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Marriott Bonvoy: What are elite nights?

To the point Discover what Marriott Bonvoy's elite nights are all about! Accumulate them to climb the status ladder and benefit from numerous advantages.

Marriott Bonvoy Elite Nights are a central aspect of the program, designed to reward members who choose Marriott hotels for their stays.

Basically, these nights accumulated by members determine their level of membership within the program. The more a member stays at participating establishments, the more nights they accumulate, leading to a progression in status levels, from Silver to Gold, Platinum to Titanium, and finally to Ambassador status.

What are Marriott Bonvoy elite nights?

The Marriott Bonvoy elite nights are a cumulative currency for the purpose of achieving status and not free nights that you can use to stay at the hotel, unlike the free night certificates.The elite nights open the door to a a variety of exclusive benefits which significantly enhance members’ stay experience with the possibility of achieving status.

To achieve Marriott Bonvoy elite status, members must accumulate a certain number of elite nights each year. This number varies according to the level of status targeted.

For example, to reach Silver Elite status, a member must accumulate a certain number of nights, and so on for higher levels. This incentive structure encourages loyalty and regular use of Marriott establishments.

Member 0-9
Silver Elite 10-24
Gold Elite 25-49
Platinum Elite 50-74
Titanium Elite 75-99
Ambassador Elite 100+
& US $23,000 in expenses

What are the advantages of accumulating Marriott Bonvoy elite nights for status?

To learn more about the benefits of Marriott Bonvoy status, you can read this complete guide. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Room upgrades: Elite members can enjoy complimentary room upgrades, meaning they can be promoted to more spacious accommodations, offering extra comfort and a more luxurious experience.
  • Complimentary breakfasts: Members with Platinum Elite status and up are entitled to complimentary breakfasts at many participating hotels. Not only does this save money, it’s also a great way to start the day.
  • High-speed Internet access: A fast, reliable Internet connection has become essential for today’s travelers. High elite status guarantees free high-speed Internet access during the stay, enabling members to stay connected at all times.
  • Bonus points: Each night spent in a participating hotel earns bonus points, accelerating the accumulation of points that can be exchanged for rewards, free stays or other benefits.
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How can I get elite nights with Marriott Bonvoy?

There are three ways to earn elite night credits toward higher Marriott Bonvoy status:

Which credit cards give elite nights in Canada?

In Canada, there are two co-branded Marriott Bonvoy credit cards:

In addition to being accompanied by generous welcome bonusesthe holder of these cards immediately gets 15 elite nights; as previously stated, elite nights are a cumulative currency for the purpose of reaching a higher elite level (status) at Marriott Bonvoy and not free nights that you can use to stay at the hotel. As a result, you’ll be a Silver Elite member with either of these two credit cards, since you’ll exceed the 10 Elite nights required for this level.

Nuits élites Marriott Bonvoy avec cartes Marriott Bonvoy
Nuits élites Marriott Bonvoy avec cartes Marriott Bonvoy 2

Each of these two credit cards gives you 15 Elite Nights, but if you hold both products, the Elite Nights do not add up. You still have the advantage of a head start if you aspire to a higher elite level.

For example, a Marriott Bonvoy® American Express MD*cardholder simply needs to stay 10 nights at the hotel to achieve Gold Elite status, rather than starting from scratch with 25 elite nights.

Elite nights offered by Marriott Bonvoy credit cards count towards the number of nights required for lifetime elite status.

The only way to add up the elite nights of several credit cards is with the U.S. cards. The maximum number of Marriott Bonvoy elite nights you can earn per year with U.S. credit cards is 40. There are up to nine Marriott Bonvoy credit cards in the U.S., each offering 15 elite nights, and one offering 25 nights. However, even if you have three of these credit cards, the limit remains at 40 elite nights per year.

Here’s how the elite nights are distributed:

  • Up to 15 elite nights per year with Marriott Bonvoy personal credit cards (or 25 with the Bonvoy Brilliant card).
  • Up to 15 elite nights per year with U.S. Marriott Bonvoy corporate credit cards.

So, if you want to reach the maximum of 40 Marriott Bonvoy elite nights per year with credit cards in the U.S., you’ll need to hold the Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card as well as the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card, as there’s only one corporate card open to new applicants.

Nuits élites Marriott Bonvoy avec cartes USA
Nuits élites Marriott Bonvoy avec cartes USA 2

The elite nights offered by Canadian credit cards do not add up to the elite nights offered by U.S. credit cards.

You also have to distinguish between credit cards that give you elite nights and credit cards that give you hotel status. Cardholders of the following cards automatically receive Gold Elite status, but do not receive 25 Elite Nights through the credit card once the benefit is activated. So even though you’re Gold Elite with these cards, you still need to accumulate 50 Marriott Bonvoy elite nights to reach the Platinum Elite level.

The following member has Gold Elite status on their PlatineMD American Express Card, but only has the 15 elite nights given by their Marriott BonvoyMD American ExpressMD* Card on the board and not 25.

Nuits élites Marriott Bonvoy avec cartes Platine
Nuits élites Marriott Bonvoy avec cartes Platine 2

Finally, if you’re also in the US credit card market, the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card also immediately offers Platinum Elite status to its cardholders.

Bottom Line

In short, Marriott Bonvoy Elite Nights are both a measure of member loyalty and a gateway to exclusive benefits. They represent much more than just a statistic, offering frequent travelers the chance to enjoy enriched hotel experiences thanks to upgrades, free breakfasts, fast Internet access and bonus points. By investing in Marriott Bonvoy loyalty, members can turn their hotel nights into memorable, rewarding experiences.

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