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MBNA renews its credit card offer

This September, MBNA has announced a number of changes to its credit card offerings. Detailed presentation.

A new offer for the MBNA Rewards program

The MBNA Platinum Plus Rewards Mastercard credit card has been modified. Its main characteristics:

  • No annual fee
  • a 5,000 point sign-up bonus
  • 2 points per dollar for gas, groceries and restaurants (annual limit of $5,000)

This no-annual-fee card is attractive because it earns 2 points per dollar in everyday spending categories: gas, groceries and restaurants. Don’t forget to maximize your accumulation with gift cards! However, the annual accumulation limit at 2 points/dollar is $5,000 (or about $400 per month). Unlike other cards, there is no minimum income requirement. It is therefore an ideal card for beginners!

Bad news: after recent major changes, the World Elite version of the MBNA credit card catalog has disappeared. This means that there are no longer any credit cards in Canada that offer 2% everywhere.

Two new offers for cash back cards

MBNA is also renewing its offering of cash back cards known as“Money Content” (or Smart Cash ).

MBNA Content Platinum Plus Silver Mastercard Credit Card Offer:

  • no annual fee
  • a 6-month welcome bonus allowing you to earn up to $150 cash back
  • no income is required

To maximize the welcome bonus, you will need to spend $500 per month for 6 months in the gas and grocery categories (5%). This will provide up to $150! Don’t forget to buy gift cards in grocery stores or gas stations for other businesses (SAQ, Amazon…)

MBNA Content World Silver Mastercard Credit Card Offer:

  • Annual fee of $39
  • Allows you to accumulate 1% on all expenses
  • Requires an income of $60,000

Between the two, we recommend the no annual fee card by optimizing your spending in the gas and grocery categories!

Two cards for balance transfers

Also, MBNA is taking the opportunity to extend the promotion on the two cards for balance transfers until October 31, 2018:

These maps have been presented here.

No change at Best Western

There is no change for the Best Western Rewards Mastercard credit card: still no annual fee with a welcome bonus of 20,000 points on the first purchase.

We have presented this map here.

Bottom Line

So MBNA was the first to “shoot” this September 2018 back-to-school season! Most of these cards have no annual fee, year after year, which is very attractive especially for people who are new to credit cards.

In fact, keeping a credit card year after year helps build a good credit history! The MBNA Platinum Plus Rewards Mastercard credit card is perfect for this purpose.

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Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.

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