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How does the Airmilesshops.ca Portal work?

To the point AIRMILESSHOPS.CA is an online shopping portal where AIR MILES members can earn miles on their purchases.

What is airmiIesshops?

Airmilesshops.ca is the online shopping portal of AIR MILES .

Members of the Milesopedia community regularly go through this online shopping portal before making their purchases. More than 200 online stores offer AIR MILES Reward Miles:

  • Treat yourself to one of 1,200 rewards: travel rewards, products, event tickets or family activities with Dream Miles
  • Save on bills such as at the grocery store (IGA, etc.), drugstore (Jean Coutu), or gas station (Shell) by using Cash Miles

How to earn AIR MILES Reward Miles with airmilesshops.ca?

You must first have an AIR MILES Collector number to log into the platform. You then access over 200 online businesses and choose which one you want to shop at. Several of them, such as Simons and The Bay, are there.

You’ll earn 1 mile for every $20 spent, before taxes and shipping. However, the basic offer may vary. By clicking on the logo of the business, you will be informed.

Please note, however, that if you return an item, the AIR MILES Reward Miles earned will be removed from your account.

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These basic AIR MILES Reward Miles do not include Bonus Miles offered at select merchants. You will discover them thanks to the lilac-coloured badges applied to the offers and logos of the shops: the opportunities are numerous and change regularly.

For example:

Earn 40 AIR MILES Bonus Miles with $80 or more


Earn 2X the Miles

Promotional events on Airmillesshops.ca

Occasionally, airmilesshops.ca will feature AIR MILES multiplier events throughout the online shopping portal.

Many of these events are predictable because they recur every year. For example, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Campers’ Christmas. Have your shopping list ready: you don’t want to miss out on earning AIR MILES Bonus Miles.

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During these promotional events, purchases made at airmilesshops.ca stores will receive these multipliers.

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AIR MILES Events and airmilesshops.ca

Finally, several times a year, the AIR MILES program also runs promotional events where merchant partners participate. Airmilesshops.ca is there of course.

Whether it’s the Bonus Boom, the Shop The Block, or the Mega Miles, bargain hunters will be shopping at airmilesshops.ca to earn more AIR MILES Bonus Miles.

Air Miles Mega Milles Featured

Since these events come up every year, our savings experts are once again able to prepare their list. You can earn thousands of Miles at these promotional events.

Use your AIR MILES Reward Miles

The airmilesshops.ca portal allows to earn miles but not to redeem them.

However, you can redeem your Miles earned through airmilesshops.ca at partners’ stores, such as grocery stores and pharmacies (Cash Rewards) or towards merchandise or travel (Dream Rewards).

Please note that there is a delay in getting credited for AIR MILES Bonus Miles. Actually, Airmilesshops.ca credits Basic AIR MILES 60 days after the date of purchase. For bonus miles, the deadline is 75 days and for promotional events, 120 days. AIR MILES hunters share their joy on the Milesopedia Facebook group when thousands of miles are credited.

Credit cards and airmilesshops

Some credit cards earn more points, miles or cash back. Here are the best credit cards to save on the Airmilesshops.ca portal.

AIR MILES credit cards

An AIR MILES member will benefit from using an AIR MILES credit card to make purchases on the airmilesshops portal.

With BMO no-fee credit cards, you can earn 3x miles for every $25 spent at participating AIR MILES Partners. Plus, the AIR MILES Reward Miles you earn when you show your AIR MILES loyalty card.

You can earn 3 AIR MILES Reward Miles per $12 spent with the BMO® AIR MILES® World Elite®* Mastercard®*.

It’s the credit card that offers the most AIR MILES Reward Miles for purchases through airmilesshops.ca (and at participating AIR MILES partners).


The airmilesshops.ca online shopping portal allows AIR MILES Collectors to earn more AIR MILES Reward miles with their online purchases.

And at more than 200 stores. First, base miles, then bonus miles, multipliers and finally promotional events. These miles allow the achievement of goals, savings and dreams. This way to airmilesshops.ca!

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