The 15 Best Places to Visit in Canada

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Canada is one of those countries that could suit even the most diverse types of travellers. It offers such a vast choice of experiences, panoramas, activities, and cities that nailing down your “to do” list to a couple of sites can become a real challenge!

Undoubtedly, Canada is a beautiful country, and seeing it all will be hard on a single visit. But don’t worry! To make things easier for you and help you organize your trip, we’ve put together our list of the 15 best places to visit in Canada.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

1- Vancouver

Planning a trip to Vancouver is always a good choice! With its beauty, the mild climate, the numerous things to do, and attractions, you’ll for sure find something suited to your taste.

Vancouver is the perfect destination from beaches to ski resorts if you are looking to spend a couple of days immersed in nature. Take advantage of the hiking trails and enjoy the charming city life of Vancouver.

2- Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is the best destination for all of the explorers out there. Whether it is hiking, rafting, or enjoying the wildlife, this park in the Canadian Rockies has it all.

Remember to keep your eyes open: you may spot black bears, cougars, and bighorn sheep during your walks in nature!

3- Quebec City

Of course, we couldn’t leave Quebec city away from the list of the best places to visit in Canada. It is the oldest walled city in North America, and it is the closest to Europe you can get without necessarily flying all the way there.

The combination of the European charm and the charismatic French-Canadian personality bring uniqueness to this city that you shouldn’t miss.

4- Toronto

Canada’s largest city is a must-visit if you are into culture and city life. Here, you’ll find the best restaurants, museums, events, and shopping in the country.

5- Banff National Park

There are two types of mountain lovers: the adventurers and those looking for a more relaxing experience. Banff might be more suited to luxury seekers. Here, you may spend a couple of days skiing or hiking and resting in one of the best resorts in the country.

Despite being quite a touristy destination, it is worth spending there at least one day, even if only to enjoy the breathtaking views it offers, all year round.

6- Halifax

If you are into history, and more specifically into the maritime world, you should pay a visit to Halifax. Walk along the waterfront, enjoy the sight of the historic buildings, and make sure to check on the events that the city has to offer.

If you have time, consider taking day trips from Halifax to visit the smaller villages outside the city.

7- Whitehorse

One of the best ways to experience Canada’s life far north is to visit Whitehorse, Yukon’s capital. Most of the city’s attractions have to do with the gold-rush days, as the foundation dates back to the Klondike times.

If you are more into nature, still include Whitehorse on your itinerary: it has some beautiful areas to explore. Furthermore, you might be lucky enough to experience the show of the northern lights!

8- Whistler

Whistler is best known for hosting skiing events during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The good news is that you can get a lot out of Whistler even in the summertime! Indeed, there are plenty of hiking and biking tracks, among several other activities.

9- Tofino

Despite what you may be thinking, Canada is not all about skiing and mountains! Tofino on Vancouver Island is one of the most unique places to visit in Canada. If you like surfing, here’s the place for you. Not only surfers but also people wanting to enjoy the wildlife, looking for adventures, or simply wanting to relax, will have a great time in Tofino. The town is pretty small, with only a handful of stores, restaurants, and accommodations.

However, you may want to spend more than a couple of days experiencing the town and all it has to offer fully.

10- Kelowna

Once in British Columbia, consider including Kelowna on your itinerary. Despite not being very well known internationally, this city is worth a visit.

Kelowna is surrounded by the mountains and set on the shore of Lake Okanagan. It offers beautiful sights to enjoy for a couple of days.

11- Niagara Falls

Arguably the most famous attraction in Canada, Niagara Falls is a must-see. The sight of the massive wall of water is breathtaking and remarkable. You may consider hopping on a boat to experience up close the power of the falls. The city developed around the falls is rather touristy but still characterized by a unique charm.

Being just a short drive from Toronto, it can make for a fun day trip. Take note: you might get soaked!

12- Montreal

We had to include our hometown of Montreal in our list of the best places to visit in Canada. The contrast between the beautiful historic district dating back to the 17th century and the modern city center is astonishing and charming.

13- Victoria

British Columbia’s capital is a tribute to the British heritage of the area. There are several museums you may enjoy, but it doesn’t end there! If you like wines, consider paying a visit to some of the best wineries in the area.

14- Gros Morne National Park

There are several places for hiking in Canada, but this UNESCO World Heritage Site is arguably one of the best ones. You’ll be surrounded by a unique landscape created millions of years ago!

15- Cape Breton Highlands National Park

This scenic national park located in Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island is perfect for spending a day or two hiking and immersing yourself in nature. From river canyons, rural fishing villages, and stunning lookouts to admire the landscape, you’ll feel the beauty of Canadian nature here.

Even though the list could have been much longer, we decided to keep it down to 15 places. By now, you hopefully have a better idea of what you may want to visit on your trip to this beautiful country!

This post is also available in: FR

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