air Canada Altitude status.

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Should we go after Aeroplan status for 2020?

If you are close to qualifying for Aeroplan (Silver/Black/Diamond) status for 2020, do so. We ever know: perhaps some benefit will be given to Aeroplan members with status in the new Air Canada program.

Especially since over the next few weeks, year-end promotions (such as Black Friday through eStore will give the opportunity to earn many miles.

However, if you are far from reaching Aeroplan status (for example, if you have just entered the black level at 50,000 miles), don’t spend much time looking for a higher level.

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The Aeroplan eStore


Le nouveau programme Aéroplan qui sera mis en place au courant de l’année 2020 par Air Canada, ne disposera que d’un statut unique – vraisemblablement Altitude.

Ce sera donc plus simple pour les membres du programme.

Toutefois, plusieurs questions demeurent:

  • Est-ce que les membres qui auront obtenu un statut Argent / Noir / Diamant obtiendront une quelconque reconnaissance dans le nouveau programme pour les récompenser de leur fidélité ?
  • Est-ce qu’Air Canada va permettre à des émetteurs de distribuer des cartes de crédit permettant d’obtenir un statut grâce aux achats (comme c’est le cas chez certaines compagnies aériennes concurrentes) ?
  • Est-ce que les membres ayant un statut Altitude chez Air Canada auront accès à des tarifs préférentiels sur les primes aériennes (et non seulement les frais liés aux primes aériennes) comme c’est le cas aujourd’hui avec des réductions sur les tarifs du marché ?

Pour rappel, avec le nouveau programme, on se dirige tout droit vers un programme fonctionnant avec des primes aériennes au tarif du marché pour TOUS les vols en Amérique du Nord, Caraïbes et Hawaï. Lisez cet article pour les dernières informations à notre disposition sur le futur programme.

The email to Aeroplan members:

In 2020, we plan to launch an even more advantageous version of the Aeroplan program, always keeping in mind the recognition of our most loyal members. To do this, we will phase out the Aeroplan status program over the next year. This change does not affect your Air Canada Altitude status. Here’s what it means to you:

It is still possible to qualify for Aeroplan 2020 status
Members can qualify for Aeroplan 2020 status with eligible miles they have earned until December 31, 2019. However, in January 2020, it will no longer be possible to qualify for Aeroplan status.

Enjoy the benefits of Aeroplan status again in 2020
Members who have qualified for Aeroplan status in 2020 will still have access to many of the benefits they currently enjoy. Please note, however, that the following benefits will no longer be available after the Aeroplan program is relaunched later in 2020:

  • Air premiums at Market Rate, currently available to all members with Aeroplan status.
  • Preferred rate on air premium fees, currently available to members with Aeroplan Diamond status.

These changes do not affect Air Canada Altitude status
These changes do not affect your qualification or the benefits of your Air Canada Altitude status in 2020.

Every day, millions of Aeroplan members earn miles through our extensive network of partners using an Aeroplan-affiliated financial card booking a hotel stay, renting a vehicle or shopping at our partner retailers. Yes, we say goodbye to the Aeroplan status program, but that’s why our loyalty program now rewards our most active members, not just the most frequent flyers. You’ll find out how at the beginning of the year when we unveil the details of the new Aeroplan program.

In the meantime, members of The Diamond, Black and Silver Aeroplan statuses can continue to enjoy their benefits, and all Aeroplan members earn miles with confidence.

We look forward to telling you more about the new Aeroplan program in the coming months!

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