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Uber Pro Card: Cash back for drivers and delivery drivers

To the point Are you an Uber driver or delivery driver? Discover the benefits of the new Uber Pro Card, which offers up to 4% cash back on gas.

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Email communications have been sent to Uber drivers and delivery drivers across Canada to announce the upcoming arrival of a new Mastercard debit card with a current account: the Uber Pro Card. No fixed date has yet been given, so you’ll have to keep an eye on your emails and notifications via the app.

What is the Uber Pro Card?

The Uber Pro Card is a prepaid Mastercard for people running an Uber business, which appears to be offered under invitation primarily to Uber drivers and delivery drivers.

As a key benefit, the card offers drivers and delivery drivers who have reached the Diamond level up to 4% cash back on their fuel expenses. Please note: this cash back only apply to payments at the pump.

Depending on the Uber Pro level reached by the driver or delivery person, cash back offers :

  • Between 1% and 4% on gas purchases
  • Between 2% and 8% on electric vehicle recharging
  • A maximum of $100 per month in total cash back in the “gas or electric vehicle charging” category

What’s more, cardholders can take advantage of a $50 reserve balance when they run out of funds. To take advantage of this benefit, however, you must meet the eligibility requirements, i.e. have earned a minimum of $700 on the Uber platform in the previous month.

Cards to save on gas and electric vehicle charging

If the new Uber Pro Card doesn’t concern you, don’t worry. You can still save on gas if you choose your credit card wisely.

Here are some of the credit cards that offer high cash back or rewards, in points or cash, often approaching 3 to 4% on gasoline and electric vehicle charging purchases:

If you’ve made the switch to an electric vehicle, check out our guide to maximizing your charging dollars:

Bottom Line

This new prepaid Mastercard doesn’t appear to be available yet, but all indications are that Uber will soon be sending out invitations to those concerned – drivers and delivery drivers – to sign up for the card. This article will be updated when more details are revealed about the Uber Pro Card.

This post is also available in: FR

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