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Disney: Save on Walt Disney World tickets

To the point Disney World is a must-see destination, but it is costly for families. Check out these tips to save on park admission and on-site purchases with AIR MILES Reward Miles!

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Travel to Disney: A family vacation destination

If you’re a parent of young children, chances are Walt Disney World is on your list of vacation destinations. With this objective in mind, we put together this credit card underwriting game plan. This article will help you save money on all aspects of Walt Disney World theme park tickets in Florida.

walt disney world 239144 1920

The goal isto save money at Disneyworld on the main expenses items of the trip:

After presenting our tips for accommodation savings with Marriott Bonvoy points, we offer our savings plan at Disney World on park admission and in-park purchases!

How to save on Disney World tickets in Orlando?

Have you decided to visit Walt Disney World instead of Universal Studios? The question of the entrance ticket comes into play. How can I save on this one?

There are several ways to save on Walt Disney World park admission tickets. One of the best is to use AIR MILES miles. But, in addition to one-day tickets or tickets for multiple parks (Park Hopper), you could also look for special offers on tickets or see for an annual pass. Here are the details of each option.

Save at Disney World with AIR MILES Reward Miles

There are several ways to save on Walt Disney World park admission tickets. One of the best is to use AIR MILES miles. Let’s look at how to use the two types of AIR MILES Reward Miles available, CASH and DREAM, to save at Disney World.

CASH Rewards vs DREAM Rewards

In your AIR MILES account, you have the option to set the percentage of miles earning in 2 different accounts:

  • CASH Rewards
  • DREAM Rewards

Generally, we choose one option over another and avoid going 50-50, to speed up our goal’s achievement.

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DREAM Rewards vs. CASH Rewards: It’s up to you to choose according to YOUR strategy.

Let’s look at the two possibilities together.

AIR MILES CASH rewards for Disney World

First, the AIR MILES CASH rewards. This is the easy solution for many AIR MILES collectors.

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In this case, 95 AIR MILES reward miles = $10 (equal to 10.5 cents / CASH Reward mile).

During some promotions, the value may be better: 85 CASH Reward miles = $10 (equal to 11.8 cents / CASH Reward mile).

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AIR MILES CASH Rewards can be credited on a grocery, gas or pharmacy bill from some merchants, or for an electronic voucher with other AIR MILES partners.

This money saved can be used to be placed in a separate bank account for the future Disney trip. See Aline’s strategy here in her article.

Especially when the CASH Rewards were easily obtained through various promotions or through AIR MILES credit card application bonuses!

Here are the best current credit card offers:

AIR MILES DREAM Miles for Disney World

Then there are the AIR MILES DREAM rewards. For Disney World, the interest of the DREAM miles is on the entrances of the different parks in Orlando.

On the AIR MILES website, in the DREAMS section, there is “Vacations, in partnership with RedTag“, with a Parks in the United States section.

You will discover all the theme park tickets options:

  • Disney World
  • Disneyland Resort California
  • Orlando Universal
  • Universal Studios Hollywood California
  • Legoland

Depending on your date and the theme park you visit, the number of AIR MILES DREAM miles you request will vary:

Red Tag Air miles Disney World

Note that a ticket for an adult on September 12, 2022 costs 4240 AIR MILES miles.

This same ticket is sold at US$341, which is equivalent to CA$428. That’s a return of 10.3 cents per thousand Dreams. This is close to our estimate of 10.5 cents.

Disney Ticket

So here, 4,240 Dream Miles will save you CA $ 428!

Other ways to save on your Walt Disney World ticket

Walt Disney World offers a variety of tickets to suit every visitor’s needs. Whether you’re planning a day trip or an extended stay, there’s a ticket to suit you. Here’s a detailed guide to the different types of tickets available.

One-day ticket

The basic one-day ticket gives you access to a single Walt Disney World theme park for a full day. This ticket is ideal for those with limited time and travellers who wish to visit a specific park. Prices vary according to the park and season. You can then add upgrade options.

Park Hopper tickets

The Park Hopper ticket allows you to visit several Disney theme parks daily. This ticket is perfect for travellers who want to maximize their experience by visiting several parks. Park Hopper tickets are generally more expensive than day tickets but offer greater flexibility and allow you to see more attractions in an optimized time.

Annual Passes

An annual pass gives you unlimited access to Disney’s theme parks for a year. Annual passes are ideal for frequent visitors or local residents. The cost of an annual pass can be pretty high, but it offers additional benefits such as discounts on meals and merchandise.

Special Tickets and Offers

From time to time, Disney offers special tickets or promotional offers, such as tickets for special events or discounts for Florida residents. These offers are ideal for those looking to save money or enjoy a unique experience. Prices vary according to offer. We recommend checking the official Disney website for the latest promotions.

Each type of ticket has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice depends on your needs and budget. Be sure to plan and consider all your options to make the most of your visit to Walt Disney World.

Undercover Tourist Disney World offers discounted theme park tickets for Walt Disney World. Your tickets will be easily linked to the My Disney Experience application. For more details and instructions, see our article Undercover Tourist: Tickets to attractions in the USA at discounted prices.

Finally, like many people, you probably want to know how much an all-inclusive trip to Walt Disney World costs? Caroline has done the math for you!

Bottom Line

To earn AIR MILES Reward Miles easily, there are several credit card offers.

As mentioned above, a no-fee card in the first year as a welcome bonus of 3,000 AIR MILES Reward Miles!

2 significant others could, for example:

  • each apply for this card
  • indicate the same AIR MILES Collector Number
  • earn CASH Reward miles on the same AIR MILES account
  • and save on your Disney purchases!

Here are the most interesting offers that give you the chance to realize your dream of going to Disney:

All in all, Walt Disney World offers a wide range of ticket options to suit all types of visitors and, of course, families with children. Whether you’re looking for a day ticket for a quick getaway to Magic Kingdom, a Park Hopper ticket for a multi-park experience, or an annual pass for unlimited visits, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to consider special offers and promotions to maximize your savings and add a touch of magic to your stay!

Frequently asked questions

How to go to Disney for cheap?

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Using AIR MILES miles is a great way to cut costs. However, you must plan well to save enough AIR MILES miles.

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Where can I buy Disney tickets?

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Tickets can be purchased online from the official Disney website or authorized resellers.

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How much does admission to Walt Disney cost?

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Prices vary according to ticket type and park. Check the official website for the latest rates.

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How much does a trip to Walt Disney World cost?

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It’s a frequently asked question that we wanted to answer. Here’s our new article: How much does a trip to Walt Disney World cost?

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