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To the point milesopedia is Canada's leading site on loyalty programs, points, credit cards and travel hacking. Find out how you can save a lot of money with your points!

Who are we?

My name is Jean-Maximilien and I am the founder of milesopedia. I am theexpert on credit cards and loyalty programs in Canada.

With Audrey, my wife, and our 2 young children, we travel all over the world thanks to our points!

I want you to learn my best tips and tricks to save you money while traveling.

With these best ways to accumulate the most reward points, you can save money to travel more, better and live new experiences. And this, in the countries of your dreams or that you always wanted to go!

My team of specialists and I are constantly looking for ways to help you reach your travel goals, using points.

Équipe Milesopedia-26

I created milesopedia in 2015 – a completely free site – after realizing that there were no French-speaking resources on:

  • loyalty programs
  • credit cards
  • travel hacking

Travel hacking” doesn’t really have a corresponding term in French. One could associate this with the art of optimizing points obtained with credit cards or loyalty programs. Your points would be better used for travel than for a toaster, for example!

Travel hacking is particularly prevalent in the United States.

classe affaires enfant
En classe affaires avec les points

On milesopedia, I write daily articles adapted to Canada on this universe that allows you :

  • to travel for free (or almost…!)
  • further
  • more often
  • and/or in greater comfort

What do you want to do?

Jm arthur alex plane
In business class with our children

What will you find on milesopedia?

More than 2,500 full articles have been written in the last few years on milesopedia. I help you understand the different ways to go step by step.

You will find there in particular:

At first, the biggest concerns are the impact on one’s credit rating or score. It is very important to understand this and to always pay your credit card on time.

Our beginner's guides

If you are on this page, you are discovering this world of points and low cost travel.

With our years of experience, we have been able to design
guides for beginners
to understand:

Like any new activity, you will not become an expert overnight. On the other hand, in a few months, you can easily save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your travels or in your daily life.

Feel free to browse the Testimonials section to discover some very concrete cases!

Maryse Boulanger Temple Semso Ji Tokyo
Des membres milesopedia au Japon

Our customized strategies

Each traveler has different goals. Some will prefer to stay in hotels, while others will rent apartments on airbnb.

To meet these different needs, we have designed very specific travel hacking strategies:

With these strategies, you could already start saving a lot of money by choosing the right credit cards that fit your purpose!

Mystique A Luxury Collection Hotel 12
Mystique, A Luxury Collection Hotel - Santorini

A ranking of the best credit cards

There are more than 200 credit cards in Canada. All are not equal and do not meet the same need. Some will give you cash back, while others will give you points or miles for airfare, hotel nights or any other type of travel.

To help you, we compile a monthly ranking of the best credit card offers available in Canada.

And if you really want to customize your credit card search, we’ve designed an especially accurate credit card comparison tool with numerous filters. We even have a partnership with Protégez-Vous!

Overview of the best credit cards
Credit cards rankings

Photo reports

milesopedia is first and foremost a site for travelers.

With Audrey and our 2 children, we travel all over the world thanks to our points and we relate our various experiences with photo reports:

And every week our readers send us many testimonials of THEIR trips obtained thanks to milesopedia’s advice.

To help our readers find their way around our reports, we have created a map of destinations!

thank you milesopedia etihad
In First Class on Etihad with points!

All the news on the programs

Loyalty programs are evolving every day. To help you stay on top of the news, we write numerous articles each week about these programs.

You can find this news on each page related to the programs. These pages also allow you to enter the program outline:

  • point value
  • best uses
  • associated credit cards

An indispensable resource! To stay on top of all the latest reward program news, subscribe to our newsletter or listen to our podcast.

A unique community

In addition to its website with quality content visited by nearly 350,000 sessions each month, milesopedia is above all a community of members.

A self-help group

On Facebook, you can access our support group of over 14,000 members. Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask it in this group to get an almost instant answer!

More than 100 “advanced” members are present to help newcomers understand the programs and build their point optimization strategies.


On a regular basis, the milesopedia community meets for events. Our last one was in December 2021, after a long pandemic break of two years. If all goes well, we should organize the next one in spring 2022.

During these events, training sessions are offered for beginners and a happy hour is organized so that our members – beginners and advanced – can exchange on our common passion.

IMG 0017
Un événement milesopedia à Montréal

Don't miss anything!

To make sure you don’t miss anything from milesopedia, I encourage you to:

Come to discuss that topic in our Facebook Group!
Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.

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