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The launch party of the new milesopedia website

To the point On June 5, 2019, the unveiling of our new website and brand image took place in Montreal. More than 125 people were present to discover this and celebrate the 4 years of the site!

This article is part of our series of articles related to the launch of the new site:

The course of the evening

More than 125 people registered to attend this event at Hambar restaurant in Montreal.

We even had to turn away dozens of registrations due to lack of space, and members from as far away as Ottawa and Quebec City made the trip!

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The evening was divided into 5 parts:

  1. The presentation of milesopedia’s history and the new site
  2. The draw for the prizes offered by our partners
  3. Educational content on credit reporting
  4. A question and answer session
  5. A launch cocktail with petits fours!
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In this first part, I presented:


Our partners for the launch

milesopedia being the reference site on loyalty programs, credit cards and travel, many partners have agreed to participate in this launch party, offering many prizes to be drawn for our community.

We decided to draw the prizes in the form of “surprise envelopes”.

lots soiree milesopedia


A long-time partner of milesopedia, Aeroplan, Air Canada’s loyalty program, has offered a batch of 15,000 Aeroplan miles, which represent the possibility of a short-haul flight within Canada or to certain American states (such as Montreal – New York or Washington for example).

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Partner for several years with milesopedia, Plastiq is the site that allows credit card holders to pay many bills that they would have otherwise paid (check, bank account) like:

  • Municipal and school taxes
  • Taxes (federal / provincial)
  • Business services (accounting, marketing…)

This is especially convenient for unlocking many credit card welcome bonuses.

Plastiq has offered 15,000 Fee-Free Dollars to be used on its platform. That’s $15,000 in payments with no service charge (usually around 2.5%).

To learn more about Plastiq, please read our detailed article on this service.

Michel et JM

Ulysses travel guides

Partners since the launch of milesopedia, Les Guides de Voyage Ulysse are the reference in travel guides.

We never leave on a trip without visiting their website or one of their bookstores.

Ulysses Travel Guides were particularly generous in offering several guides that pleased the lucky winners… and in creating a promotional code offering 10% to all milesopedia members: MILES-10

To use it, you can go to the website or indicate it when you visit the bookstore. And they accept… American Express!

5 1

National Bank of Canada

Partner of milesopedia, the National Bank offered 4 accesses to the National Bank Lounge at the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport.

The lucky winners will be able to wait for their flight in peace and quiet while enjoying snacks and drinks!

4 1

BB Jetlag - The guide for traveling parents

Sophie Reis, founder of the site – the reference for traveling parents – and author of The Traveling Parent’s Guide, was pleased to offer us a copy of her book (which delighted our winner!) as well as a 15% promotional code – milesopediato be used on its online store.

Bénédicte et JM

Didactic content: the credit report

milesopedia being the most serious site on loyalty programs, credit cards and travel hacking, we took the opportunity of our launch party – in front of many newcomers – to present an essential content: the credit report.

And it is Jean-Francois, blogger on milesopedia and specialist of the banking sector, who presented this content that particularly interested the members present.

soiree lancement milesopedia
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Questions and answers

After this exciting content on the credit report, we launched the question and answer session, in which many topics were discussed:

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The other photos of the evening

This article is part of our series of articles related to the launch of the new site:

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Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.

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