Tangerine World Mastercard  🇨🇦

Tangerine World Mastercard
Welcome Bonus
Up to $100 cash back
Ends Oct 31, 2024
  • No annual fee
  • Accepted at Costco
Annual Fee
Interest rates
Purchase Rates
19.95 %
Cash Advance Rates
19.95 %
Balance Transfer Rates
19.95 %

Tangerine World Mastercard
Tangerine World Mastercard
Up to $100 cash back
Ends Oct 31, 2024
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  • Apply for the Tangerine World Mastercard Credit Card by October 31, 2024 and you’ll receive an additional 10% cashback* (up to $100) when you spend up to $1,000 on everyday purchases during the first 2 months.
  • Get a low promotional interest rate of 1.95% on balance transfers for 6 months
  • Earn 2% Money-Back Rewards on purchases in two 2% Money-Back Categories of your choice, and 0.50% Money-Back Rewards on all other purchases.
  • Have your Money-Back Rewards deposited into a Tangerine Savings Account, and get a 3rd 2% Money-Back Category.
  • No limit on the amount of Money-Back Rewards you can earn. Change your 2% Money-Back Categories to suit your spending.
  • Purchase protection and Extended Warranty
  • Rental Car Collision/Loss Damage Insurance
  • Mobile Device Insurance

Fees & Conditions

Personal Income $50,000
Household Income $80,000
Annual Fee $0
First Additional Card $0
Foreign Transaction Fee 2.5%
Purchase Rates 19.95%
Cash Advance Rates 19.95%
Balance Transfer Rates 19.95%
Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer Intro Duration 6 month(s)
Balance Transfer - Promotional Rate 1.95%
Balance Transfer Fees 1%


Calculate the rewards
Your Monthly Spending
Year 1
Year 2+
Welcome Bonus
0 $
Annual Credit
Travel benefits
VIP Lounges
First year offer value
Rewards Earned
Annual fee
Net value


Offer ends on Oct 31, 2024
Welcome Bonus amount Up to $100 cash back
Minimum Spending Required $1,000
Minimum Spending Timeframe (Months) 2 month(s)


Per dollar of purchases

All Spending 0.5 %
Groceries 0.5 %
Gas 0.5 %
Dining and Food delivery 0.5 %
Convenience Stores 0.5 %
Drugstores 0.5 %
Local Transport 0.5 %
Travel 0.5 %
Entertainment 0.5 %
Recurring Payments 0.5 %
Telecom/Internet 0.5 %
Streaming services 0.5 %
Online transactions 0.5 %
Office Supplies 0.5 %


Travel Insurance

Insurance Name
Travel Medical Insurance
Travel medical insurance up to 54 years old
Travel medical insurance up to 64 years old
Travel medical insurance 65+
Trip Cancellation Insurance
Trip Interruption Insurance
Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance
Flight Delay Insurance
Delayed Baggage Insurance
Lost/Stolen Baggage Insurance
Auto Rental Loss/Insurance
Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance

There may be a daily maximum amount depending on the type of fees paid

Other Insurance

Insurance Name
Extended Warranty
1 year
Purchase Protection
90 day(s)
Mobile Device Insurance
Price Protection

Our review

If you have an individual income of $60,000 or a family income of $100,000, you may want to consider the World Mastercard Tangerine.

This credit card has no annual fee and offers cashback. With this limited-time welcome offer, you can earn an additional 10% cash back (up to $100) when you spend up to $1,000 on everyday purchases during the first 2 months.

You can choose two to three categories that interest you (groceries, gas, furniture, home improvement, recurring bills, pharmacy, etc.) to earn 2% cash back! And there is no annual cash back limit.

In addition, the Tangerine World Mastercard comes with several insurance coverages for your purchases and travel :

  • 90 days purchase insurance
  • One year extended warranty
  • Mobile Device Insurance
  • Rental Car Collision/Loss Damage Insurance

Finally, during your first 30 days, transfer balances and pay only 1.95% interest on the transferred balance for the first 6 months.

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