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Google Flights and flight price monitoring

To the point Google Flight is one of the handy tools to search for the best flights. Here's how to use it to monitor the prices of flights you're interested in

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You’ll need to follow the price of flights to find the best flight with google flights and thus know if it is relevant or not to use points to pay for your airfare.

In this exercise, the tool provided by Google, Google Flights is undoubtedly the most accessible tool to use while being complete.

Google Flights offers flight price monitoring

We have already studied in detail all the main features of Google Flights in this article to find a ticket for a cheap flight.

You can search by destination or map while filtering according to alliances, airlines, or desired departure/arrival times.

Now, Google Flights not only allows you to record routes but also alerts you of any price movement.

Let’s take, for example, a flight between Montreal and Orlando from the alert we sent you on the Facebook group. Once you have chosen your flight, you can book it or track the price.

By clicking on the Track Awards button – if you are logged in with your Google account – the flight will be added to the list of tracked flights. Google will notify you by email when the lowest ticket price is available.

Google Flight Tracking Prices

If the price moves, you will receive an email alert. Not only for the flight(s) you are following, but also for the ones you are not following but which might be of interest to you (similar schedules or nearby airports)!

gf email
Google Flights email alert


The Google Flights tool is improving by providing more services: indication of the aircraft type, seat comfort, type of business class cabin, the possibility to search for flights with multiple reservations and price monitoring.

In short, you will understand that it is an essential tool during your search for flight tickets.

And that doesn’t stop you from looking for those flights through your banking rewards program (BMO Rewards, TD Rewards…). You can then pay with your points.

This post is also available in: FR

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