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Offset your emissions with Air Canada and CHOOOSE

To the point We can now offset our Air Canada flight emissions in several ways to travel more sustainably.

The announcement of this partnership with CHOOOSE is excellent news for Air Canada passengers who want to travel in a more sustainable and responsible way . Carbon offsetting is a growing practice that we encourage.

If you fly with Air Canada, you can offset your flights in 3 different ways: during the booking process, on the dedicated CHOOOSE page or via the Aeroplan eStore. Here are the options available to you.

Carbon offsetting when booking

The easiest and quickest way to offset your carbon emissions is to do so directly when you book your flights. When you get to the payment page, you are presented with a box with information about your carbon emissions related to your booking and the cost to offset them.

Air Canada CHOOSE carbon offset

You can choose whether or not to add it to the amount of your reservation. If you do, your carbon offset fee will be added to the total, and then all you have to do is make your payment. And that’s it, your greenhouse gas emissions will be offset for that reservation.

Air Canada CHOOSE carbon offset

Please note: It is impossible to use the Uplift monthly installment plan for the carbon offset portion of your reservation. The latter therefore appears as a separate transaction in the name of CHOOOSE.

Reservations with Aeroplan points

At this time, the carbon offset option during the booking process is not available when you pay for a flight using your Aeroplan points. Air Canada may add this option in the future, but you’ll notice that it just doesn’t show up on the checkout page.

Air Canada CHOOSE carbon offset

Carbon offsetting outside the booking process

This way of offsetting carbon emissions is perfect if you pay for your flight with Aeroplan points, if you forgot to offset when you booked your flight, or to offset emissions from past flights.

Go to the CHOOOSE and Air Canada page and use their flight offset calculator to find out the emissions associated with your flight and how much you can donate to offset your emissions.

Air Canada CHOOSE carbon offset

You can then see which carbon offset projects you will be contributing to directly. These projects are part of the portfolio developed by Air Canada in collaboration with CHOOOSE.

Air Canada CHOOSE carbon offset

Offsetting carbon with Aeroplan points

If you want to minimize the cost of your booking while travelling more responsibly, you can offset your carbon emissions using your Aeroplan points.

To do so, you must go through the eStore and in the categories section, select “Social Responsibility“.

Air Canada eStore categories

A list of products will appear and you will find some CHOOOSE projects that you can support with your Aeroplan points to offset your greenhouse gas emissions.

Air Canada CHOOSE eStore Carbon Offset

By selecting a project, you are given more information about the emissions you are offsetting and the measurable impact of your Aeroplan points donation. You can then add it to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Many credit cards allow you to earn more Aeroplan points so you can offset your flights without having to pay out of pocket. Check out our Aeroplan Ultimate Guide for the best ways to earn points.

You can also use your American Express Membership Rewards points to offset your flights by transferring them into Aeroplan points.

Bottom line

It is more important than ever to think about the impact of our travel on the environment. Thanks to Air Canada‘s partnership with CHOOOSE, it’s now easy to support carbon offset projects during the booking process and to do so with Aeroplan points, or even Membership Rewards points. It’s a step forward to travel more responsibly.

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