My Dream Trip with Aeroplan Contest: Discover the Finalists and Winners!

To the point More than 6,500 itineraries were submitted to our My Dream Trip with Aeroplan contest. Find out which routes impressed our team and who won the vote!

Our My dream trip with Aeroplan contest gave our readers the chance to win up to 200,000 Aeroplan points. After receiving and analyzing over 6,500 itineraries, we finally settled on six dream trips.

Afterwards, over 3,000 people took the time to elect the two grand prize winners from these finalists. Discover them and their incredible trips powered by Aeroplan points!

Here are the contest winners:

  • Justine Bouvier100,000 Aeroplan points for the best Discover the World itinerary
  • Julien Baril75,000 Aeroplan points for best Discover North America itinerary
  • Joshua Lee Ingram25,000 Aeroplan points from the draw among all participants
  • Samantha Ferreira$100 gift card from the draw among all voters

My Dream Trip with Aeroplan contest: Winning itineraries

Discover the World - A one-year honeymoon around the world

Congratulations to Justine Bouvier and her partner Charlotte Roy for their winning itinerary in the Discover the World category! A dream itinerary, especially when you consider that it’s a real journey in progress. The two women are currently celebrating their wedding with a honeymoon around the world.

Justine Bouvier gagnant aeroplan winner

Here’s our travel plan for our dream 12-month honeymoon. Certain flights in Asia and Europe will be taken with partner airlines in order to maximize our Aeroplan points. We earn points through our Aeroplan credit cards, through Membership Rewards transfers to Aeroplan and through our Aeroplan eStore purchases.

  • Points required: 268,000 Aeroplan points per person
  • Estimated value: $6,900 (2.57 cents per Aeroplan point)
  • Travel period: September to August
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Countries visited: Canada, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde, Canary Islands and France.
Flights Airline Aeroplan prices
Montreal – Vancouver – Seoul – Manila Air Canada and Asiana Airlines 54,000 points
Denpasar – Singapore – Colombo Singapore Airlines 40,000 points
Hanoi – Hong Kong Cathay Pacific 8,000 points
Singapore – Rome Singapore Airlines 50,000 points
Rome – Istanbul – Tbilisi Turkish Airlines (business class) 20,000 points
Tbilisi – Istanbul Turkish Airlines 15,000 points
Athens – Marrakech Aegan Airlines 12,500 points
Lisbon – Praia TAP Air Portugal 12,500 points
Praia – Lisbon – Funchal TAP Air Portugal 25,000 points
Paris – Montreal Air Canada 31,000 points

Discover North America - North American sanctuaries

Congratulations to Julien Baril, the overall winner of the Discover North America part with his North American Sanctuaries itinerary!

Julien Baril gagnant aeroplan winner

We want to use Aeroplan points to explore inspiring sanctuaries in North America. Departing from Montreal, our adventure begins in Banff National Park. We then continue on to Yosemite National Park. Then we’ll discover the Apostle Islands National Park. We’ll continue our journey at Valley of Fire State Park and finish at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

  • Points required: 58,900 points per person
  • Estimated value: $2,800 (4.75 cents per Aeroplan point)
  • Month of travel: September
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Countries visited: Canada and United States
Flight Airline Aeroplan prices
Montreal – Calgary Air Canada 12,500 points
Calgary – Vancouver – San Francisco United 8,600 points
San Francisco – Las Vegas United 6,000 points
Las Vegas – Denver United 10,000 points
Denver – Chicago United 10,000 points
Chicago – Toronto – Montreal Air Canada 11,800 points

My Dream Trip with Aeroplan contest - Finalists

Other itineraries stand out for their originality and complexity. Here they are.

Runner-up: Journey to Africa

Congratulations to Alexandre Paquin for taking second place with his off-the-beaten-track African itinerary.

A long-time enthusiast of Africa, this trip will enable me to visit the many often forgotten countries and islands of the planet’s most underestimated continent. Having already had the opportunity to visit more than a dozen countries in the 4 corners of continental Africa, mainly on my own, discovering these islands has been a dream of mine for some time now.

  • Points required: 207,200 points per person
  • Estimated value: $6,750 (3.26 cents per Aeroplan point)
  • Month of travel: October
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Countries visited: Canada, Portugal, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, Madagascar, Mauritius

Second place: Canada's Far North

Congratulations to Matheo Villiers for taking second place with his itinerary through the vast northern territory of Nunavut.

This trip is the reason I joined Aeroplan: to visit Canada’s Far North and fly in Air Canada’s smaller partner planes to the northernmost airport accessible by commercial plane with Canadian North (an Aeroplan partner).

  • Points required: 25,000 points per person
  • Estimated value: $7,000 (28 cents per Aeroplan point!)
  • Month of travel: August
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Countries visited: Canada

Third place: Around the world in economy class

Congratulations to Khaled Hussein for taking third place with his round-the-world itinerary that maximizes the use of Aeroplan points with long stopovers.

I want to use my points to travel as much as possible, so I’ve chosen to do so in economy class. This itinerary will allow me to visit various destinations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe, while discovering Western Canada. I have judiciously positioned stopovers of 20 to 23 hours in certain destinations that lend themselves to this (Los Angeles, Seoul, Amman and Miami).

  • Points required: 180,000 points per person
  • Estimated value: $7,900 (4.39 cents per Aeroplan point)
  • Month of travel: November
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Countries visited: Canada, United States, Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Germany and Portugal

Third position: Discovering First Nations territories

Congratulations to Jean-François Caty on his third-place finish with his itinerary visiting several First Nations territories in North America.

Native peoples once called North America Turtle Island, a gigantic territory where different nations with very different cultures cohabited, adapting to a variety of climatic and geographic realities. Despite their differences, native nations have often shared a common spirituality, including an emphasis on the four directions – North, East, South and West – and the importance of finally finding balance at the center of Turtle Island. Today, Air Canada and its Aeroplan partners are enabling me to discover the four corners of Turtle Island and the First Nations territories.

  • Points required: 143,000 points per person
  • Estimated value: $15,000 (10.49 cents per Aeroplan point)
  • Month of travel: July
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Countries visited: Canada and United States

Winner of the 25,000-point draw

Congratulations to Joshua Lee Ingram, winner of the 25,000 Aeroplan points drawn from all contest participants.


Bottom Line

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of our My Dream Trip with Aeroplan contest! To become an Aeroplan expert like our finalists, take a look at all our Aeroplan guides:

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